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HighSnobette Best Of 2012

01 January 2013, 03.28 | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 comments »

QueenoftheJungleMelodyEhsanijpg HighSnobette Best Of 2012

What we have always loved about fashion is it’s potential to bring joy. We as HighSnobette editors feel so lucky to not only have witnessed many of these special moments but to also have come to know and watch grow many of the artists and designers behind some of our favorite projects. Below in no particular order we share what we regard as some of the best, joy-bringing efforts of 2012:

Designer Melody Ehsani’s star has been on the rise for quite some time now, but her “Queen of the Jungle” necklace (above) in many ways stamped her official arrival. We lost count of the stylish celebrities spotted in this vivacious fun piece.

Leah McSweeney has always been a force of personality. She literally is the MTTM brand, as backed by an intensely loyal supporting staff + fan base. Like many young brands the label went through its stumbles when investors pulled out, but the tenacious McSweeney was able to hold on to the name and this year the label found its own inimitable stride again, as marked by the brand’s “Supreme Bitch” snapback cap, which received the blessing of none other mega-style star Rihanna.

See many more “bests” on the next page. And a very Happy New Year to all. Thank you so much for your support in 2012.

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80-20 ‘Pepper’ Hidden Wedge Ankle Boot

16 May 2012, 01.32 | Posted in boots | No comments »

80-20boots (2)

Designer Ce Ce Chin does a lot of things great, but having a knack for designing that “next” shoe is kind of her forte. Case in point the “Pepper” ankle boots above, featuring the brand’s famous hidden wedge. All we can do is swoon. Available in three colors here.

Images are from Brooklyn-based fashion blog Themarcystop with Lauren modeling and Micol behind the lens. See two more on the next page.

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80-20 Sandals & Boots: Spring & Autumn 2012

22 February 2012, 18.20 | Posted in Shoes, Trade Show, boots, sandals | 1 comment »

80-20 (8)

While out in Vegas at the Magic trade show we of course visited longtime faborite at HS, designer Ce Ce Chin’s 80%20 booth. What you’re seeing on this page is an Autumn 2012 boot. On the next page, see additional new looks for the Autumn season, plus another look at the #straightfire open-toe loafers we showed you a while back. The show circuit continues and as we speak the brand is showing at Sole Collector in NYC–definitely 80%20 is always worth a visit!

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Q&A: Designer Ce Ce Chin Of 80-20 Chats About Shoe Trends

09 November 2011, 19.31 | Posted in Designer news, Shoes, Sneakers, sandals | 3 comments »

8020OpenToeLoafer 540x360 Q&A: Designer Ce Ce Chin Of 80 20 Chats About Shoe Trends
In an era in which mega-brands and retailers seem to be growing more dominant than ever, designer Ce Ce Chin of shoe brand 80%20 has always been welcome fresh air. Starting as a llifestyle sneaker company in 2005 with her first retail customers lower-Manhattan boutiques, she’s continued to grow, evolve and remain distinct because of a future-seeing design aesthetic that combines edge with ease and packs all that punch at prices the Downtwon trendsetters who adore her can afford. Case in point, the “hidden wedge,” now a popular design element, but truth be told it was Chin’s first. That ability to offer a new design twist on a shoe (like for Spring the open-toe loafer #straightfire above)you can still wear all day is really what defines 80%20 and makes it special.

Chin was in touch with us recently to let us know about an event at the great Shoe Market in Brooklyn, on November10th (a glass of wine AND 15% off all Holiday 2011 80%20 styles), and we asked if she couldn’t answer some quick questions on trends and what she sees coming up for Spring 2012.  Here’s what she had to say:

Q: What’s been your overall most popular style for Autumn 2011?
Chin: We have a new style called the Rina (see image on next page), which is a bit like Chelsea boot, but has an 1.5-inch heel and a 2-inch hidden wedge inside.  We’re taking the hidden wedge concept further along…  It’s so concealed that some people don’t even realize it’s there!

 Q: It looks like we’re seeing the return of women wearing sneakers as a lifestyle item with celebs being spotted in brands like Supra and Isabel Marant sneakers. What’s your take on the trend and do you see your brand addressing it?

See Chin’s response on the next page, along with Holiday 2011 and Spring 2012 shoe images.

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80/20 Spring/Summer 2011 Video Lookbook

09 March 2011, 22.06 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes, video lookbook | No comments »

There is nothing like a ride on a bike on a nice day. Seeing designer Ce Ce Chin’s 80%20 Spring/Summer 2011 video lookbook makes us fiend even more for warm weather. Enjoy!

Eighty-Twenty Sandals Spring/Summer 2011

07 February 2011, 18.41 | Posted in Trade Show, sandals | 1 comment »

8020Spring2011 (2)

When we visit the Compass show, a visit with our long-time brand friend 80%20 is always a must. Designer Ce Ce Chin was there, showing her Spring/Summer 2011 line, which has a decidely Bohemian flavor. Here you get a taste of the Spring line and courtesy of 80%20, we give you a peek on the next page of Autumn 2011, which is looking very strong. Read more

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80/20 5th Anniversary Party!

09 June 2010, 17.18 | Posted in HighSnobette Exclusive, Shoes | 2 comments »
8020No3 80/20 5th Anniversary Party!

80%20 designer Ce Ce Chin (left)

As we mentioned, we were in attendance at the 5th anniversary party for 80%20 shoes last night. The event featured a walk down memory lane with a display showing many of the brand’s past designs over the years. The best part though was seeing the many, many people in attendance wearing designer Ce Ce Chin’s shoes! A lot of times at these events you don’t necessarily see tons of the featured brand being worn by the people in attendance, but there is clearly a very loyal following for this brand, part of whose genius over the years has been to offer forward fashion at an affordable price. For that, the downtown girls will probably always love and appreciate Ms. Chin.

Many more images after the jump of both the shoes on display and attendees.

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80/20 Designer Ce Ce Chin Featured in NY Mag

08 June 2010, 21.44 | Posted in Shoes | 3 comments »

Ce Ce 80/20 Designer Ce Ce Chin Featured in NY Mag

Lots of folks are bright in one form of another, but the great thing about Ce Ce Chin, the head designer for 80/20, is she’s multi-faceted smart–creative, charming, possessing good business smarts, the list just goes on and on, plus she was blessed with amazing looks (woo-hoo, check out her shapely gams in the image above)! It’s almost not fair! Nah, the truth is we couldn’t be happier for Ce Ce, whose brand we have followed since its days back when it was mostly slip-on kicks.  And later today we’ll be attending the 5th anniversary of 80/20 to toast all her successes. Look for some images from the event tomorrow. In the meantime, check out her interview on NYMag.

80/20 at Compass: Spring 2010

02 February 2010, 01.07 | Posted in Shoes | 1 comment »
Mesh oxford with cork bottom
Just returned with Samia from Compass, a trade show that is making its appearance for the first time in New York. It took me the whole show to get to talk to 80%20 designer Ce Ce Chin because, simply put, she had the busiest booth in the place. Chin’s forte has always been to design shoes and boots that are  eye-catching and forward, but still emminently wearable, and each year her collection gets better. Spring, featured here and on the flip, had several stand-out styles, including some recolored versions from last year. We couldn’t photograph fall, but it has a bunch of the neatest boots you could ever imagine. See more after the flip, including a couple of pairs now available for preorder at Intermix and an Anthropologie exclusive.
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80/20, Modern Romance, Gourmet: Meet the Designers!

26 February 2009, 16.46 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Shoes, Sneakers | No comments »
80%20 Designer Ce Ce Chin with Next boutique owner Steve Silver, who has a total vendor crush on Ce Ce. Check out glimpses of Fall 2009 behind her!

80%20 Designer Ce Ce Chin with Cleveland's Next boutique buyer Steve Silver, who has a total vendor crush on Ce Ce. Check out glimpses of Fall 2009 behind her!

Sometimes when you visit a brand at a tradeshow, your opportunities to photograph stuff that hasn’t already been  featured on every streetwear blog in all the land are nonexistent. For example, at Magic, a lot of designers were showing Fall 2009, but many of them wouldn’t allow images to be taken. Natch, small brands live and die by their creative ideas and have to balance the desire for exposure against the desire not to be knocked off non-stop by you-know-which retailers and brands. That was the case with 80%20, Modern Lovers (though I’m fake-mad at Modern Lovers designer Ellen Nguyen ’cause I saw she let MissCrew photograph her bodysuits. What?) and Gourment. Whadyagonnado?  What you do is photograph the designers, who are fun to look at themselves and as an added bonus, are willing to give you a sneak peak either because they’re wearing the product or standing in front of it!

Modern Romance and Gourmet on the next page.

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