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M.I.A. U.S. & Canadian Concert Dates

01 April 2008, 16.47 | Posted in Other | No comments »

M.I.A. announced a bunch of upcoming U.S. concert dates last week. You can go to this site and get info on presale tickets. But don’t bother if you’re from Brooklyn. She’s going to perform at McCarren Pool on June 6th, but presales are already sold out.

MIA2LosanJealous M.I.A. U.S. & Canadian Concert Dates

^^Awesome concert image ripped from LosanJealous.com. Wanna see more from the same summer 2007 show? Click here.

p.s. To all you people who ripped our exclusive Tokidoki Onitsuko Tiger images from last week and didn’t say jack about where you got them, the above is how it’s done. Give credit where credit is due. You’d want others to do the same, wouldn’t you??

Thanks (I’m feeling cheerier now ’cause my UPS guy just made me laugh),


Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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I Hate These Shoes

01 April 2008, 15.53 | Posted in Shoes | No comments »

I’m considering just giving up and being in a foul mood today. Usually I fight surly feelings, but dammit, if you, like me, like in New York, you look outside your window it’s hard NOT to be annoyed. Yet another gloomy, sort of cold day, which would be okay, except that this is about the 180th day in a row that we’ve had this weather! C’mon Ma Nature, give us a break! Or at least a peak at the sun that lasts for more than two hours!

On that craptastic note, there are two designer shoe styles this “spring” that have been getting tons of editorial press. I’ve been hemming and hawing on my feelings for them, but recently I made a decision to just flat out hate them. It’s news to note ’cause normally I like both of these designers and also, I’m not quick to hate. There’s stuff I love and then there’s all the other shoes that I couldn’t care less about.

Here they are, as featured in the last issue of Elle magazine (which I still love):

ShoesIHate.jpg I Hate These Shoes

^^Ignore the green shoe. I don’t who it’s by and I don’t care. First up, the weirdo heel shoe, No. 3, by Marc Jacobs. It just looks dumb and it seems like it’s being different just to be different. Like there’s no substance or thought behind it. Part of it I guess is I’ve never been a fan of whimsy when it comes to fashion. Everything in its place and a place for everything and don’t try and put pom-poms on the hem of a dress and think it’s cute ’cause everyone knows the only place they look right is on a piece of furniture. Same with this heel–put it where it belongs! And then the Giuseppe Zanotti shoe in the back. At first I thought I liked it, but the more I looked at it the less I did. I’m sorry, but even with the cut out, it’s too clunky and difficult looking, and it keeps reminding me of a comedy I once saw, featuring a pimp whose platforms contained a mini-aquarium, complete with goldfish. Smack some plexi-glass on Guiseppe’s shoes, throw some fish in there and you’d have the same deal.

Bitterly yours,

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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DC Fall 2008

01 April 2008, 15.20 | Posted in Fashion, Skateboarding, Sneakers | No comments »

DC Shoes sent its fall 2008 catalog not too long ago and the women’s part of the line looked pretty nice. I’m hearing from sources that DC is making a bigger push into clothing, which makes sense given how trying sneaker sales have been for most retailers lately. (I know you sneaker heads who eat, drink and breath kicks might find it hard to believe but the industry has been in a pretty major slump lately.)

These shoes were my fave item:

DCShoes04 08 DC Fall 2008

^^These are from the DC Life collection, which means they get sold to boutiques and posh chains.

RTEmagicC DCDress04 08 01.jpg DC Fall 2008

^^Here’s a look at one of DC’s dress offerings for fall 2008. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but the fact that it’s a wool blend, plus the color and hood detail make it stand out from the pack a big. The boots are cute, too.

Here’s to me cheering up a little ’cause I’m in something of a crap mood lately,

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com

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Reebok x Maeda Emoretion Just Launched!

31 March 2008, 18.19 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

We’ve been talking up this collabo for a while now and the shoes as of this morning are now available for purchase. There are only 100 pairs being sold in the United States (at $150 bucks a pop), and the site includes a counter letting visitors know how many are left.

RBKScreen Reebok x Maeda Emoretion Just Launched!

Get while you can get ‘em!

Lois: HighSnobette at Gmail.com

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Valley Nails: It’s That Time of the Year

31 March 2008, 17.39 | Posted in Other | No comments »

I know it’s still freezing out there and you haven’t laid eyes on your toes in about three months (and you’re still riding with that same pedicure you got about that long ago, aren’t you??), but it’s about to be April, a time when a togther women’s thoughts turn to getting a spiffed up mani and pedi.

If you, like me, have been frustrated by finding a salon that does imaginative nail art that’s in sync with how your brain sees the world, then I suggest you check out Valley Nails on Orchard Street in Manhattan. Look at these samples from the store’s website and see if you don’t think they’d do you proper:

 ValleyFernNails Valley Nails: Its That Time of the Year

ValleyGoldTips Valley Nails: Its That Time of the Year

ValleyBlackNails Valley Nails: Its That Time of the Year

Valley also offers waxing and the site also talks about this food the stores sells called acai, which looks gross but is supposed to be really good for you and sounds like it could taste okay

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Jully Black: I am Embarrassed

31 March 2008, 16.13 | Posted in Other | No comments »

I am embarrassed that I only just found out about this chick and that’s ’cause I spotted her on PerezHilton yesterday. And that’s doubly fucked up because while looking for this video I discovered that she backs Nas on his God’s Son “Heaven” song, which I only listened to, oh like 18 billion times when it first came out. So I’m like, why oh why didn’t I dig a little to find out who was the amazing female voice in that song??? (And on another note, that is what is so damn extra about Nasir Jones–no he doesn’t produce endless product, but the songs he does create are intricate and deep and keep unfolding themselves, and looong after they are released, you can go back, listen and go, “Oh wow…I didn’t hear that the first go round.)

Anyway, the name of this song is “Seven Day Fool,” and the reason that it matters that Ms. Black is singing it is ’cause you only have to look in this female’s eyes for two seconds to know that life has tricked her more times than her broken hard dares to admit and thus she truely is NOBODY’S fool, but you know how it goes, a girl can dream, can’t she? 
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Rhi-Rhi’s Stylist Throws it Down Again!

31 March 2008, 05.56 | Posted in Denim, Fashion, Other, Shoes | No comments »

Rhi-Rhi showed up with both style guns blazing at the recent Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice awards this past weekend. Give her stylist props. She had the challenge of keeping Rhianna looking appropriately casual while at the same time not letting her fall back into a too-relaxed and teeny-bopper look. (Meahwhile, how bad did I feel for Rhianna’s man, Chris Brown, who somehow got roped into wearing a hideous, bright orange Nickelodeon hoodie and looked miserable doing so. By the end of the night Rhi-Rhi was probably so not feeling him. Like, ummm, I’m feeling sort of tired tonight, baby…do you mind if I just go home? By myself?)

 RTEmagicC RhiRhiBaggies.jpg Rhi Rhis Stylist Throws it Down Again!

^^These pants are gonna be controversial ’cause they’re highwaisted AND baggy, but that’s okay. Better she skate along the edge that wear the same old stupid straight legs. Those boring-ass style choices are best left to Auntie Beyonce.

RTEmagicC RhiRhiHeelsSide.jpg Rhi Rhis Stylist Throws it Down Again!

^^I have shoes that I describe as my “three-hour heels,” as in after wearing them for three hours, my feet are DONE. These I’d guess are more like 45-minute heels.

RhiRhiBangles Rhi Rhis Stylist Throws it Down Again!

^^A close up on the punk rock cuffs and a green mani, which, ehh, I don’t like. I feel like with all the cool-ass nail art options she could have done something a little more imaginative.

After the fold, there are a couple more images of Cameron Diaz’s clutch and Ashlee Simpson’s shoes, both of which have something in common.
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31 March 2008, 05.11 | Posted in Other | No comments »

First off, the blog was fucked up last week. Starting like Tuesday, it became impossible to post anything, the site was taking forever to load, whatever, whatever. Kudos to David ’cause he was right on top of that shit and changed HighSnobette and every other site he commands over to a new server and by Thursday everything was back to peachy. (Now can we get our goddam comments back?????????? Yes, there is always something for us to bitch about. Always.)

 TheVacationingSamia 01 Nooooooooooooooooo!

Back to normal except that my partner, Samia, went on vacation on Thursday, I think. Which, okay, I am soooo happy for Samia ’cause, yeah, she gets to be relaxing on a Caribbean island somewhere (for like a month!). Woo-hoo, you go, Miss World Traveler you. Enjoy your time away! Drink some rum for me! Have sex with some sexy island men for me!

All that being said, the truth is I wish she had stayed her ass in New York, dammit! ‘Cause the minute she said she was leaving and might not be able to update that much, my mind couldn’t help but turn into a Edward Munch Scream painting. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but she’s much better than me when it comes to getting content up on a regular basis. So if you read this site ’cause you enjoy the non-stop flow of cutting edge, yet super smoooth fashion, well then boo hoo for you because you won’t be seeing much of that until Samia returns. (And she was also the one who tended to our MySpace page, which, not for nothing, but I am too old for that shit and thus, don’t feel bad if you want to be our friend and nothing happens for a while. I want to be your friend, too, but I have NO idea how to make it happen!)

If, on the other hand, you come here for (infrequently updated) posts whose theme centers around trashiness, smack-talking and, oh yeah, how perfect Kim Kardashian’s ass in, then we’re all good! I’ll provide you with plenty of that!

Not feeling this shit right now, but I’ll get over it….(when Samia gets back probably!)

Lois: Highsnobette at Hotmail dot com 
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John Maeda X Reebok

24 March 2008, 18.46 | Posted in Books, Fashion, Sneakers | No comments »

 John Maeda X Reebok

We also got to meet John Maeda,who is someone I could talk to for days..bright in a very humble way and totally design oriented in the old school way with Pen and Paper .We were Surprised to hear that his process actually sterted with words,who are actually featured in the sock Liners of both the Freestyle and the Ventilator.

We were pressed for time but John definitely has an amazing opinion of the female species..Highsnobette definitely hearts him..Check out his Book :Laws of simplicity…

You might learn a thing or two..I did…


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Rolland Berry X Reebok

24 March 2008, 18.24 | Posted in Art, Fashion, Sneakers | No comments »

Last week Lois an I got to meet Rolland Berry through a little shinding Reebok put together…we could not take pictures!!!!!  but this video gives you a sneak peak into what Rolland has been cooking up for Reebok..the stuff is pretty impressive! and Rolland himself is definitely on top of his game..Talented,fun and quite  an intelligent Business Man …He knows wassup!


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