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Golden Globe Awards: Hair & Makeup

16 January 2012, 18.29 | Posted in Hair, Make- up,Cosmetics, Red Carpet, celebrity | 1 comment »


As we mentioned in the last post on the Golden Globe Awards, there is much more to be found when focusing on the closeups rather than just the wide angle dress shot. Last post we looked at accessories, and in this post we look at hair and makeup. The reoccuring theme this year was soft updos, subdued shades of lipstick, upper-lid eyeliner with eyebrows often the biggest statement maker on the face.  Earrings were usually lightweight and small and necklaces were often absent altogether.

On this page we featured Evan Rachel Wood who we think epitomized this year’s biggest makeup trends, working a look that was simplistically stunning. See Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum, Charlize Theron, Debra Messing, Dianna Agron, Helen Mirren, Kelly Osbourne, Mila Kunis, Paula Patten, Madonna, Rooney Mara and many more on the next page.

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Angelina Jolie’s So-Called Makeup Free LV Ad

29 June 2011, 14.59 | Posted in advertisement, celebrity | No comments »

We raised an eyebrow last week at Louis Vuitton’s claim that Angelina Jolie was makeup free in a recently-launched ad campaign (see video above). But whatever, it’s fashion, half of everything is a lie, you get numb to it. The ladies at Jezebel, however, weren’t about to just keep it moving and in the gifted way that only they can did quite the takedown, while also asking some great questions. Here’s a snippit:

“….but now that we’ve studied the associated video carefully — by which we mean that we watched it, and that we have eyes — we are left in no doubt. No doubt whatsoever. They simply do not shoot major international campaigns for luxury brands without professionally applied hair and makeup. This leaves us with only two questions: one, why the fuck did Louis Vuitton tell such a dumb-ass lie about something any customer with half-decent eyesight would be able to disprove?”

Bonus irony points because the campaign is called “Core Values”! Read more at Jezebel.

Angelina Jolie For Louis Vuitton

13 June 2011, 17.20 | Posted in advertisement, bags, celebrity | No comments »

LouisVuittonAngelinaJolie Angelina Jolie For Louis Vuitton

It was rumored that Angelina Jolie would be featured in Louis Vuitton’s next campaign and now we have the images, as snapped by Annie Leibovitz in Cambodia’s Siam Reep province. In the pic featured here, Jolie, we’re told, is makeup free (really?), wearing her own clothes and the featured “Alto” bag belongs to her as well.

On a low budget or what, LV?? Ha, we kid, we kid. Obviously a statement is being made here about what matters to Jolie as the name of the campaign is “Core Values.” Not sure how that connects with her using her own stuff, but Cambodia as many of you know is the birth place of her very first son, Maddox, who, as first children often do, set Jolie down a very changed life’s path and opened her eyes to and inspired her to become an activist on the issue of world poverty.

Angelina Jolie On Cover Of December U.S. Vogue

11 November 2010, 15.34 | Posted in Magazines, celebrity | 1 comment »

AngelinaJolieVogueFC Angelina Jolie On Cover Of December U.S. Vogue

Not sure what the aim was for this cover (with Anna Wintour nothing is an accident), but it seems to have more of a bright and energetic Glamour feel than Vogue. Via Fashioncopious where you can also get a look-see of the other 11 covers from 2010. My fave? Marion Cotillard who sizzled for the July issue, with Halle Berry for the September issue a close second.