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Hermes Spring 2010 Accessories

23 April 2010, 22.17 | Posted in Accessories, bags | No comments »

HermesSS3 Hermes Spring 2010 Accessories

Hermes’ presentation for its summer 2010 accessory collection is artsy as can be (aka, I’m confused) with a theme entitled “Tales to Be Told.” Definitately the campaign has an Alice-in-Wonderland feel, albeit minus the color. The bags shown on this page are the best part for certain and lovers of cleanly-line classics should find them swoon-worthy. Next page there are some hats, another bag and shoes.

Via ThinkSilly.

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Burberry Prorsum Fall 2010: The Shoes!

24 February 2010, 16.07 | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 comments »

 Burberry Prorsum Fall 2010: The Shoes!

Those Burberry coats that I love oh so much were mostly worn overy filmy, body-loving dresses, paired with over-the-knee snakeskin boots. They were perfect, but the ones we will see over and over in editorial shoots will be the boots featured here. Editors already have had their fill with over the knee and the sheepskin lining combined with the strappy buckles are just the sort of look they can evision themselves being photographed in while taking the walk form the limo to the front row.

All images Style. Those over-the-knee boots and some handbags, plus a close-up on an extra-extra lace blouse after the flip.

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Sigerson Morrison Site Goes Live

27 June 2009, 13.15 | Posted in Accessories, Shoes | No comments »

sigersonmorrison Sigerson Morrison Site Goes Live

Samia and I love this brand. It’s so all-emcompassingly female: beguiling, creative, tough, mysterious, practical, complex….that it should come as no surprise that it’s designed by two mujeres. We love how you fierce male designers put it on us with your gift for making us feel and look like other-wordly goddesses, but seriously, ladies, doesn’t the stuff made by women feel so much more like, YES, you.are.so.right.there.with.me! So yeah, goes without saying that we’re happy the the Sigerson Morrison site is now live, the Belle line is, too. That being said…..meh, their fall is looking sort of on the conservative side. I mean, for real, what’s S&M without a little heat??

Louis Vuitton “Totally Monogram” Tote Bag | Exclusive Online Launch

16 May 2009, 00.27 | Posted in Accessories | No comments »

Louis Vuitton "Totally Monogram" Tote Bag | Exclusive Online Launch

Today, Friday May 15th, Louis Vuitton will introduce the Totally Monogram tote, exclusively available on www.louisvuitton.com until June 1st. This launch is an exceptional occurrence, and will be the first time Louis Vuitton has ever debuted a new product on-line. On the same day, the world’s leading luxury brand will enter the social media platform Twitter.com.

Combining timeless design with surprising functional features, the Totally Monogram tote comes in three sizes with suppleness and high capacity. The comfortable shoulder straps and senmake each size perfect for everyday city use.

We still remember the times when Louis Vuitton was not even selling online and that is not long ago. Now online exclusives are being released and they will even be joining Twitter. Their Twitter account will post exclusive content, inform about product releases, celebrity sightings and more. Sounds like it is worth signing up for.

Take further looks at the Louis Vuitton “Totally Monogram” Tote Bag after the jump.

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Harajuko Girls: Still Think the Whole Concept is Completely Bizarro

03 September 2008, 21.17 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Designer Toys, Fashion, Stores | 1 comment »

The Harajuko Girls did an appearance at Bloomies recently to hawk the Harajuko Lovers line, which, judging form the image, is pretty bag-centric. The line is cute and all, but I never did like the idea of using these four (or three, not sure) women as a weird sort of backdrop to Gwen and I doubt I ever will. Not trying to hurt the girls’ hustle or anything; it’s just the idea I’m commenting on.

HGirls Harajuko Girls: Still Think the Whole Concept is Completely Bizarro

^^Not everything Gwen does is cool.

Image from Wire.com
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Muxo by Camila Alves Tote: Total Show Stopper!

17 July 2008, 15.14 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

This Muxo by Camila Alves tote does not by any means scream DESIGNER, but so trust and believe that when you walk in a room with this on your shoulder, heads will be turning.

ShopBobMuxo Muxo by Camila Alves Tote: Total Show Stopper!

^^Available at ShopBop along with several other bags by Muxo

Shot of detail after the flip…
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Stussy Spring ‘08 Tote Bags

09 January 2008, 18.43 | Posted in Accessories | No comments »

Stussy Spring 08 Tote bags

A couple of days go we presented to you some first pieces of the Stussy Spring 2008 collection, including designs by Futura. Today a look at some recently released Stussy tote bags also out of the Spring line, one featuring the Bubble design, the other one coming with a black tonal camouflage pattern and skull graphic.

These have been released at Zozo today. More detailed pictures after the jump.
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Atmos x Hello Kitty x Porter Luggage Collection

25 December 2007, 23.42 | Posted in Accessories | No comments »

Atmos x Hello Kitty x Porter

Throughout 2007 Atmos Tokyo has released many Hello Kitty collaborations, including t-shirts, hoodies, other clothing as well as small accessories. To finish the year, they now released a collaboration with Porter.

The Atmos x Hello Kitty x Porter collaboration collection consists of several pieces – wallets, porches, drum bag, tote bag and a messenger bag. The collection features an all-over Hello-Kitty design and each piece also comes with both the Porter tag and a Hello Kitty tag.

Check out all pieces in detail after the jump.
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