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Australian Fashion Week: More Highlights

30 April 2008, 14.13 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

Sadly, no celebs or gold-plated cocunuts this time around, but there were some cute things. Here again were my faves (all images from Wire):

AuJeanPierreBraganza Australian Fashion Week: More Highlights

^^Jean Pierre Braganza: My fave so far. It’s got a Gaultier feel too it and it’s pink, both of which I love (even if Jean Paul’s been sort of off his game for a minute).

AuFlamingoSands Australian Fashion Week: More Highlights

^^Flamingo Sands: Just ’cause it’s a little different. It’s like a swimsuit version of that Gucci dress Jenny Lopez wore back when she was messin’ with Diddy.

A few more on the flip….

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Sinful Things @ Reed Space

30 April 2008, 13.35 | Posted in Accessories, Stores | No comments »

For all you ladies looking to tighten your sin game, Reed Space is providing some assistance with new items from Sinful Things:

RSSindy Sinful Things @ Reed Space

After all, isn’t there a little Sindy in all of us???

Smooches! (And on another note, wheeeee—Samia returns manana!!)

Lo: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Snobettiest Item of the Day!

29 April 2008, 20.25 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

David, our ever-thinking overlord, suggested that we highlight one item per day. Which I think is a good idea. At the very least it’ll keep me from wandering too far off our focus on product onto the dusty road of celebrity scandal and gossip, i.e. what RihRih and Kim Kardashian are wearing today, that attracts me like sugar to an ant.  

My first Snobettiest Item of the Day? I’m gonna start with these Fendi earrings.

 FendiGold Snobettiest Item of the Day!

^^They’d be available at Eluxury, except, natch, they’re sold out.

The quality of the image isn’t the best, but you get the idea. Imagine. While your friends are sporting their “Michelle” or “Destiny” or whoever big-hoop, personalized earrings, you enter the scene with these. Conversation over. And that’s what’s cool about Fendi. Of all the high-end labels, it’s the one with the most don’t-give-a-shit-attitude. It never had to try and be bad-ass, it was just born that way.
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Karmaloop: Hottest Spring Dresses!

29 April 2008, 19.26 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

A week or so ago, I highlighted the top-selling tees at Karmaloop. This week I checked in with the site’s buyer, Dina, to see what’s up with dresses. It’s kinda fun to see what I might think is happening vs. the reality of the streetwear-buying masses. One thing for sure, young women of the world are feeling very sexy this spring. The five dresses she listed are all short and extremely flirty.

Here’s the first of the top five:

Tokidoki Karmaloop: Hottest Spring Dresses!

^^Tokidoki: the 80s dress

Click to the right to see more and click here to see more dresses at Karmaloop
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Magdalena Hafner: Charming Charm Bracelet

29 April 2008, 16.47 | Posted in Accessories | No comments »

A while ago I was interviewing a bunch of women for this story on trends and when I asked one of them what her fashion pet peeve was, she told me preassembled charm bracelets. She was like, “How challenged are you if you can’t find your own charms?? I mean, isn’t that the point in the first place???”

All that being said, I STILL like this charm bracelet by Magdalena Hafner if for no other reason that the sports theme is kinda cute, and it is for guys after all and they need help with this kinda stuff.

clip image002 Magdalena Hafner: Charming Charm Bracelet

^^Correction: I THINK it’s designed for men. The website is all in German so in truth I’m just guessing. Anyway, in a way, I think this would look cuter on a chick. If you can’t see, that charm in the middle is a pair of kicks!

Late-breaking update: I have been informed by David of HighSnobiety that this is definitely, definitely designed for women and that hell would freeze over before he or any other man he knows would ever wear it.
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Dimepiece: Summer 2008 Now Available!

29 April 2008, 16.12 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Dimepiece just launched its third summer collection and it’s looking sharper than ever. Check out the lookbook not just for the clothes, but also the uber L.A. styling.

 DimePieceSum2008 Dimepiece: Summer 2008 Now Available!

You can buy at Dimepiece or CultistShop. Whatever is your pleasure!

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Australian Fashion Week: the Good, the Bad, the Celebrity (KimK)

29 April 2008, 15.06 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

It’s Australian fashion week for which designers are showing spring/summer 2008. Like any of the billions of fashion weeks that take place outside of Paris, Milan, London and New York, the pickings are slim, but still worth a look-see.

Here’s a few that caught my eye:

ADhinlWhiteDress2 Australian Fashion Week: the Good, the Bad, the Celebrity (KimK)

^^Dhinl: Nothing truely groundbreaking but still kinda neat in a futuristic cloud sort of way.

ABrookeBenson1 Australian Fashion Week: the Good, the Bad, the Celebrity (KimK)

^^Brooke Benson: You’d look pissed if you had to wear this get up, too! (Seriously, I am so not one to criticize cutting-edge fashion looks, but I’m sorry, just no. A gold-plated coconut bathing-suit top that is, worse yet, LAYERED over another shirt doesn’t work for me.)

All images are from Wire.

And surprisingly, some U.S. celebs showed up, too. See our bootilicious favorite and some more designs after the flip…..
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Sweet City Woman: All Female Art Show @ Fuse Gallery, NYC

28 April 2008, 22.58 | Posted in Art | No comments »

When last I spoke to TooFly, she was mentioning how she needed a new system for keeping herself better organized and on top of all her appointments/events. Given that she not only sent me the flier for this post AND the last one–both events which she’s participating in–as busy as this woman is, rather than any new system, she might wanna try cloning herself!

This show takes opens on May 3rd at Fuse Gallery and will be curated by Queen Andrea and GMO$, both of whose art is also featured, along with TooFly plus three more.

Here’s the flier…

TooFlyFemaleArtShow 01 Sweet City Woman: All Female Art Show @ Fuse Gallery, NYC

After the flip are some sample images from the show, and more are here.
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Sneaker Galaxy: Presented by Le Femme Sole

28 April 2008, 22.25 | Posted in Art, Chicks with Kicks, Sneakers | No comments »

This came across the news wires while I was away so sue me if you’ve already seen it on all your favorite sneaker sites! The event is a “glow-in-the-dark” charity art exhibit, featuring the work of 12 female street artists. It all goes down this Thursday, May 1st in SoHo, New Yawk.  

If you wanna go or need more info, visit LeFemmeSole < -----(Love the name!)

SneakerGalaxy Sneaker Galaxy: Presented by Le Femme Sole

^^This ridiculously cute show poster is courtesy of none other than Highsnobette beloved TooFly.
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Vans X Niagara Collabo

28 April 2008, 21.58 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers | No comments »

We posted up images of this Vans Niagara collabo awhile back when Samia and I visited the Vans showroom, but here are some spiffier images that give a better view of the art:

VansNiagBlue Vans X Niagara Collabo

VansNiagraPurp Vans X Niagara Collabo

If you’re not familiar, Niagara is a female artist, known for her femme fatale imagery. A couple of her quotes on her website are funny: “I paint real strong women; a Niagara girls [is] revengeful, but she gets her own way.” And even more humorous: “It’s the men who cry in my paintings.” Well that’s nice for a change!

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