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Guess the Celebrity Rack!

19 May 2008, 14.08 | Posted in Fashion, Other | No comments »

Can you guess the owner of these bodacious boobs? If you’re a regular reader, it should be as easy as a triple snap since she is one of my current celeb obsessions and is often featured here.

 KimmyBoobilicious Guess the Celebrity Rack!

^^And the dress is pretty sweet, too. I’m thinking it’s Missoni. What’s your guess?

See the face and the rest of the dress after the flip!

All images Wire. The event was the recent opening of the MGM Grand at Foxwoods


Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Stars & Infinite Darkness: Three Best-Selling Accessories

19 May 2008, 12.06 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

Do you about this retail boutique Stars and Infinite Darkness? I ask ’cause it has some cute things–not a lot of shoes, but just about everything else.

Here are three items from the site’s current best-sellers:

S AAlishaLouiseDecoDropEarring Stars & Infinite Darkness: Three Best Selling Accessories

Alisha Louise: deco drop enamel earrings; you can order them in differnt colors and there are other earring and necklace designs.

Two more after the flip….
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Spring`s Most Wanted Sandal

18 May 2008, 03.28 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion | No comments »

default Spring`s Most Wanted Sandal

Voted by style dot com as one of the must have’s for Spring,the woven Galdiator  by Sigerson Morrison.Definitely one of the best gladiator styles I have seen so far in the plethora that is available lately…



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Remember Lanyards??

17 May 2008, 16.54 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion | No comments »

 Remember Lanyards??

 I never had enough Lanyard bracelets back in the the day..Who know that it would now be modern jewelry…Lanyard a brand based in NYC is now sold at Colette.Great for the summer!


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Posso The Spat

16 May 2008, 22.38 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

posso the sound Posso The Spat

If this Spring you really got into the whole knee hi gladiator sandal,and you ‘re having a hard time commiting to the idea that they might look weird next season,Posso the Spat has a nice alternative..Wear spats,just like they used to do way back when… you have the option to wear a piece that you are not stuck with This style is called the Sound

..definitely edgy..not for the conformists..

look after the jump to see how they look in sandals.



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KTZ: Dreamy Dress

16 May 2008, 21.15 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

It’s still not really spring yet in NYC. Lately I find myself staring out the window dreaming of those warm and dreamy Manhattan summer nights. But in the meantime, even if you can’t feel the weather than you can BE it in this KTZ dress featured on WelcomeHunters:

KTZIceCream KTZ: Dreamy Dress

KTZ2IceCream KTZ: Dreamy Dress

KTZ is a London-based label. There is a website, but it’s still in the "coming soon" stage of things.

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Rollar Rink Set: Coordinated!!

16 May 2008, 20.30 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

Coordinated clothing has always held a big appeal for me. I have no idea why, but I get such a kick when I see someone wearing a top and bottom that were manufactured as matching sets. Who knows, maybe it’s ’cause I enjoy seeing adults channel their inner three-year old!

 RollarRinkSet1 Rollar Rink Set: Coordinated!!

^^This rollar rink set is featured on Etsy in seller YouMeYou’s store. It comes in other colors as well.
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Chanel Resort 2009

16 May 2008, 19.44 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

Chanel is such an on-fire brand these days that no doubt images from its Resort 2009 show are all over the web (it helps that it was in Miami and it got all-the-usual-suspect celeb attendance), but oh well, even though I may be late, here are a few items I appreciated. And then one look I’m not so sure about!

ChaelResortLogoDress Chanel Resort 2009

^^Look at the logo. Karl is FEELING himself and the Chanel name and no doubt enjoying rubbing it in his competitor’s faces that the double C’s are one of the last logos left standing that the cool girls are not only willing, but happy to flaunt front and center. If "Breakfast at Tiff’s" were being filmed today, this dress would be a fine choice for Audrey.

Two more if you click to the right!

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Snobettiest Item of the Day: Chanel Clutch!!

16 May 2008, 19.15 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion | No comments »

Be still my beating heart! Land your eyes on this amazing Chanel clutch, which was carried by one of the recent Resort Line 2009 show’s attendees.

ChanelCruiseShow Snobettiest Item of the Day: Chanel Clutch!!

^^The color, the atomic flower graphic, the discrete Chanel logo, not to mention the folksy yet modern take on quilting…I have to ask, what about this clutch isn’t perfect? (And not for nothing, but the gold Chanel bracelet isn’t a joke either!!)

Happy to be back in BK! (I’ve been in Austin, TX for the past two days),

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Flash Back VideoThursday

15 May 2008, 19.56 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Bel Biv devoe`s Poison is a great examplof What fashion used to be like..Streetwear was really different or was it….

The proportions have certainly changed ,but have not leggings made s serious  comeback as well as colored denim..to name a few trends we have seen lately…


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