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Video: Nas ‘Cherry Wine’ Ft. Amy Winehouse

02 October 2012, 21.34 | Posted in Music, collection | No comments »

From Nas’ 2012 album, Life is Good, the single “Cherry Wine,” featuring Amy Winehouse receives the video treatment. The Salaam Remi track had its beginnings in a 2008 studio session that brought the two performers together.  Winehouse’s unique voice dominates the track but the video doesn’t exactly live up to the complexity the two are known for. Rather it seems overly simplistic with the male lead overcoming challengers to eventually win over the smoking hot video vixen. Imagine that.

Amy Winehouse With Freckles

23 July 2012, 16.59 | Posted in Music, celebrity | No comments »

AmyWinehoouse2009 540x360 Amy Winehouse With Freckles

Today is the one-year anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death. I posted something earlier on her connection with Mark Ronson. Here’s a very sweet photo of her where she’s lets her freckles show. It was taken sometime in 2009 on her way to or from a court appearance.

Amy Winehouse One Year Later In Memory

22 July 2012, 22.43 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 3 comments »


Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death at the age of just 27.  This is one of my favorite videos of her and I’ve been watching it all day today. It’s a live performance featuring Mark Ronson, who backs-up performances by Adele, Daniel Merriweather and finally Winehouse singing “Valerie,” at the Brit Awards in 2008.

The tendency if you’re a Winehouse fan is to skip past the first two performances, but watching the whole video gives insight into the special relationship between Winehouse, Ronson and her fans, which is really fascinating to watch.

If you ever want to experience the living embodiment of chemistry, watch how Ronson, the audience and the orchestra all light up when Winehouse marches on stage at 2:55 and see how Ronson and her connect throughout the performance: her seeking musical direction from him at 3:42, him silently encouraging her along as he mouths the lyrics at 3:56, the way he symbolically shields her and keeps her on track with his guitar and of course the blissful ending when it’s clear they’ve pulled off quite the moment.

Winehouse does that very true artist thing where she just sort of goes to this faraway place when she performs and it seems Ronson knew how to make her feel safe and protected so she could zone out all the more, at least that is on stage. The great ones, after all, possess a certain fragility that is best served by some shepherding though it seems in the end they are destined to walk their paths alone. It’s all very bittersweet and beautiful. Wonderful and a blessing that we are able to witness it at all but sad that we never will again.

Amy Winehouse x Fred Perry Spring/Summer 2012

01 February 2012, 17.05 | Posted in Designer Collaboration | No comments »

Amy Winehouse Fred Perry

Amy Winehouse’s final collaboration with Fred Perry. As a testament to the beauty she brought to our lives see below the statement release by Fred Perry:

“After much consideration and with the blessing of Amy’s family, Fred Perry has decided to release the AW11 range and wholesale the SS12 Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry Collection. Amy was passionate and dedicated to the collaboration and her signature style is clearly stamped across each piece. In such circumstances, Amy’s royalties and fees from both collections will be donated to the soon to be established Amy Winehouse Foundation. Fred Perry will also make a seasonal donation to the Foundation.”

See more images on the next page courtesy of Fred Perry.

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Amy Winehouse’s Final Collection For Fred Perry Spring 2012

06 December 2011, 14.15 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, Music, celebrity | 2 comments »

AmyWinehouseFredPerry (6)

Amy Winehouse’s final collection for Fred Perry is now available for purchase. See the rest of the offerings on the next page.

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Audio: Amy Winehouse ‘Like Smoke’

03 November 2011, 13.13 | Posted in Music, celebrity | No comments »

AmyWinehouseLioness Audio: Amy Winehouse Like Smoke
We mentioned the December release of Amy Winehouse’s posthumous album, The Lioness, last week, and now its looks like we’re going to get tastes of it in the days leading up to its official launch. The single featured here is “Like Smoke,” a collaboration with Nas. Besides being a nice pairing, it’s all the more compelling because of the rumored affair between the two, detailed in Winehouse’s song “Me & Mr. Jones.” Still, like any posthumous launch there will be valid criticisms about the appropriateness of releasing material sans the artist’s final stamp approval.

Amy Winehouse Posthumous Album: The Lioness

31 October 2011, 13.39 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 3 comments »

 Amy Winehouse Posthumous Album: The Lioness

There are plans in the works for a Amy Winehouse posthumous album, called The Lioness: Hidden Treasures, which will include new material, reworked tracks from previous albums and covers. She also collaborates with several artists, including Nas on a track called “Like Smoke,” recorded in 2008. Just in time for the holidays the album will be released in early December. For more details click here.

Amy Winehouse Tribute Nail Art

31 October 2011, 13.16 | Posted in Music, celebrity, nail art | 2 comments »

AmyWinehouseTributeMani Amy Winehouse Tribute Nail Art

Via Sosoflynails.

Video: Amy Winehouse & Tony Bennett ‘Body & Soul”

14 September 2011, 16.00 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 1 comment »

We showed the preview of the “Body & Soul” video last week and here now is the full video, released today on Amy Winehouse’s birthday. A little back story on the session acccording to Tony Bennett (via Billboard), who said Winehouse was his favorite to perform with on an upcoming album of duets, scheduled for a September 20th launch date.

“I think [the video for the track] will surprise everybody as to how well we ended up getting along,”  said Bennett, who recorded with Winehouse at EMI’s Abbey Road studios in London. “She was a little apprehensive about how to go about [the song], and I said to her, ‘I may be wrong, but it sounds like you’re influenced by Dinah Washington,’ and that just blew her mind. She just said, ‘Oh my God, you mean you can actually hear that? She’s my idol!’ And that relaxed her, and that’s the record we ended up making.”

Happy birthday, babygirl.

Amy Winehouse x Tony Bennett Video: ‘Body & Soul’

09 September 2011, 22.27 | Posted in Music, celebrity | No comments »

A little heartbreaking but a must watch nonethless. It’s an excerpt of Amy Winehouse’s collaborative effort with Tony Bennett on the song, “Body & Soul,” which they recorded in March of this year. In a short interview included in the video, Amy chats about her father, “Mitchell,” and how excited he was to hear they would be doing that particular song. It’s known that her father sung Frank Sinatra songs to her as a child and this video makes it clear that other jazz singers were in his lullaby repertoire as well. She explains:

“Well my dad sort of in the meantime would be singing ‘Body & Soul.’ My dad, personally, himself, he was like, ’Oh. It’s only my favorite song in the world you’re going to sing. Oh my god,’ he goes, ‘You even know it!’ And I was like, of course I know it, Mitchell, I’m your daughter. Of course I know it. And it was really exciting that he chose that song. Because I do love it. It’s such a beautiful written song and it’s a song you can do a lot with.”

Look at the video and see if the gaze she gives at :21 isn’t that of one recalling the fondest of childhood memories and then watch to see how animated she becomes when she explains the process and how the song ended. And oh the voice! Like I said, a bit of a tearjerker….Look for the complete video on September 14. Via Wotyougot.