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Naomi Campbell Walk!

26 June 2008, 18.10 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

Naomi walked the runway recently for Dolce & Gabanna menswear show. Ms. Campbell is much like a gifted athlete who gets away with all sorts of crimes and misdemeanors because his talents are THAT other worldly. Seriously, if it weren’t for her apperance at this show, would anyone even give two figs about it??

NaomiCampbellWalk Naomi Campbell Walk!

^^Fellow diva Beyonce Knowles didn’t name a dance after Naomi out in "Get Me Bodied" for nothing.

Image from Wire.com
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Hartmann Nordenholz… I Heart ALOT

26 June 2008, 16.23 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

Hartmann black top Hartmann Nordenholz... I Heart ALOT

We go from covering the latest in street wear, kicks to high end conceptual fashion like Hartmann NordenHolz, but hey, there are so many dimensions to women and people in general that we can’t really limit ourselves.We like what we like. Wish retailers would get that! 

Anyway, Hartmann Nordenholz is designed by Filip Fiska and Agnes Schorer. I was really drawn to their detailing and aesthetic it seemed vaguely familiar and sure enough Agnes studied under my love of all time Mr.Helmut Lang himself.The clothes are sexy, modern and definitely on the edgy side, with hints of couture whereas the great details .This is not lazy fashion, look at the detail on this top!Check out more lovelies after the jump.


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Coach Sneakers…..

26 June 2008, 13.29 | Posted in Fashion, Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

 Coach Sneakers.....

Coach is getting in on the high end sneaker game…I don’t know if it’s the fact that I have been bombarded visually by LV’s or interlocking C’s but their monogram seems to not do as well for me….The Keds-like Audrina with the stripes is not bad at all… Coach Sneakers.....

The Nannette like  the color and the contrasting textures would have loved their basic logo on it  with a contrasting color… Coach Sneakers.....

The Norra….uhhh I’ll pass on the pink but the navy is not bad…

Thx Alexa for the tip!



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Balenciaga Sneakers and My Schpeel on kicks…

26 June 2008, 01.13 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 comment »

 Balenciaga Sneakers and My Schpeel on kicks...

These must have slipped my attention …of course they are part of the men’s line..Nonetheless,Balenciaga under the influence of Nicholas Guesquiere is of of course one of the Ultimates in My book !

  Balenciaga Sneakers and My Schpeel on kicks...

One thing is for sure I think that Designer Kicks is where the market will trend with the economy Doing what it’s doing Stateside ,perceived values will be more important than ever,of course Jordan and Nike heads will go on but for the most part more end more I see  an  Unadorned high end  brand like Clae or Springcourt taking over the fashion side of the swoosh and the three stripes…At least for Guys,The women’s kicks world is just really taking off…

What’s your take??

send us a note

HighSnobette at Hotmail.com

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I don’t know about you But i’ve always wondered….

26 June 2008, 00.38 | Posted in Common Sense, Fashion | No comments »

ArachnidPeachXK I  dont know about you But ive always wondered....ArachnidPeachXK I  dont know about you But ive always wondered....I don’t know about you ..but on trips to south Beach I often see women wearing these  "creations" whose origin I could never Identify, It’s like how little can it be but still have something on…And then I always wondered how pricey those Little numbers were…Turns out they are Pretty Inexpensive..This little number the Anarchid Is sold out but would only set you back about 27 bucks…Ohh you don’t wanna see what the back looks like…

If you ever want to  take a walk on the bare-side of fashion check out more "creations" after the jump The Best Seller of Great Glam..If you want Plexi- Platforms to match you’re on you’re own there….


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Street Style This is What It is!!!

25 June 2008, 17.45 | Posted in Common Sense, Design, Fashion | No comments »

tina 30 Street Style This is What It is!!!


If you are one of these people who once believed that a New Yorker is the Uber Trendsetter you are sooooo Wrong!!jeremiAS13 AND JEMINA 15 Street Style This is What It is!!!

jeremiAS13 AND JEMINA 15 Street Style This is What It is!!!

Jeremias,13 and his Sister Jemina ,15

The population of what they call Nordic Countries Iceland ,Norway and Finland,Denmark is waaay ahead of the game ..while we are awed by The Sartorialist,who,I agree has a great eye..Hel-Looks is showing us that we can learn a thing or two… style -wise… scandics(is that even a word?) really go outside the box!

For example Swedish men who I went gaga over  when I was I Stockholm are recognized as some of the most fashion forward men on the planet!

While Most out there are looking to what XYZ mag says is the new" it "Item for what season..Jeremias at 13  is rocking a Fedora that grown men  Stateside are scared to rock…

Long Gone are the days when Williamsburg and the east Village were populated by trendsetters..Where did the edge go???

Even Fashion Students,Waliking By F.I.T recently all I saw was an endless succession of low rise  shorts, sweats,trapeze dresses,leggings,very few  individuals with Flava…

check after the jump for more Flyness whether it’s you or not admit that they go there..and HighSnobette Loves it!!!

All pics Hel-Looks !!!!!


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Alexander McQueen Resort 09

25 June 2008, 16.10 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

mcq bikini Alexander McQueen Resort 09

I know I have already shared my love of all things Alexander McQueen from his footwear to Fragrances,to kicks… the man Just Rocks! His Resort Collection does the same,sexy never left  when it comes Mr McQueen..check out more of my fave looks after the jump…

pics Style.com


HighSnobette at Hotmail.com
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Jamin Puech S/S 08

25 June 2008, 13.32 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion | No comments »

 Jamin Puech S/S 08 

Jamin Puech designed by the duo of Isabelle Peuch and Benoit Jamin is  a brand I fell in love with in the Nineties,they are far from the super minimal trends that can sometimes take over fashion. And that works really well for them.Their bags are adorned in a way that gives them a little vintage feel mixed with a sense of DiY, Altough I would shy way from a white handbag,the metal rings give it a Rock and Roll edge that the rocker in me finds tottally Rad!!

look after the jump for more of my faves



Highsnobette at Hotmail.com
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Yours Truly’s Unruly Summer 08 Collection

24 June 2008, 22.26 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

unruly5 Yours Trulys Unruly Summer 08 Collection

Yours Truly’s Summer 08  theme is an Unruly Summer!! The line was shot by Tone and showcases more than ever the fact that in the streetwear game for ladies Yours Truly is here to stay!!

 More pics after the Jump


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Tommie Smith X Puma Clyde

24 June 2008, 18.14 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

CRsmithT3 Tommie Smith X Puma Clyde

In 1968 when Tommie Smith won the gold Medal for the 200 meter- dash ,Tommie along with Teammate john Carlos raised a black gloved fist in the air.This Silent gesture(title of Tommie’s Book) was like a symbol of the racial and political turmoil of the times,and became an iconic image of History.

Puma Clyde X Tommie Smith   Gold 6 Tommie Smith X Puma Clyde

Puma celebrates this gesture with the launch of this Clyde made of gold leather embossed with the 1968 gold medal and  his record breaking time of 19.83 seconds on the tongue…

Looks like these are in my future..


Pics courtesy of Sneaker Freaker
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