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M.O.B. X Colette X RBK Collabo: On Sale May 5

28 April 2008, 15.47 | Posted in Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

I’m back from vacation. It was a wonderful trip, but it’s nice to be back in BK!

Today I’m going to try and catch up on some news that came in while I was gone and what better way to start than with news of the May 5th M.O.B. X Colette X RBK kicks launch:

MOB BAND2 M.O.B. X Colette X RBK Collabo: On Sale May 5

^^Buy ‘em at the M.O.B. shop. Hit up the MobLiving blog for more images.

Accept no copycat lips (or haters)!

More later!

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Claw Money x Boosted Case Collection Launch Event LA

22 April 2008, 13.18 | Posted in Other | No comments »

claw money x boosted case collection LA event -highsnobiety

Tonight, Claw Money will be celebrating the release of her Boosted case and bag collection in Los Angeles. The event starts at Barracuda and will continue later on at Bordello with performance by Devlin & Darko, Roxy Cottontail and a Special Guest.

Expect an A-List of guests at the event. Rumor also has it that Santogold will be at the event, just another reason to make it over there.
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Hellz Bellz Spring ‘08 Collaborative T-Shirts

22 April 2008, 13.16 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

hellz bellz collaborative t-shirts grotesk collabros missbehave mag - highsnobiety

As part of their Spring 2008 Delivery II, Hellz Bellz presents several collaborative items. They worked with artist duo The Collabros, graffiti artist Grotesk and also with Missbehave Magazine. Expect these pieces to be in stores soon.
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Fall ‘08 Trends – Black & White Geometry

22 April 2008, 00.42 | Posted in Other | No comments »

RTEmagicC blackwhite fall.jpg Fall 08 Trends   Black & White GeometryWWD shows already some trends for Fall 2008. It seems like once again black and white are back as the "it" colors and geometry gets mixed with rock’ n ‘ roll, whatever that is supposed to mean! Read the article here.
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Lanvin – Large Peplum Bag

22 April 2008, 00.38 | Posted in Accessories | No comments »

RTEmagicC lanvin gold bag.jpg Lanvin   Large Peplum Bag

Lanvin has been killing it ever since they launched their Pret-A-Porter collection. Men go nuts about their sneakers and we like a loooot their new metallic series of bags. Especially the Peplum Series caught our eyes. Great size, good for a day in town or a night away.

You can now purchase it online at Barneys!
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Kate Moss Fragrance

22 April 2008, 00.33 | Posted in Other | 1 comment »

kate moss fragrance - highsnobetteThe newly released Kate Moss Fragrance has arrived in the Colette online store.

“KATE is a multi-faceted and memorable floral-musk fragrance. Feminine, sophisticated, wild and unforgettable, a mix of elegant and risqué.”

Sounds like something you should take a closer look it!
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Nike AF1 “Rainbow”

22 April 2008, 00.25 | Posted in Sneakers | 2 comments »

RTEmagicC af1 rainbow 1.jpg Nike AF1 Rainbow

Here comes the new Nike AF1 Rainbow. Multicolor sole and laces on an all white upper with silver swoosh. Definitely not something for everybody, but if you want to be noticed, this is the way to go!
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KicksandChicks: For Our Dude Readers

20 April 2008, 03.33 | Posted in Sneakers | No comments »

Samia, my blogging partner, believes that we have a lot of male readers. I think she might not be wrong just because a big chunk of our referrels come from HighSnobiety, whose readers have to be almost all guys.

Given the nature of this site, you would think I would read a website called KicksandChicks website regularly, but I don’t. Because even though I have no issue with women getting paid to model, if I’m going to look at images of women rocking kicks, they need to reflect a little more sincerity.

All that being said, this image and the link to the site are dedicated to our male readers. Thanks for your clicks and your interest!

Kicks Chicks KicksandChicks: For Our Dude Readers

^^More accurately described as Chicks with Men’s Kicks Slung All over their Bootilicious Bodies

Missing you a little less,


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BlackGirlintheCity: It Aint Over ‘Til It’s Over!”

20 April 2008, 02.34 | Posted in Books, Other | No comments »

BlackGirlintheCity is a site you visit when you’ve done all the pretty pictures and you find yourself hankering for something a little more substantial. Words that’ll actually make you think, ya know??

I linked to her hysterical recount of an encounter with a Marc-Jacobs-bag-owning idiot not long ago, but the story I’m linking to here is a little different. In it, she talks about shedding an ex. Like any good writer, she writes in layers and while she reveals what she believes are her own lessons, there’s plenty of space between the lines for us to draw our OWN conclusions.

Here’s an excerpt:

My ex has finally decided to move on.  Good for effing him!  Lol.  We were the best of friends with a strong history until true feelings got involved.  Its funny how people tend to be on their worse behavior when falling or being in love.

BlackGirlOverYou  BlackGirlintheCity: It Aint Over Til Its Over!

^^Dear BlackGirl: He so aint over you!

And as for her comment on Hillary, she said it, not me! And though I gave up using the word bitch as a 2008 resolution, I hafta admit Hill is pushing me to the damn edge!

Still missing you! 
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FemaleSneakerFiend: Super Shorty!

20 April 2008, 02.10 | Posted in Other, Sneakers | No comments »

While I’m traveling as promised, I left some posts for head blogger in charge, David, to put up. They’re mostly going to be recs for other sites that I read regularly and who have also given us links love. It’s the least I can do given that at the present moment don’t have a list of links on our site. (Big fat hint, David: We would like a favorite sites list AND to have our comments back!!)

Here’s an image from FemaleSneakerFiend, the all-time greatest site for ladies who love kicks, rivaled by none in all the land. It was founded and is run by Lori Lobenstine, who truely, and I know this to be a verifiable fact, has one of the biggest hearts in the world.

This image comes from “The Little Ones” gallery:

FSFSuperShorty FemaleSneakerFiend: Super Shorty!

^^If this image doesn’t AT LEAST make you smile to yourself then please leave this site now because you heart is composed of pieces of Antartic rock and we don’t want you to freeze our site with the coldness of your gaze.

Miss you!

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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