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Dime Piece Exclusively @ Cultistshop

06 May 2008, 14.42 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | 1 comment »

Dimepiece at Cultist Dime Piece Exclusively @ CultistshopOver what seems to be only a couple of seasons DimePiece is establishing themselves as a true Contender in the women’s streetwear Scene.

The Styles Featured in the Adverts are Exclusively available at Cultist.

To All the young Labels out there that is my dvice..Evolve..Evolve an invest in smart and classy art Direction..Dimepice is a great example of that…



 For more pics go here………….>

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Erykah Badu @ Fox Theater in Detroit

06 May 2008, 13.13 | Posted in Fashion, Other | 1 comment »

Erykah performed at the Fox Theater in support of her recent record release. Not sure how I feel about the dress. Maybe I’d like it more in a cocktail-drinking type setting.

ErykahBaduDress2 Erykah Badu @ Fox Theater in Detroit

ErykahBaduFro Erykah Badu @ Fox Theater in Detroit

^^Her fro is awesome as ever, however

All images Wire


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Ideeli: Shopping Club for Posh Stuff Like Neon Pink Chris Lacroix Bag

05 May 2008, 22.07 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Ideeli is this new, membership-only shopping club for women who like designer stuff. The site offers designer bags and accessories at a big discount, but you have to be a member to get its emails. I’m not sure if you have to pay to be a member because I found about the site because JCReport sent me an email saying that its members could join free. So I did.  JCChrisLacroix Ideeli: Shopping Club for Posh Stuff Like Neon Pink Chris Lacroix Bag

^^This Christian Lacroix bag will be coming up for sale soon.
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HighSnobettiest: SuperFertile Accessories!!!

05 May 2008, 16.11 | Posted in Accessories, Art | No comments »

The item of the day arrived early today. Once again, one of our amazing readers hipped me up to a line that I definitely should have known about, but pathetically did not. This tip comes from Em, who let me us know that M.I.A. has a sister, Kari Arulpragasam, who does a jewelry line called Super Fertile.

Let me not lie and admit that when I first read about the line, I figured it would likely be a bust. After all, how much creativity can any one family claim?? But as soon as I saw the images, I was stunned and amazed. Kari is as talented at making jewelry as her sister is at making music.

SF3 HighSnobettiest: SuperFertile Accessories!!!

^^Haiti: In honor of my HighSnobette partner in crime

SF1 HighSnobettiest: SuperFertile Accessories!!!

^^I think that’s Sudan on the left and Iraq on the right. I love how she doesn’t disappear women who wear veils. They are right there in the mix, representing.

More images, including earrings on the other side…

Now the other news Em imparted is that M.I.A.has started her own clothing line. Love the woman, but I don’t know about that move. Besides the rag trade being a total grind, when musicians and actresses launch brands, the outcome is akin to athletes who try to be rappers….aka not positive!

Welcome back to another week!

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Happy Cinco de Mayo

05 May 2008, 15.44 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

For Cinco de Mayo a Celebartion that the Us seems to have adopted I wanted to introduce you to Ely Guerra one of the coolest female mexican artists who is making  a big boom in her native Mexico and around  the world..check out this Video ..cool outfits and she plays the best game in the world.. Le Football!!! actually..Soccer in the Us…..


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Sweet City Woman: All Female Art Show

04 May 2008, 19.35 | Posted in Art | No comments »

If you didn’t get to go to the Sweet City Woman art show, which featured six female artists, you can still see what it looked like at TooFly’s site. Here’s one image from her section of the show:

TooFlyShowSweetCityWoman Sweet City Woman: All Female Art Show

The opening’s done, but the exhibit will run through May 31st. at Fuse Gallery: 93 2nd Avenue between 5th & 6th Street.
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Transformer Bag @ Karmaloop

04 May 2008, 19.18 | Posted in Accessories, Stores | No comments »

While doing some browsing on Karmaloop the other day, this Insight Transformer bag caught my eye. Maybe it’s ’cause I’m just back from a trip to Guatamala and something about the pattern had me remembering the trip or maybe I appreciate its multi-functionalality, whatever the reason, I just like it.

TransformerBag2 Transformer Bag @ Karmaloop

^^A really unique weekend/beach bag that’s eye-catching without being too girly.

TransformerBag1 Transformer Bag @ Karmaloop

^^Close up on the fabric. See, it’s kind of different–a combo of modern and traditional

A couple more versions of the bag after the flip….

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Pollini Neon Wedge Sandals @ ShopBop: So Cute!!

02 May 2008, 20.25 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes, Stores | 1 comment »

Since David, our boss, only sleeps 18 minutes/day, he has a lot of time to look around for interesting stuff and is nice enough to email us the links. Sometimes I look at the items and I’m like, jeebus David, that is going on HighSnobette over my dead body! But just when I start thinking what a clueless doofus he is, he sends a link to a pair of shoes like these and I’m like, wow! For a dude, he has amazing taste!

PolliniWedge Pollini Neon Wedge Sandals @ ShopBop: So Cute!!

PolliniWedge2 Pollini Neon Wedge Sandals @ ShopBop: So Cute!!

^^Pollini Neon Wedge Sandals: A summer evening…..these and a pair of straight legged jeans paired with a blousy, white top = total show stopper. Or maybe with a pair of khaki short shorts, possibly even more amazing.  

Available at Shopbop

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Heidi Klum X Jordache Jeans X Bloomingdales

02 May 2008, 16.36 | Posted in Denim, Fashion, Stores | 1 comment »

Heidi Klum is partnering with Jordache to launch a limited edition line of denim, which will be sold at select Bloomingdale stores.

HeidiFace Heidi Klum X Jordache Jeans X Bloomingdales

^^Heidi has a beautiful face, of that there is no doubt…..

HeidiShortChanged Heidi Klum X Jordache Jeans X Bloomingdales

^^…..which is why God probably thought it was okay to seriously shortchange her in the department of badonkadunk!

All images Wire

One more image of Heidi’s shoes after the flip

And guess what today’s Flashback Friday video is?? That’s right: “You’ve got the look I want to know better, you’ve got the look that’s all together. Working. Playing. Day or night. Jordache has the fits that riiiiiiiiiight. The Jordache look. The Jordache loooooook!.”
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Highsnobettiest Item of the Day: M.O.B. Summer 2008!!!

02 May 2008, 03.37 | Posted in Fashion, Other | No comments »

I was kinda worred that there would be no Snobettiest Item of the Day, but in the final hour it landed right in my email box. It should go without saying that ANYTHING from the M.O.B. crew gets automatic vaunted status here at HighSnobette. I let this set. Good colors and real simple and straight to the point. “Let’s talk shit.” Seriously, what could be better than a good session of smack talk?

mob summer08 4 Highsnobettiest Item of the Day: M.O.B. Summer 2008!!!

^^My fave. Love the image and the tee is too adorable!

A couple more after the flip and if you want to see more, go visit our hermano, HighSnobiety.

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