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Leah Mc Sweeney x Cat Marnell MOB Leggins

18 September 2012, 13.45 | Posted in Designer news, collection | No comments »

MOB Leggins 6 Leah Mc Sweeney x Cat Marnell MOB Leggins

We have an exclusive preview of Leah McSweeney’s new collection of women’s leggings that evolved from a collaboration between the MOB (Married to the Mob) founder and Vice columnist Cat Marnel. The leggings will be available in three different styles including a peacock model with a full-body pattern and a blck-paneled option as well as Aztec prints in bright colors. Shot by Prince and Jacob of Lovecat magazine, the whole project was more a liason between friends who love and admire each other for what they do than a profit-orientated collaboration.

Read the full article and see more pictures after the flip.

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Lucky Girl

07 March 2008, 18.00 | Posted in Books, Other | No comments »

Every month I receive Lucky magazine and every month I browse through and end up feeling vaguely annoyed. Yes, every issues features some cute items, but for some reason the mag’s tone just bugs the shit out of me. The editors try to act like they don’t sit sharp-elbow-to-elbow in the Condenast cateriea with those fashionista lunatics from Vogue, but we all know they’re counting their croutons just as carefully, ‘cept they’re all quirky/cutesie/making jokes about about  it, like, “Isn’t the whole obsession with dress size just nutty??” At least the Vogue girls are straight-up-no-chaser about their weight issues.

Anyway, now that THAT rant is out of the way, in this month’s issue editor-in-chief Kim France in her editor’s letter highlighted a staffer, Cat Marnell, who, we have to admit is every bit as cute as France makes her out to be. Granted, her name is over-the-top hip (and, well, I was gonna make some comment about her being a trusty, but even if she is–and that would be quite the assumption, it’s not her fault she landed in a life in which money was thrown at her from day one), her beauty tips are right on.

LuckyGirl Lucky Girl

^^Cat: Proving that hair and makeup is a lot like sauce, it’s better when it’s had a day to marinate.

“If you want hair like mine, all you have to do is fry it. It’s totally damanged from years of coloring. And because I’m so worried about the damage, I’ll do anything to avoid washing it and have a whole arsenal of products to help me avoid doing so, which include hair fragrance, dry shampoo and hairspray. The is probably where I get all that texture. Also, I find that chanding your part can work wonders.

Re: makeup, she says, “I come into the office in the morning with just undereye concealer and mascara. Then I wait for the bags of makeup to come in. I try everything–especially dark brown and black eyeliner–so at the end of the day I’m wearing tons of eyeliner, nine coats of mascara, and a lipcolor that I will never be able to replicate, even if it’s really great, because it’s like seven different nude shades”

Now granted, I don’t quite buy the story in totality and this type of beauty regime would make the average person look like a homeless loon, but because she’s such a kewpie doll cutie and has a talent for telling a good self-depracating yarn, I’m will to let the details slide.


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