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Style.com X Lanvin, Alex Wang, Givenchy, Etc.

14 September 2010, 19.29 | Posted in Designer Collaboration | 1 comment »

style X Givenchy1 Style.com X Lanvin, Alex Wang, Givenchy, Etc.

Style announced last week it was planning a tee-shirt collabo with some of the industry’s hottest designers to celebrate its 10 years in the business. The tees still aren’t on sale yet, but Fashionista got some sneak peeks of the designs from Lanvin, Alex Wang, Givenchy (above), Proenza Schouler and Balmain, with the common design theme being a Roman numeral 10. Priced at $45, the entire collection will go on sale at Style.com’s mobile pop-up shop in Madison Square Park on September 15, and on the site September 16. The rest of the designs on the next page.

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Alex Wang Backstage Pre-Runway Video

13 September 2010, 19.08 | Posted in Fashion Week, Runway Show | No comments »

This V magazine video of the models standing around before they walk is kind of boring, but we’re fascinated by every molecule of this brand so there you have it. And on that note, we see via FashionCopious that Cathy Horyn has decided to go in on Alex Wang’s collection, calling him a thief and not even a very good one at that. It’s always entertaining when someone of Horyn’s power decides to hate on a popular designer/artist/entertainer to that degree. It’s almost as though her goal is to let you know how smart and informed she is and how the masses may be fooled but not her. Reminds me a little of Camille Paglia’s recent dismissal of Lady Gaga. So heavy handed as to mean more about Paglia than anyone else.

Alex Wang Spring 2011 First Looks!

12 September 2010, 01.05 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion Week, Runway Show, Shoes | 1 comment »

AlexWang4 Alex Wang Spring 2011 First Looks!

Full sets of Alex Wang’s Spring 2011 collection aren’t up at the moment, but a few looks have shown up on Karen Kooper’s Twitter. A pair of shoes shot backstage are featured here. Definitely the fashion world will be keeping an eye on Wang’s shoes and bags for as much attention as his modern sportswear looks garner, his accessories are killing it. On the next page, see the mint green he uses that will at the very least be a hot nail polish shade for spring, while the white-dreadlocked-East-Village-girl-inspired hair might fall flat.

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Style.com X Alex Wang, Balmain, Lanvin, Rodarte, Etc.

07 September 2010, 19.41 | Posted in Designer Collaboration | No comments »

 Style.com X Alex Wang, Balmain, Lanvin, Rodarte, Etc.

Style is working on a series of limited edition tees done in collaboration with some of the industry’s hottest stars (see image above). The collaborations are in celebration of Style’s ten year anniversary. If you want in on the tees, you can visit here to receive email notification. Via Refinery.

Alex Wang Grey Sweatshirt Poncho

03 September 2010, 23.15 | Posted in Coats & Jackets | 1 comment »

 Alex Wang Grey Sweatshirt Poncho

The design is as old as the sheep herder and the hills, but Alex Wang puts his distinct stamp on it by offering it in his signature grey jersey, notched up with black leather trim. So how bout it, can Alex get it, poncho lovers? Via Another.

Alexander Wang ‘Darcy’ Slouch Hobo Bag

17 August 2010, 14.28 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, bags | No comments »

darcy1 Alexander Wang Darcy Slouch Hobo Bag

The Alexander Wang accessories phenomenon is alive and well as this young label has been able to capture the elements of  the most wanted in fashion that is usually seen in brands with a much longer history. If we go down the history of “it” bags on a global scale, I cannot think of one  independent high end accessories  label  that has achieved such rapid commercial appeal as Wang.  The closest I can come to would be Kate Spade’s nylon totes  in the 90s ? View the flawless “Marcy” hobo on the next page, via Oak.

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Alex Wang ‘Polina’ Ponyhair Platform Boots!

23 June 2010, 14.30 | Posted in Shoes | 3 comments »

AWPolinaPlatformBoot Alex Wang Polina Ponyhair Platform Boots!

Alex Wang is getting a jump start on fall with these “Polina” ponyhair, platform boots, which reflect fashion’s current obsession with tails, whether raccoon, fox or pony. These days they seem to be either clipped on to or used to detail everything from bags to dresses.  After the flip more pairs of Wang shoes, including a pair of mules and two pairs of boots, all black.

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Fashionable Links!

03 June 2010, 23.13 | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 comments »
 Fashionable Links!
Sephora launches Minx nails

How you like Sephora now, nail art girls?–Style

Racked has jokes about that ridiculously priced Balmain tee-shirt.–Racked

Meanwhile, will the Racked editors collapse in a sobbing heap if they’re not the first to pin down the location of Alex Wang’s first retail door?–Racked

If we didn’t include Paulina’s last name (Porizkova) in this post would you know who we were talking about? (And even now with her full government, do you still not know who she is??)–Modelina

Praying that this doesn’t turn into a Lauryn Hill part two story–Blogue via Gawker

Alexander Wang: Resort 2011

03 June 2010, 12.59 | Posted in Uncategorized, lookbook | 3 comments »

 Alexander Wang: Resort 2011

Alexander Wang resort 2011 was previewed at Style yesterday. It’s tough to get a read on what the signature piece/s will be because of how the models are standing stick straight. One thing for sure, Wang aint backing away from the crop top at all. In fact, he’s even showing one with a turtleneck! Also, the trousers from his fall collection are still there, but they’re more highwater this time. And there is all that mixing of spring pieces (crop tops!) with winter items (heavy cardigans) that has become de rigeur in contemporary fashion these days. All in all, nothing to make one gasp with delight, more a steady continuation of what we’ve come to expect.

Many more images (via TFS) after the jump)

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Alex Wang, MIA and Zoe Kravitz at Met Ball

05 May 2010, 18.33 | Posted in celebrity | 3 comments »

zoe kravtiz met ball 2010 05 Alex Wang, MIA and Zoe Kravitz at Met Ball

We already posted some of our favorites from the MET, but I’m posting up this image featuring Alexander Wang in lieu of my giant screw-up post (since deleted), whereby I got all excited over an upcoming Alex X Gap collabo, which as a reader kindly informed me was from last year! Ugh. And I call myself a Wang groupie—shame on me!