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Diane von Furstenberg: New Dresses @ ShopBop

27 May 2008, 18.47 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

There’s a bunch of new stuff up at ShopBop, including some dresses by one of my all time faves, Diane Von Furstenberg. I’m nearing the end of my tolerance for this summer’s all-the-rage trend of short and basic jersey dresses, but at least this one takes a more daring approach in terms of color and pattern:

DVFShopBopDress2 Diane von Furstenberg: New Dresses @ ShopBop

^^It’s signature DVF, but something about the print is brighter and bolder than is typical for her.

Love ya,

Lois (still feeling like crap and wishing I lived in Canada so I could purchase Tylenol with Codeine over the counter!)

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Marc Jacobs Bag @ ShopBop: Small-Minded

27 May 2008, 18.05 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Shoes, Stores | No comments »

An interview with Pat Field was featured on PerezHilton exclusively yesterday. Given her considerable talents, it was pretty interesting to listen to her breakdown her style choices for the Sex & the City movie. One thing she mentioned was a move toward smaller bags.

This Marc Jacobs bag recently added to ShopBop sure does speak to the trend (for scale reference, the zipper is seven inches long):

MJShopBop2 Marc Jacobs Bag @ ShopBop: Small Minded

^^Small bag that packs a huge strap!

(On another note, I feel like such utter crap today. I was out in the sun and fresh air for a whole three days and after five months of grey skies and 40-degree weather, I do believe my body is suffering from a state of shock!)

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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A Sneaker Ad????!!!

27 May 2008, 02.41 | Posted in Common Sense | No comments »

sneaker guy A Sneaker Ad????!!!

Ok so We take no responsibility apperently this is a school project that took a creative spin on representing Le Sneaker…THIS IS NOT A REAL AD!!!!

Nude women have been used to sell everything from cologne to motorcycles I wonder if a guy could do the same….for kicks???

You be the judge…

via Female Sneaker fiend


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Coup D’etat Brooklyn Video

27 May 2008, 01.47 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Here we see a little  video from Coup D’etat Brooklyn…Definitely a Brand that has something to say..A Brand to watch…


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Pucci Ballerina@Colette

27 May 2008, 01.24 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

pucci ballerina Pucci Ballerina@Colette

Emilo Pucci was known for his psychedelic prints ..here in this ballerina you have just enough to stand out but it’s still subtle  …Definitely a collectors item available at Colette


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Reebok Style event Summer 08

26 May 2008, 16.11 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Fashion, Sneakers | No comments »

 Reebok Style event Summer 08

This past week Reebok hosted an intimate Presentation of their Summer 08 looks to Stylists and Trendsetters at the Penthouses of the Soho grand in NYC,that’s a view from fome the south penthouse.HighSnobette snapped a few pics aof the styles that caught our eye… Reebok Style event Summer 08

Maybe it’s the eighties kid in me but Gold on sneakers just works for me..thankfully Styles like the NPC and the Ventilator have made their way to the women’s Collections.

Check after the jump for more pics



HighSnobette at Hotmail.com
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Nars Cosmetics: Believe In your Own Beauty

26 May 2008, 02.01 | Posted in Common Sense, Fashion, Other | No comments »

 Nars Cosmetics: Believe In your Own Beauty 

Occasionnaly we feature A cosmetics revue through the experience of Moi Sgp .. where I take you through my preachy tirades and experiences..Please indulge…. My Schpeell about Nars Summer 08

If there is Anything I Love in our  world of consumption it’s a brand that stands for something…that has something to say..I dunno about you but I like to know what a brand believes about the people who consume it  or that there is a philosphy behind what they do..especially with something so Involved as cosmetics..

Francois Nars is quoted here as saying..To believe in you own Beauty… How often do we hear that … Think about it… there are women today who grace the pages of every magazine who would have been considered weird or just not a praiseworthy beauty…Whether because of a  prominent nose,a skin Color a shape of body ect.. 

 Nars Cosmetics: Believe In your Own BeautySo In my "testing" the first thing I went to of course was the Lip Gloss Called"Missbehave" it’s one of those lip glosses that really can make you Mis-behave if you are not careful ..

On a darker skin tone it’s like a Goldish Redish Bonze, and on a fair complexion it’s slightly darker.The Good thing about this Gloss is that it’s really sheer…really shiny,NOT Sticky..Perfect for the summer…and pretty much anytime..

And kinda dangerous..I found myself pouting constantly..Did I say dangerous..

   Nars Cosmetics: Believe In your Own Beauty

The Mindgame Lipstick is also Very Sheer and goes well under the gloss it was very "natural "Looking on a medium skin tone "a la Rihanna" and if you’re  of the lighter persuasion "a La Carrie Bradshaw" it’s perfect for everyday fierceness…

The name gets me too tough..Who said girls can’t play too…


 Nars Cosmetics: Believe In your Own BeautyThe texture of this Pencil Roman Holiday is perfect it glides on..It’s more like a lipstick. However On a darker skin tone it’s very light..

It can be used to make thin lips look fuller But unless you are very familair The technique I recommend getting a make-up pros advice..

For a very fair skin tone tough it’s cute and even a little retro


 Nars Cosmetics: Believe In your Own Beauty 

 In essence make-up is about taking Risks and getting out of your comfort Zone Who knows You might even Find  a beauty that you never knew was there…. Your True Beauty….The one you have to find in yourself before others can see it…

Check after the jump for a few women I think had to find their own beauty…I don’t know them Personnally But I think You’ll agree that in the Media none of them comes across as insecure…Unlike others..


HighSnobette atHotmail.com

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CDTBK: Live to change Something!!!

24 May 2008, 17.10 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

 Coup Sale 2  CDTBK: Live to change Something!!!

If You happen to be in brooklyn this Week-end Coup D’etat Brooklyn gives you a reason to have fun and contribute to a good cause!

Check out the info below!

flyer 1  CDTBK: Live to change Something!!!

And the After Party!!!

TEACHTHEBABIESAFTERPARTYFLYER 3  2 1  CDTBK: Live to change Something!!!


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New Arrival @ Welcome Hunters LA

23 May 2008, 21.35 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

miroike sandals 20008 New Arrival @ Welcome Hunters LA

Definitely the Gladiator thing has taken off this season this is one of the newer one available at welcome Hunters, by Miroike

check out what they look like from the back after the jump


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NYT: Chipped Nails A-Okay???

23 May 2008, 19.48 | Posted in Other | No comments »

There’s a story in the Style section of the Times laying out the premise that it is now okay and even cool to walk around with a busted manicure. And there is some truth to that. But it’s not just about nail polish. In general, busy young females no longer feel like beholden to ANY beauty or fashion regime. Chipped nails are not so much hip as they are a reflection of the crumbling of insane female beauty standards. Which is a good thing. Women shouldn’t feel like they can’t leave the house just ’cause everything isn’t perfectly on point.

NYTChippedNails NYT: Chipped Nails A Okay???

^^Photo: NY Times by Melena Ryzik

All that being said, I can’t get with that days-on-end, chipped nails look. It drives me NUTS! And there’s nothing that brings me greater inner-happiness than gazing upon my own, brand new, fresh and clean manicure.
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