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M.O.B. Flip-flops: Talk about a Conversation Piece!

21 May 2008, 18.24 | Posted in Other, Shoes, Stores | No comments »

M.O.B. designer Leah McSweeney is at it again, providing her loyalists with fresh, new ways to crack wise on the world. This time it’s a classic profile, made brazen by one of M.O.B.’s most clever tag lines to date: "Men Are the New Women." Jaws will be jibber-jabbing over these!

MOBFlippyFlops M.O.B. Flip flops: Talk about a Conversation Piece!

^^I love that they’re white!

Spotted at the fatherboard, HighSnobiety and purchasable from WeSoldOut

Lo: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Puma Alex McQueen Vulcan Cut Out @ Karmaloop

21 May 2008, 15.51 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Sneakers | No comments »

 Those Puma Alexander McQueen hi-tops that your probably read all about ages ago are finally being shipped. You can pick yourself up either the gold or the black at Karmaloop right now!

 PumaGold Puma Alex McQueen Vulcan Cut Out @ Karmaloop

Okay, now I’m REALLY getting some coffee!

UPDATE: I did have the black pair on this page, but between the two of them, they were taking up my whole monitor (which is not small!) so I switched that pair to the flipside.

Lois: Highsnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Vans X Karen Richter Collabo: Coming with the Cuteness!

21 May 2008, 15.23 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Skateboarding, Sneakers | No comments »

A Vans collabo with New York City illustrator Karen Richter strikes me as a match made in heaven. There’s just something about her cute designs that matches up well with the sensibilities of Vans’ feminine side.

VansHiBlue Vans X Karen Richter Collabo: Coming with the Cuteness!

VansHiWhite Vans X Karen Richter Collabo: Coming with the Cuteness!

All this chilly/rainy weather has me feeling the blues so I like the top pair better.

Coffee time!

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Kim K: It WAS a Missoni Dress!

21 May 2008, 14.03 | Posted in Fashion, Other | No comments »

Okay, so maybe I’m not smart enough to like Balenciaga (Heh–I had a feeling you had a thing for them, Samia!), but I was able to guess that Kim Kardashian was wearing Missoni to the opening of the MGM Grand. Lol, granted its trademark rick rack pattern is easier to spot than a Burberry plaid, but I’ll take my victories however they come!

How did I know my guess was correct? Another one of our fine readers (thanks, Ilana!), natch, sent us a link to video in which Kimmy is interviewed about buying the dress on Ebay. Her segement starts at 2.33.

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Anatolia Dress By Brooklyn Industries

21 May 2008, 13.51 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

anatolia front Anatolia Dress By Brooklyn Industries

Brooklyn Industries is know for many things…If they continue on this inspiration they might also become known for great No Frills summer dresses..

anatolia back Anatolia Dress By Brooklyn Industries

I have to say that the back of the dress is really what got me ..although i would have loved to rock it in Boring Black this is definitely a stand out…


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Yes Balanciaga is here!!!!!

21 May 2008, 13.16 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion | No comments »

 Yes Balanciaga is here!!!!!

I have been on a hunt for an Uber cool handbag and I cannot seem to find one that does not exceed my rent… This is the Giant City an online exclusive by The one and only Balenciaga Label altough I would prefer the all black one,this is a great print for Spring!

I don’t think I ever shared my obsession of Balenciaga by Nicholas Guesqueire with Lois…Yes Girl this is Serious..


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21 May 2008, 12.47 | Posted in Art | No comments »


This is Gaby’s story"He woke up one morning and told his  girlfriend he was going to be a succesful artist,without an art degree or any art experience, he started to create art on  cardboard found on the street and mixing  paint with Diet Coke"

His inspiration comes usually fom modern icons found in our Urban world.I love that he uses material found on the street to paint…Lord knows the huge amounts of carboard we toss everyday..And you know what the Big Corporations are even worse…I’ve spent many an aftternoon taping boxes to be tossed….

Any way I really like Gaby’s work! Check out after the jump for more of his work

For those of you out there who Drink Diet Coke like it’s water you might want to think of what it does to your  body…




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Balenciaga: Open for Business

20 May 2008, 21.57 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Shoes, Stores | No comments »

According to the most relentless email updaters on the planet, aka Racked.com, you can now buy Balenciaga online. Can’t say I’m too excited by that news. When I read a while back how broke up Kanye was that they denied him entry to their show, I was like, "Huh? Who the eff are they???" So I’m posting this ’cause I know it’s the cool brand that everyone who’s cool is into. Who knows, maybe I’m just being stoooopid and someone will explain it to me. It wouldn’t be the first time!

BalenciSandal Balenciaga: Open for Business

^^Balenciaga Facets strap sandal. It’s a beaut, but it’s not making my heart ache.

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Alex and Chloe Shades

20 May 2008, 20.05 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion | No comments »

alex and chloe sunglass lookbook pg 4 Alex and Chloe Shades

Alex and Chloe just introduced us to their Line of Sunglasses,Although I ‘m not usually a fan of a ceratain retro brand that shall remain nameless …I have the say that the details on Alex and Chloe Shades are pretty cool..

alexandchloe bd lookbook pg 11b Alex and Chloe Shades

This style is called The Cape Town…And of course the Blue reminds me of the ocean that I miss so Much as it is pouring Rain in NYC..uugh!!!


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Girl’s Love rebels!!: The St. Pauli FC

20 May 2008, 19.34 | Posted in Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

RTEmagicC stpauli dunk 1 01 jpg Girls Love rebels!!: The St. Pauli FC

Highsnobiety featured the Launch of the St Pauli Dunk pack in honor of the St Pauli Football Club.( the Hi top is my fave!)You gotta give props to  Nike for recognizing a Football Club that is known for it’s stance against racism,sexism and homophobia.

In the US we have yet to have a countrywide passion for "Le Football " the Most Beautiful game in my opinion…

If you know anything about Germans and soccer you know it’s no Joke,How interesting was it to know that The St.Pauli FC known as a team with a Rebellious/punk  streak.They open every home game with AC/DC’s  Hell’s Bells .And they have the Most Female Supporters out of all the other Soccer teams in Germany.

The team has some pretty cool apparel sold on their site

If you happen to be in hamburg the dunks will be launched at Sneakology  with a little shindig..

st.pauli einladung back 1  Girls Love rebels!!: The St. Pauli FCst.pauli einladung front 1  Girls Love rebels!!: The St. Pauli FC



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