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Chrome Hearts @ Colette..wow!!!

25 July 2008, 17.32 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion | No comments »

 Chrome Hearts @ Colette..wow!!!

Chrome Hearts,created by Richard Stark is a brand on what they call Cult Status.You don’t see it averywhere and for as much as the label is high end it has managed to stay under the radar.They have a great assortment  of goth inspired jewelry,leatherwear and Furniture with a Fleur-de -lys, dagger as a trademark, that   been copied alot over the years.The fact that Colette could sell one of their bags is a big deal…

check after the jump for more details on this beauty…


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Eastpak S/S09

25 July 2008, 14.52 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion | No comments »

eastpack1 Eastpak S/S09

Eastpak was established in 1960 by Monte Goldman.Over time the brand has mainly been known for a vast array of duffel  bags,and knapsacks, with a warranty of 30 years!With their spring summer 09 they continue their foray into fashion with street friendly pieces that keep us fly and equipped for our urban adventures…



pics courtesy of Berlin Fashion week
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RihRih in a Yellow Dress (with lots of Accessories–Natch!)

17 July 2008, 17.44 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Music, Shoes, Stores | No comments »

Rihanna performed in Italy this past week and the photogs snapped some shots of her out and about, hitting the stores with her crew. This is no casual day out shopping. Yes, the dress is cute and summery, but check out her perfectly coiffed hair, the tons of accessories (LOVE the necklace), the bangin’ bag, but most of all the wicked shoes, which, okay, they look great, but are clearly designed for flossin’ as opposed to any serious fashion hunting and gathering mission.

RihRihMilan RihRih in a Yellow Dress (with lots of Accessories  Natch!)

^^Why is it that the regular folk who hang with celebs always look snarlier than the talent? Relax, hun, it aint YOU they’re trying to snap.

More images from the same photo op at UltimateRihanna

A couple of closer shots after the flip…
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Muxo by Camila Alves Tote: Total Show Stopper!

17 July 2008, 15.14 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

This Muxo by Camila Alves tote does not by any means scream DESIGNER, but so trust and believe that when you walk in a room with this on your shoulder, heads will be turning.

ShopBobMuxo Muxo by Camila Alves Tote: Total Show Stopper!

^^Available at ShopBop along with several other bags by Muxo

Shot of detail after the flip…
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Mashonda Looking Cute @ Kimora Event

16 July 2008, 17.02 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion, Music, Shoes | No comments »

As it often happens when high-profile couples like Mashonda and Swizz split up, at least one (and usually it’s the one who all along has been resenting his/her backseat role) starts showing up at LOTS of events. Is it an attempt to up the profile and get back in the game or a way to put it in the face of the ex that’s been left?? Who knows, but whichever it was, Shonda sure was looking cute at recent Kimora-host event she attended:

MashondaJumper Mashonda Looking Cute @ Kimora Event

^^Mashonda looks perfectly summery in an adorable, silk jumper, but it was her shoes, which you can see after the flip, that put the exclamation point on this outfit.

UPDATE: We’re told that Mashonda’s jumpsuit is DVF. No surprise there cuz we love Diane forever & ALWAYS.

All images Wire.com
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There are watches and WATCHES…

10 July 2008, 16.51 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Watches | No comments »

master compressor chono There are watches and WATCHES... There are watches and WATCHES...

I always say that there are watches and there are Watches, the beauties above are by Jeager -Le Coultre one of the oldest watch manufacturers in the world.

To the left we have the Master Compressor Chrono and to the Right a collaboration with the famed Aston Martin the Amvox 1 Alarm…The oldest brand tough is Vacheron Constantin whose design is just crazy…see a pic after the jump


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Still Searching for a Summer Bag??

10 July 2008, 16.43 | Posted in Accessories, Stores | No comments »

I sort of still am. I have this blue nylon one, but it’s starting to fall apart. The thing is, I don’t want to do straw. I’m tough on my things and I know it wouldn’t stand up. I stumbled upon these bamboo bags being sold at EcoConsciousMarket and figured they might be a nice option. They’re not only cool and futuristic-y looking, but also environmentally friendly(whatever that means!)

BambooHandBag Still Searching for a Summer Bag??

^^Bamboo Handbag, priced 46 bucks

Two more for your viewing pleasure on the flipside….
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RihRih: Ready for her Close-up!

08 July 2008, 13.19 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Music, Other | No comments »

At a recent Essence magazine event, RihRih had a camera basically shoved up her nose while she performed. And maybe it’s an amazing makeup job, but I doubt it. The girl’s skin is pretty much flawless.

RhiRhiCloseUp3 RihRih: Ready for her Close up!

^^RihRih’s favorite look: Punk via 80s Madonna (Chris Brown also performed, but sorry folks, I didn’t see any matching accessories between the two of them.)

After the flip, there’s another close-up plus a new, Beyonce-inspired dance move.

All images Wire.com
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Beach Couture S/S 08

03 July 2008, 13.23 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

 Beach Couture S/S 08 Beach Couture S/S 08 Beach Couture S/S 08

Beach Couture ,based in Spain,Takes the concept of beachwear  and  gives it  an urban/edgy aesthetic, that I have a great appreciation for. Their line of apparel, and accessories, just like their bathing suits is sleek sexy,slightly avant-grade and definitely travel friendly.With a color palette that does not get you noticed from miles away…If you’d like to see what I mean ckeck after the jump for more looks…


HighSnobette at hotmail.com

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New Sergio Rossi Bridal Collection!!!

01 July 2008, 18.11 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion | No comments »

 New Sergio Rossi  Bridal Collection!!!

If you have a thing for White shoes like Lois  or you happen to be getting married soon…Sergio Rossi just put together a custom line of bridal footwear.

Bridal shoes always lack a little oomph for me but this line with adjustable heel heights and the option to have you and your hubby’s name embroidered  inside..


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