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Mashonda Looking Cute @ Kimora Event

16 July 2008, 17.02 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion, Music, Shoes | No comments »

As it often happens when high-profile couples like Mashonda and Swizz split up, at least one (and usually it’s the one who all along has been resenting his/her backseat role) starts showing up at LOTS of events. Is it an attempt to up the profile and get back in the game or a way to put it in the face of the ex that’s been left?? Who knows, but whichever it was, Shonda sure was looking cute at recent Kimora-host event she attended:

MashondaJumper Mashonda Looking Cute @ Kimora Event

^^Mashonda looks perfectly summery in an adorable, silk jumper, but it was her shoes, which you can see after the flip, that put the exclamation point on this outfit.

UPDATE: We’re told that Mashonda’s jumpsuit is DVF. No surprise there cuz we love Diane forever & ALWAYS.

All images Wire.com
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Coming-Soon …The Women’s line…

16 July 2008, 16.22 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

 Coming Soon ...The Womens line...

Yohji Yamamoto is to me one of the pioneers of modern Fashion,who pushes the boundaries of convention in design, and in marketing.He  recently launched the concept Coming Soon whose philosophy is:

.."created for a generation of men and women who wear what they like without stating who designed it.Wearing Coming Soon is an act to express who you are through the essence of clothing,fabric and cut For everyday comfort and style"

The concept of not stating who designed  IT,is interesting when monogrammed accessories are all the rave…Style is personal and individual  and the Women’s line is more than wearable I want every piece..Nonetheless with the mainstream perception of what women’s wear is "supposed to look like" I’m curious to see how many  major retailers will indeed think outside the box and carry it…

More fierceness after the jump..



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Guess the Celebrity Rack!

16 July 2008, 14.36 | Posted in Design, Fashion | 2 comments »

I’ve long been an admirer of this celeb’s girls, and because I’ve seen them in person, I can attest to their perfection–no air brushing or benefit from a forgiving camera lens here! As for hints, just looking at her ample bosom probably has you imagining all sorts of lustful scenarios, but the truth is, you probably couldn’t handle this female….’sides, she’s totally already married anyway.

GuessCelebRack 004 Guess the Celebrity Rack!

Normally, I’m nice and I reveal the owner of the rack after the fold, but sorry people, not today. You’ll just have to keep staring at them and think really HARD about who it could be! Later today, I’ll provide the answer, but in the mean time, the first person who writes HighSnobette at Hotmail and guesses who it is, wins a merchandise-related prize!

UPDATE: Click here to look at who the celebrity rack belongs to. And we have a winner to our contest, who will win a gift card to design a custom pair of Reeboks! The winner’s subject heading was hilarious: "picture of leah’s tits!" A lot of people guessed Lindsey Lohan and a couple said Megan Fox. The thing is, we only feature boobage of celebs we like and admire for some reason or another and those two just aren’t on our radar. Like, for example, Jess Simpson may have great tatas, but she’s just not our kind of chick. Thus, her cleavage will never grace our pages.

Thanks to all who wrote in!


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Bella Freud Talks to Beth Ditto @ Ponystep

16 July 2008, 13.48 | Posted in Fashion, Music | No comments »

bethdittobrits Bella Freud Talks to Beth Ditto @ Ponystep

Beth Ditto the lead singer of The Gossip has been on media radars for a while however, for as much as her "look" gets attention I have found very few instances where she’s interviewed on a personal level.Bella Freud and PonyStep did a great feature  her that you can read here

For the amount of starletts, who get to have their colthing lines ,I’d Like to see Ms.Ditto have have one I ‘m sure unlike many other cookie-cutter dresses and leggings ,she’s bound to come up with something as Fabulously Daring as she is …


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Regatta Shorts….

15 July 2008, 21.33 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

 Regatta Shorts....

J.crew is one of those mega labels that one should never under estimate..although I can never fully shop there ,on occasion they bring the Hotness with  an item that is fun,well made  like the Regatta shorts,that make me want  to chill on  a yatch on the coast of Mykonos…

mykonos Regatta Shorts....

the true meaning of picture perfect…..

To get a back view of the Shorts click here………………………………..>


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Hunter Wellies: I Think You Hear Them Coming

15 July 2008, 18.14 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes, Stores | No comments »

I know. I know. Some of you have been wearing Hunter Wellies for at least a couple of years now and others since you were born, but this fall I have a feeling we’re going to see them hit the U.S. shores harder than ever.

HunterBoots 01 Hunter Wellies: I Think You Hear Them Coming

^^These ones are being featured in a ShopBop lookbook.
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Schmoove…Shoes I luuuv On a Guy….

15 July 2008, 14.52 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

 Schmoove...Shoes I luuuv On a Guy....

 For as much as I love it when a guy has a great sneaker game there is just something about the one who can appreciate a Wingtip shoe…For all the sneaker wearers who have lost the habit of wearing hard bottom shoes, Shmoove has an amazing alternative of sleek super soft shoes ,that takes men’s footwear to a whole new level…

  Schmoove...Shoes I luuuv On a Guy....

And  the thing is… if I’m going to wear My 4 inch stilletoes it’s great for my cutie to look equally dressed up and sleek..sometimes the 3’s the Af1’s ,the dunks or the pumps just need a break…


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Adidas Wmns Top Ten Hi” Tanaba”

15 July 2008, 13.41 | Posted in Sneakers | No comments »

Adidas Top Ten Hi   Tanabata 2 Adidas  Wmns Top Ten Hi Tanaba

New Release from Adidas the top ten hi  tanaba to commemorate the Tanaba Festival in Japan. check out Sneaker Freaker for a chance to win a Pair!


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StaerK Autumn 08

15 July 2008, 13.24 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

camilla1close StaerK  Autumn 08

Check out Staerk’s Fall 08 collection,whose  star looks are her treatment of leather , making it soft  as fabric and the occasinal sharp contrast of textures and colors…

You can vew the full collection here



HiGhsnobette at hotmail.com
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Alexander McQueen Online Store Now Open!!

14 July 2008, 22.20 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

mqshoes Alexander McQueen Online Store Now Open!!

The Alexander McQueen Online store is now Open !!!The Accessories of Course are Superb!! look at the detail of these Shoes!!

mqbelt Alexander McQueen Online Store Now Open!!

And this belt…is all you need to add an edge to any outfit…


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