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New Arrivals @ OAK

09 May 2008, 16.41 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

oak sandal New Arrivals @ OAK

            Oak is one of the Best Online boutiques out there that carry what I call a modern mix of apparel  and accessories for women(they carry men’s too) Their aesthetic is clean,without frills and the assortment is definitely  not what you see all over the place…Definitely not Mainstream!The sandals above are by f-troupe.

cnesh large New Arrivals @ OAK

By C.Neeon a label based in Germany,This dress is pure style and originality.Alot of amazing  Non -Mainstream fashion  comes from germany, of  course the big Kicks brand do too…Much love to our peeps Deutschland!

 helskd large New Arrivals @ OAK

By HelmutLang the graphics are what got me and the simple sexiness of it,you can really where it with anything…



Happy Friday!

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A thing of beauty:Adidas Consortium Superskate Street

08 May 2008, 21.52 | Posted in Sneakers | No comments »

RTEmagicC adi consortium superskate 1 jpg A thing of beauty:Adidas Consortium Superskate Street

I have a short attention span when it Comes to major brands like Adidas over time things just become successions of Collabs and lame themes but just when I loose faith something comes and forces me to pause…

The Adidas Consortium Super Skate street just makes me realize that there is a designer out there who is thinking!!!!

adi consortium superskate 3 A thing of beauty:Adidas Consortium Superskate Street

Simplicity with intricate detailling sometimes that is all you need…

Courtesy of  Big Bro HighSnobiety


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All you Need is Lois !!!

08 May 2008, 20.12 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

lois All you Need is Lois !!!

To celebrate Lois my Fellow HighSnobette  ’s New Digs , she is now my my Neighboor! litterally she now liveupstairs from me! (Hilarious) Anyway I present you Lois Jeans a brand of fun apparel based in Spain


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Hsbette Presents: Nat-2 kicks!!!!

08 May 2008, 17.28 | Posted in Common Sense, Fashion, Sneakers | No comments »

GIG gunmetal 525x525  1  Hsbette Presents: Nat 2  kicks!!!!

HAve you ever worn your favorite sneakers in the blustering heat and wished you could just peel them off… or wished you could travel with only one pair of shoes…Or better yet! You’re getting a Pedicure and you forgot to bring flip-flops…l Nat-2 is a brand based on that innnovation and the fact that  from the moment you leave your house for the urban journey things change…

Truly Genius!

The metallic ones are my faves but check after the jump for more pics

as well as a cool video below




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Zulu Rose

08 May 2008, 16.37 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

 Zulu Rose

Zulu Rose hailing from a continent seldomly  valued for it’s fashion quotient is  Definitely a label to watch Stay tuned for an interview with the head designer coming soon!



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Bellum Classics

08 May 2008, 06.06 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion | No comments »

bellum LV1 1  Bellum Classics

If There is one  Fashion Pet Peeve I have is to see a well dressed man or woman with cheap,no character timepieceson their wrist.It’sone thing to do it for  the Irony of style …But to rock a thousand dollar suit with nondescript sports watch is just lame….  I confess an  affinity for Fine Timepieces,In apparel  trends can take over quality but for watches I admit that I can be a downright Snob

 Bellum Classics, (That I discovered at Pitch Control) is a collection of vintage Luxury watches that are revamped is a dream come true..Check out the details

bellum silver back Bellum Classics

More pics after the jump…




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Jay-Z + Wifey

08 May 2008, 02.24 | Posted in Fashion, Other | No comments »

When we were chatting yesterday with Shana of Pitch Control, the topic of celeb style came up and, natch, Beyonce’s name was in the mex. We agreed that while Beyonce’s legendary creds are money in the bank, sometimes (not always!) her look is a complete mess. It’s like she keeps trying to run that New York cool look, but the Southern belle in her can’t help but meddle in the mix and the results are not cute!

Case in point. Here she is at a party her man (who, FINALLY, is willing to be photographed putting his hands on her in public!) recently held at his New York 4040 Club:

 Jay Wifey Jay Z + Wifey

^^Okay so she’s working the cute black mini, which creates a great backdrop for her big ole Chanel piece. It aint cutting edge granted, but it’s cute enough. But then look at the damn ole school, ”flesh-colored” stockings she’s wearing! WTF???? That’s so damn Sunday school that I gotta wonder if ANYONE has the ovaries to tell it like it is to her so she doesn’t leave the house looking ridiculous?

All images Wire

More images of a hot jock and a beloved hip-hop artist after the fold. Plus a dork.
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Girls Love Shoes

07 May 2008, 20.54 | Posted in Shoes | No comments »

Pitch Control also reps for Girls Love Shoes, a Lower-East-Side vintage shoe store that is home to 300 or so pairs of some of the most fabulous footwear on the planet. Which is why it’s a known shopping hotspot for big-name designers who come in search of “inspiration” for their own designs.

Girl sClubShoes Girls Love Shoes

Girl sClubShoes2 Girls Love Shoes

^^If you show up at an event wearing these festive little party favors, how many other women do you think will be wearing the same pair? That’s right. Exactly zero.

Lo-Lo-Lo: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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MadeMe: Fall 2008 Sneak Peek!

07 May 2008, 20.32 | Posted in Fashion | 1 comment »

We weren’t allowed to photograph any of the pieces in MadeMe’s fall 2008 collection, but we managed to snap a glimpse of the collection just to give all the fans a taste:

MadeMe MadeMe: Fall 2008 Sneak Peek!

^^Updated versions of the leather jackets will be back (Did you know that Alicia Keyes wore one in her “Like You’ll Never See Me Again” video?), along with some flannel tops. The line also includes a James Blagdon collabo. According to Shana, the line is tres French-inspired!

Sincerely yours,


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When High Fashion Takes A Cue From Mr. T

06 May 2008, 18.22 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion | 1 comment »

MR T When High Fashion Takes A Cue From Mr. T

The associations in my mind can be all over the place. In many ways it’s what happens when you watch too much Style with Elsa Clench and the A team!  I was always fascinated by MR.T and his ability to wear sooo much gold. While I have been known to pile on the jewels…Little did I know that Givenchy was going to give me the ability to rock one piece and create the same effect.

givenchy2 When High Fashion Takes A Cue From Mr. T

The Givenchy Fall 08 collections is by far a favorite. The lines are clean  and the detailing is amazing. Blouses and leather pants, sharp, are just some of the many amazing highlights. Kudos to Mr. Tisci!!!

givenchy multi strand When High Fashion Takes A Cue From Mr. T

*Givenchy Multi-Strand Necklace= Bling Heaven!!!

Check out more of my faves  after the jump pics from Style.com and view the entire collection Here

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