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Monsieur G.Aubry

13 May 2008, 17.11 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

vman wil ax gabriel Monsieur  G.AubryMonsieur Gabriel Aubry ,of course was put in the spotlight beacuse of his Baby Mama,Being from Montreal like yours truly he is perfectly bilingual (a major plus in my book!)and i think has enough luster to make it on his own but of course in our Celebrity crazed society,Who you date is like Major…ya know

he get kudos from us for remaining classy through it all,his good looks don`t harm either…

for a look at his baby mama

take a look after the jump



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Sex & the City: The Most Stylish One of All!

13 May 2008, 17.01 | Posted in Fashion, Other | No comments »

The opening night for the Sex & the City movie took place in London yesterday. All the ladies were there, vamping it up on the red carpet. Who was the most stylish of them all? Why Pat Field, natch.

 PatField 01 Sex & the City: The Most Stylish One of All!

^^This is the woman responsible for tricking the media into thinking that Sarah Jessica Parker is a style icon (when she’s actually a dork!) We now highlight our HighSnobettiest Item of the Day, well, Ms. Fields is definitely tops on my personal, all-time HighSnobettiest women list. She is that awesome.

Late-breaking update: Samia just told me that this is NOT Pat Field, it’s Vivian Westwood. Which, fine, I messed up BIG TIME, but it doesn’t matter ’cause she’s amazing, too! (I was wondering what Pat was doing with a man hanging all over her!)

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Mackage Spring and Summer 08

13 May 2008, 15.16 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

 Mackage Spring and Summer 08

Since I`am in Canada this week i figured i should show some love to the land of my birth..Mackage is a brand of outerwear who specialises is very fitted ,sharp and edgy pieces ,a trench or a coat can really make or break an outfit..although it is getting warmer, a sharp jacket never goes out of style..a true highsnobette has her eye on all seasons you never know when the perfect  item will come your way….

check out more pics after the jump
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12 May 2008, 22.05 | Posted in Fashion, interviews | No comments »

LookbookSmall HIGHSNOBETTE EXCLUSIVE:Zulu Rose InterviewLookbookSmall HIGHSNOBETTE EXCLUSIVE:Zulu Rose Interview

This is definitely a treat ,Alex The designer behing Zulu Rose Granted us an interview check out his thoughts and inspirations

SGP-where did the idea for Zulu Rose Stem From? Is it the need to create, Be lucrative?

 A-One of the core ideas behind Zulu Rose stems from my belief that the world is ready for people to start making powerful, beautiful, and original ideas. To be a Zulu Rose means to dare to be original in a time of rising conformity. Sometimes that originality just means embracing your own uniqueness and standing firm on what you believe in. But there is also that responsibility of being a modern human living in our degenerating landscape. I choose Zulu because it is an icon of personal strength, fraternity, and the discipline of a warrior (Shaka Zulu). The Rose is symbolic of nature – beautiful and now increasingly belligerent. I continue to feel the need to create, because I feel my message and ideas about life are relevant to the condition of the planet and beautiful people. I see fashion as a wonderful vehicle to express my vision in a way that is fun and accessible. I am not caught up in a trend or a particular fashion look. I am just working so hard, so that one day Zulu Rose can be a chic style all of its own.

zulu3 HIGHSNOBETTE EXCLUSIVE:Zulu Rose Interview

zulu3 HIGHSNOBETTE EXCLUSIVE:Zulu Rose Interview

 SGP-Africa in the Us,to me is mostly represented as an Aids and povery stricken continent Did you intentionally want to include fashion as one of its denominators or was it a coincidence?

A-I am so tired of how the United States media portrays Africa and foreign affairs in general. The world is no longer isolated, and shifts and trends in one region can have a tremendous effect across the globe. An artist in Africa could inspire a whole new movement (i.e., Fela Kuti). People need to know what is happening (I give thanks for spotlighting me in your magazine). It is so obscurant for the American media to paint Africa (and the rest of the world) with such a coarse brush. One of the defining themes of my label is to link Zulu Rose to the progressive spirit of post-colonial 1950-70’s Africa and the idea that Africa could be a tropical paradise. I love the music, art, and fashion from that period. I am always surrounding myself with that kind of energy and it is growing on me. My next collection is called “13 months of sunshine.” It is inspired by the inner light of African optimism that is continually shining, the colors, the positive vibrations, and the progressive energy that characterized the art, photography, fashion and music of African countries that had just won their independence in 1950s-1970s. I think that era has much to teach us still, and I want to show Africa and the Diaspora as being inviting, fresh, culturally diverse, global aware, spiritually independent, economically savvy, fun, fashion forward, and most importantly commercial. There is already so much negativity in Africa. The AIDS, poverty, brutality, corruption, molestation, genocide and evil all exist beyond my understanding. Why focus on what is already known and over blown.

zulu tee HIGHSNOBETTE EXCLUSIVE:Zulu Rose Interview

  SGP-Do you consider Zulu Rose an afrocentric Label? If yes Why and if no why?

This depends on how you define Afrocentric. Zulu Rose is for everybody, so I think it is safe to say “Zulu Rose is nature-centric.” It is the natural style, elements and environment of Africa that I use to inform my ideas and aesthetic. If you like nature then you will like Zulu Rose, because Africa is very natural and my particular style is an extension of that. I think what makes Zulu Rose special and authentic is my connection to Nature, my mind, and my love for art, quality apparel and fashion. Anyone could make an Africa T-shirt but it would not be a Zulu Rose. On the other hand, a main stream label could lift some of my graphics and no body would think it was ‘African.’ Zulu Rose is a fusion just like me (my mother’s family is North African and my father’s family is Caribbean and European).   HIGHSNOBETTE EXCLUSIVE:Zulu Rose Interview

SGP-What is the Dynamic between you and Wunmi´

 Wunmi is my lover and business partner(in that order). She also helps me to realize my designs because I am still learning the intricacies of professional tailoring and pattern making and she has so much experience as a world class costume designer.

wunmi et alex HIGHSNOBETTE EXCLUSIVE:Zulu Rose Interview

Take a lookafter the jump for more of ZuluRose……­­­.

Alex Thanks so Much!!!!

HAppy Monday

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Still Life Chapeau

12 May 2008, 15.54 | Posted in Accessories, Caps & Hats | No comments »

Another item (a couple more to come later today) from our visit to PitchControl p.r. and this time it’s a gorgeous chapeau from StillLife.

StillLife 01 Still Life Chapeau

 ^^Not everone can pull off wearing a hat like this (I know I can’t!) and those who are able to tend to possess a certain je ne sais quoi. Like they’re on another level of chicness that most of us mere mortals simply were not blessed with.

Yours, Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com

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RihRih’s Neon Concert Boots

12 May 2008, 15.32 | Posted in Fashion, Other, Shoes | No comments »

As an opening act for Kanye’s Glow in the Dark concert, RihRih suited up in an outfit that included velcro patent boots with neon straps. I can’t say I’m super crazy about them. The clunky heel bugs me, though I understand that they’re dance shoes so they have to provide some quasi-solid footing. Lord knows she doesn’t need to look any stiffer than she already does when she performs live.

RihRihNeonShoes RihRihs Neon Concert Boots

^^Are we gonna see a bunch more neon as a result of this tour? I’ll bet a yes on that.

All images UltimateRihanna

Love, Lois 
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Snobettiest: Creative Recreation Spring 2008 Greatest Hits!!!

10 May 2008, 01.05 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Sneakers | No comments »

Creative Rec is still doing it and it’s one of the few sneaker brands that takes designing for ladies as seriously as it does for the fellas. I’m told the following group represent the best of spring 2008:

WomenGalloHiWhtRedSilGolStrip Snobettiest: Creative Recreation Spring 2008 Greatest Hits!!!

^^^The baddest one of all. This Gallo Hi is just plain ridiculous (I repeat, Ree.Dick.You.Less) and it’s the one in the line-up that wins this brand HighSnobettiest item of the day!

 WomenGalloHiSilBluWhtHPnk Snobettiest: Creative Recreation Spring 2008 Greatest Hits!!!

^^Almost as ridiculous.

More smoking hot babes on the other side.
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Ysl Fall 08 sandal !!!

10 May 2008, 00.00 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion | No comments »

ysl fall08 Ysl Fall 08 sandal !!!

These  Yves Saint Laurent Sandals with a rubber sole found on Style.com would probably get killed on many sites..But I am one with crazy taste in shoes.So to me these are Hot and could be super comfy,worn with super long wide leg pants !



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l.a.m.b Spring 2008

09 May 2008, 19.53 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

lamb1 01 l.a.m.b  Spring 2008I don’t know what the popular opinion has been about L.A.M.B’s Spring 2088 line ,Somehow it has been hars to find all the apparel and the footwear..

I found it to be pretty cool there were very few looks that I dislikes but the line really featured great ladylike pieces like this one that makes me think of curvy divas like Sophia Loren..

Some of the footwear and bags are available at Nordstrom..



check out Style.com for more pics
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Nat-2 Sunglasses

09 May 2008, 18.50 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion | No comments »

NAt 2 SUNZ red 1  Nat 2 Sunglasses

Nat-2 presents us their shades collection,Alot Cooler that the ones where the stripes cover the eyes….

told u germany Brings the Heat!



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