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ShopBop Top Seller: Tie-Dyed Chucks!

12 June 2008, 14.37 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

The typical ShopBop customer–in my mind anyway–brings to mind that quintinsential, post-Sex-and-the-City female, who’s basic uniform is a flirty dress or designer jeans and heels. So I was a little surprised when I checked the site’s best seller’s list and discovered that a pair of tie-dyed Chuck Taylors were riding high:

ShopBopTyeDieChuck ShopBop Top Seller: Tie Dyed Chucks!

Additionally, for all you bargain shoppers, ShopBop is in the midst of having a big ole 30%-70%-off sale.

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Paper Tiger Flower Power Dress @ Pixie Market

12 June 2008, 12.43 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

For those of you who are super committed to this spring’s flower print trend, you’ll get your fill and then some with this Paper Tiger tunic being offered at Pixie Market:

PixieFlowerTunicA Paper Tiger Flower Power Dress @ Pixie Market

Besides this dress, Pixie Market is good in general if you’re on the hunt for tops and dresses that stand out from the pack.

Morning people!

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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11 June 2008, 20.35 | Posted in Fashion, Music | No comments »

We love you, Mami, ALL.DAY.LONG.



^^Look how cute her back-up dancers outfit is!

All images Wire.com
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Agyness Deyn: Make Me a Supermodel!!

11 June 2008, 19.49 | Posted in Fashion, Other | No comments »

Here’s Agyness, showing up at yet another event (this one was Chanel related as if you couldn’t tell by the cardboard cut-outs of Karl in the background!) in her never-ending quest to be stamped the first supermodel of the new millennium. God love ya, Ma. It’s a pretty strange aspiration, but someone’s gotta want it!

ModelChanel Agyness Deyn: Make Me a Supermodel!!

^^To Agy’s right is some show attendee wearing an adorable Chanel dress. Which, good thing I wasn’t there ’cause I would have been forced to rip it off her body.

Sigh, feeling blech these days…..

Lois: HighSnobette at Gmail dot com
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New Arrivals @ Stop Staring!

11 June 2008, 09.53 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

 New Arrivals @ Stop Staring!Stop Staring has been providing apparel with a Rockabilly sensibility for  a while now … To me it’s just great cuts and fabrics that flatter "les curves".Great clothes are great clothes regardless of the designers inspiration,Not to dismiss it but sometimes  people just miss the point…

Designed by Alicia Estrada,one of their newest Items is this playsuit.

There is something Fun and nostalgic about it..definitely a keeper..

the Dresses too are noteworthy!



HighSnobette at Hotmail.com
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Martine Mini Dress @ Patricia Field’s

11 June 2008, 03.40 | Posted in Common Sense, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

martine mini dress Martine Mini Dress @ Patricia Fields

So Yes I did see Sex and the City and I have to say that Patricia Field has done it again!! The looks were Hot!

Nevertheless for as much as SJP gets press for her charming role she does have the sasyness to pull off Ms. Fields creations .The clothes were cool but it’s really the way they are put together that makes it so special….Honestly you can buy all the pieces but you have to have to spunk to pull it off and make it look natural…

I really would like to see more press and interviews of Patricia Field I dunno if she’s reluctant to be in the glitz or if the mainstrean press thinks she’s just not mainstream… Altough you cannot Get More Mainstream….,I mean the woman has Re-adapted trends!! How many out there who used to think gold necklaces with their names on it belonged to brooklyn gals or uptown chicas…ran to get their little name plate necklaces  when Carrie rocked it….

Now It’s all about the Studded Belt Rockers/punks & cool kids have been rockin’ for ages…

Anyway check out this  cute mini in her online store
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Nat-2 Puurrrfect for this kind of weather

10 June 2008, 19.01 | Posted in Accessories, Common Sense, Fashion, Shoes | 1 comment »

 NAT2FINK red 1  Nat 2 Puurrrfect for this kind of weather

This is the kind of thing you really want to have on when you realize that the pavement is baking your feet…Nat-2  a brand definitely on the cutting edge of design and functionality..Genius!!

check out more new styles after the jump


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Roar in a Nefer ….

10 June 2008, 18.20 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

nefer swimsuit Roar in a Nefer ....

So yeah IT IS HOT in NYC!!! and of course all I can think of is the beach….This piece is by Nefer an italian brand that has been around for about 50 years who specialises is Lingerie,That is always a good bet ..cause if they make underwear at least you know your suit will stay where you want it to at least….


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Karmaloop: Best-Selling Shoes!

10 June 2008, 17.52 | Posted in Shoes, Stores | No comments »

We’ve done best-selling tops and dresses at Karmaloop, how could we not do shoes?? Besides, I see that Samia’s already started a Karmaloop trend with her previous post, and I’m all tapped out on rebelling against the latest and greatest.

AllBlackMoc Karmaloop: Best Selling Shoes!

All Black: Mocassin sandal

SameEdel Karmaloop: Best Selling Shoes!

^^Sam Edelman: The hot-as-twin-babies gladiator

Check the flip for four more best sellers!

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Gabriel Urist @ Karmaloop

10 June 2008, 13.24 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

gabe urist stiletto Gabriel Urist @ Karmaloop

Gabriel Urist Is more known for his jewelry rendition of the beloved AF1 he has proven to be very versatile Check out the Stilleto above now available at Karmaloop



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