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Christian Louboutin 20th Anniversary Bag Collection

07 February 2012, 19.48 | Posted in bags | 3 comments »

ChristianLouboutinBags20thAnniversary 540x302 Christian Louboutin 20th Anniversary Bag Collection

We showed the capsule collection of shoes yesterday celebrating Christian Louboutin’s 20 years in the business, and today we bring you the bags, highlighted by the “Pill-Popper” shown above. Because where would we be after all without Mommy’s lil’ helpers?

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Louis Vuitton Bags Spring 2012

07 October 2011, 15.36 | Posted in Runway Show, bags | 1 comment »

LouisVuittonSpring2012 (6)

Louis Vuitton as steered by Marc Jacobs remains more firmly committed than ever to a ladylike posture, showing a collection of Spring 2012 bags that exuded proper society girl. Though unlike the more devious-feeling Autumn 2012 presentation, this time the prissy viewpoint of the bags was further supported by a backdrop of fashion that included Southern-belle-lunch-worthy skirts and dresses, classic mule silhouettes and even parasols (not to mention a carousel upon whose horses the girls sat side saddle)! The only naughtiness that could be seen for miles was a Louis Vuitton flask….meant to be hidden in an LV bag no doubt, perfect for getting one through life’s little dark moments–though sipped discretely of course! Via Style.

More bags on the next page.

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Alexander Wang Autumn Bags Arrive At Opening Ceremony

11 August 2011, 23.17 | Posted in Retail, bags | No comments »

AlexanderWangOpeningCeremony (4)

Alexander Wang’s Autumn line of bags are freshly landed at Opening Ceremony. See all the rest on the next page.

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Jeffrey Campbell Bag Launch Arrives At Karmaloop

29 June 2011, 20.44 | Posted in bags | No comments »

JCKarmaloopFront 540x379 Jeffrey Campbell Bag Launch Arrives At Karmaloop

We’re excited about Jeffrey Campbell’s foray into handbags. It’s going to be fun to see how the brand extends its creativity and cache to the  category. The first collection is called “Girls We Hated In High School” and we think the mini bags featured on this page are the standout, though there’s plenty else to like for those of you who want a bag capable of providing your stuff with a little more breathing room. All of them just arrived at Karmaloop, which also will be on the receiving end of some exclusive JC bags soon.

See the rest on the next page.

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Post-Vogue Carine Roitfeld Despising Bags Less

23 May 2011, 21.10 | Posted in Accessories, bags | No comments »
Carine Roitfeld at Cannes
Carine Roitfeld at Cannes

If you read interviews with Carine Roitfeld, they inevitably seem to include one comment addressing her distaste for handbags. In part it seems she finds toting around your personal belongings in a sack vulgar (and in a way it is!), but also there are hints she felt forced as the editor of Vogue to promote them in her shoots, no doubt as a “thank you” for the many ad dollars spent adveritising them in her magazine.

Now that she’s left Vogue, it seems her position on bags has begun to soften, in part because she no longer has an office to store all her junk, but perhaps also because they no longer represent what had to have been one of the more odious parts of her job–being forced to make something artful out of items she felt completely uninspired by. Here is her recent, more upbeat on handbags:

“I have discovered how useful it is to carry a book, perfume, agenda,” she laughs, glancing at her capacious black leather Alexander McQueen bag by the table. “It’s a new life.” –Financialtimes, May 2011

And here are a collection of her more angry views on handbags, dating back five years:

“I don’t change my handbag every season. I believe in the Yves Saint Laurent woman who either has her hands in the pockets of her pantsuit or is holding her lover’s hand. She doesn’t need a bag.” –Spiegel, April 2011

Q: What do you always have in your handbag?
Roitfeld: I do not wear bags. BlackBerry in my pocket, spare glasses at work, or cosmetics, or comb. Even makeup has never corrected. –
Russian Vogue, December 2009

“Right now I think that fashion in the world becomes a bit boring. There is so much money, and I feel a bit when you go to shows they want to sell so many handbags, and for me, well, I do not like handbags. I do not wear handbags. It is not a nice look, to carry a handbag.” –Nymag, February 2008

“Handbags?  You can wear a completely transparent shirt and show all the breasts, I don’t care. But I prefer to have my hands in my pocket than to have a nice little bag. So I am not good for all these fashions. They have to sell bags, bags, bags, bags, bags, bags. I hate handbags.” –Telegraph, November 2005

In the image above from a recent Cannes event, note Roitfeld carrying the smallest of clutches. One more image of Roitfeld carrying what appears to be another micro purse–though it’s so small it might be a keychain–on the next page.

Louis Vuitton Handbags Autumn 2011

11 March 2011, 19.12 | Posted in Fashion Week, Runway Show, bags | 4 comments »

 Louis Vuitton Handbags Autumn 2011

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, when it comes to Louis Vuitton runway shows, keep an eye on the bags for they are  the label’s money maker. The Autumn 2011 collection shown during Paris Fashion Week was overall a strong one, with what looks like four or five different themes, starting with the logo collection, which was highlighted by bags with frame silhouettes (which Miu Miu also showed). Generally frame bags have an automatic vintage feel and LV’s are no exception, though the glossy logo leather somehow gives them a gangster moll edge, which adds to their appeal. There was also a satin logo group, and a tote handbag  collection, featuring rich colors like burgundy and green. Finally a fleece fur group, the kind of bag you buy when you are a very rich girl blessed with multiple LVs and are looking for something novel and different. A very solid, back-to-basics collection that should do great at retail. Many more images on the next page.

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Milan Fashion Week: Fendi Bags Autumn 2011

28 February 2011, 20.35 | Posted in Fashion Week, bags, fur | 1 comment »

 Milan Fashion Week: Fendi Bags Autumn 2011

For most fashion lovers, Fendi bags and furs are always high on the covet list. For Autumn, the flat-front remains the bag silhouette du jour, while furs take on the relaxed appearance of a robe one might throw on while entertaining good friends. It’s an equation that’s turned on its head by the fur itself which is anything but laid back, but rather bold and very rock ‘n’ roll. More on the next page.  

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Miu Miu Valentine’s Day Bag Collection

07 February 2011, 17.57 | Posted in bags | 5 comments »

MiuMiu (8)

We wrote last week about Miu Miu’s Valentine’s Day collection, featuring the brand’s first forray into iphone and ipad cases, and here are some more looks at the bag offerings. The collection has a red, beige and blue color theme, with bags often featuring the trademark Miu Miu ruffles, which youthen the label and distinguish it from its older sister, Prada. See many more on the next page.

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Lanvin Holiday Gift Collection

29 November 2010, 16.58 | Posted in Accessories, Shoes, bags | 2 comments »

 Lanvin Holiday Gift Collection

Japanese boutique Openers has just landed a mini-holiday gift collection from luxury brand-of-the-moment, Lanvin, including a clutch (above), tote, flats and a pin. The colleciton is super chic with a touch of whimsy, a combination which has become the label’s calling card. The rest of the collection on the next page.

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Alexander McQueen Bags Spring 2011

22 November 2010, 15.46 | Posted in bags | 1 comment »

AlexanderMcQueenSpring2011 1 540x372 Alexander McQueen Bags Spring 2011

We get a glimps via Popbee of Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2011 line-up of bags. The signature skulls and ornate detailing remains, though what happens to the brand’s status sans McQueen as perceived by both retailers and customers will be interesting to watch. More after the flip.

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