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Rihanna & Kanye Tableside At Met Gala

10 May 2011, 14.37 | Posted in Art, celebrity | 1 comment »


We already covered the red carpet for the Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but here’s an additional shot of Rihanna and Kanye sitting at their table during the event. Vogue has a gallery of more off-red-carpet shots, which, if you get off on people watching like myself, are always so much more compelling than the entry images.

Interesting Critique of Alexander McQueen Show

09 May 2011, 14.59 | Posted in Art | No comments »
Alexander McQueen photo from book that accompanies the exhibit

Alexander McQueen image from book that accompanies exhibit

A NY Times articles covering the Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art brought up some interesting points. First, the show is mostly paid for by the Alexander McQueen fashion house, which suprised me. I didn’t realize you could essentially pay your way into a museum as prestigious as the Met. And apparently this is even “the norm,” according to the article:

“Two years later the Guggenheim — though it denies this — effectively rented its Manhattan premises to Giorgio Armani for his retrospective. (Such deals are now the norm, and the Met is forthright about stating that most of the money for the McQueen retrospective comes from the fashion house called Alexander McQueen.)”

The other thought-provoking point was author Holland Cotter’s observation that while fashion designers often want their work to be viewed as art, they’re very rarely critiqued as such with the end result exhibits that are big on fluff and lacking substance. In speaking about the McQueen exhibit, he says,

“The Met exhibition passes all this off as manifestations of a Romantic temperament, but you have to ask critical questions. The chief problem with the fashion-as-art fad of the 1990s was precisely that it didn’t ask them.” And then later adds, “My point is: If you’re going to deal with fashion as art, treat it as art, bring to it the distanced evaluative thinking, including social and political thinking, that scholars routinely apply to art. Such an approach is standard in exhibition catalogs that accompany most Met shows, but not in the McQueen catalog, which, beautiful though it is, is heavy on pictures, skimpy on text.”

Holland also challenges some of McQueen’s assertions about his design intent, as well instances in which he feels the designer was hypocritical. A fascinating read, which challenges how we view fashion. Plus, there are lots of pretty pictures from the show.

Alexander McQueen Exhibit At the Metropolitan Museum

03 May 2011, 16.31 | Posted in Art, Designer news | 1 comment »

AW4 360x540 Alexander McQueen Exhibit At the Metropolitan Museum

We’ve showed the red carpet for the party that opened Alexander McQueen’s ”Savage Beauty” retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and in this post we give a look at the exhibit itself. In general images from museum shows don’t do them justice. My experience is you have to be immersed in the environment to catch the artist’s greatness. Still, this is a nice taste for those whom a trip to New York is out of the question.

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Alexander McQueen Event Turns Out Amazing Red Carpet

03 May 2011, 13.21 | Posted in Art, Red Carpet, celebrity | No comments »

AMSarahBurton 340x540 Alexander McQueen Event Turns Out Amazing Red Carpet

The opening party for Alexander McQueen’s “Savage Beauty” retrospective at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art took place last night and the red carpet was an amazing parade of tributes to McQueen’s signature fierce style. Choosing just one favorite was impossible so we went with Sarah Burton, who now heads the label and thus far has so nobly filled the very grand shoes of the departed McQueen.

After the flip images of over 60 attendees, ranging from HS fave, Rihanna, to Anna Wintour and Marc Jacobs to everyone you could imagine in between. Enjoy the pageantry!

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Kate Middleton Chooses McQueen To Design Gown

29 April 2011, 12.53 | Posted in Designer news, celebrity | No comments »

McQueenKateMiddleton Kate Middleton Chooses McQueen To Design Gown

Kate Middleton, who married Prince William today, chose Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen to design her dress. Supposedly there was a huge amount of interest in this event and buzz around the designer she would choose, but personally I can’t think of a single converstation in which this topic came up.

Puma x Alexander McQueen ‘Bound Mid Fur’ High-Tops

12 April 2011, 21.50 | Posted in Fashion, Sneakers, fur | 2 comments »

 Highsnobette-Puma AMQ Bound Mid Fur

Totally fell in love with these “Bound Mid Fur” sneakers by Puma and its collaboration with Alexander McQueen. The  fur ankle detail, which we are smitten with,  is removable. While  Autumn 2011 was the last Puma collaborations McQueen had personally been involved with, the team at Puma has kept  a partnership with the fashion house to continue creating collections. Take a look at the  black version on the next page.

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Michelle Obama In Alexander McQueen Gown

20 January 2011, 02.18 | Posted in Fashion, Red Carpet, celebrity | 1 comment »

 Michelle Obama In Alexander McQueen Gown

Michelle Obama shows the red carpet celebs how to do visually arresting yet still regal, wearing a red Alexander McQueen gown to a China state dinner with her husband.

Alexander McQueen Bags Spring 2011

22 November 2010, 15.46 | Posted in bags | 1 comment »

AlexanderMcQueenSpring2011 1 540x372 Alexander McQueen Bags Spring 2011

We get a glimps via Popbee of Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2011 line-up of bags. The signature skulls and ornate detailing remains, though what happens to the brand’s status sans McQueen as perceived by both retailers and customers will be interesting to watch. More after the flip.

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The Highest Heels Of Spring 2011

20 October 2010, 13.50 | Posted in Runway Show, Shoes | 3 comments »

 The Highest Heels Of Spring 2011

WSJ took a look at the rising trend of heel height  in recent seasons, and for Spring 2011, photographed ten of the tallest giraffes shown on the runways. The Pierre Hardy pair shown on this page has a heel that measure 11.5 centimeters, but it’s not the tallest. Check on the next page to see three more pairs, including the 15 centimeter shoe that breaks the ruler. Can you guess which designer?

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Alex McQueen ‘Shoe Porn’ By Chesky: The Final Season

08 October 2010, 17.25 | Posted in Shoes, photography | 3 comments »

McQueenJCA Alex McQueen Shoe Porn By Chesky: The Final Season

Fashion photographer Julia Chesky likes to refer to her images of high-end shoes as “shoe porn,” with the latest addition to her portfolio of window shots a bittersweet one–a pair of shoes from the final Alexander McQueen line designed by McQueen himself. Gosh their amazing. One more on the next page.

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