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J. Shoes @ Compass

29 July 2008, 16.34 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

Spring 2009 will be a good season, I’ll bet, for women’s footwear. A lot of new ideas sprung up during 2008 and it’s looking like a lot of them will be expanded on and combined for next spring. Here’s a spring 2009 J.Shoe style that combines gladiator looks on a platform with Native American detail influences.

JShoes1.jpg J. Shoes @ Compass

^^This one was my fave. Click to the right to see Courtney’s (who was repping the line) fave….

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Creative Rec @ Compass

29 July 2008, 15.49 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Sneakers | No comments »

I made it out to Vegas! First thing I did was to visit the Compass show, a long overdue, hip, alternative to the WSA shoe show. It was mostly men’s shoes, but there was some great stuff there for women, too. First up, Creative Rec, which has been killing it with its women’s product:

CreativeRec1.jpg Creative Rec @ Compass

^^As you can see, hightops are preparting to go higher AND glossier. These are just stunning.

One more on the other side…
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Nicholas Kirkwood Autumn/Winter 2008…Wow Again!

29 July 2008, 15.24 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion | No comments »

aw818 Nicholas Kirkwood Autumn/Winter 2008...Wow Again!

Nicholas Kirkwood has done it agin this fall with acollection of shoes that continues to challenge the conventions of footwear with sexy details and texture contrasts that set him apart in the designer footwear world..this blue heel is ‘everything’! More on the next page.
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Raf Simons @ Oki-ni

29 July 2008, 14.47 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion | No comments »

raf1 Raf Simons @ Oki ni

Raf Simons is one the menswear designers whose aesthetic  the mainstream fashion world is just now embracing,the narrow edgy silhouette once adopted by the edgy fashion insider is getting  lots of love with menswear ,veering towards a more dressed up look…

The "Show style bag" by Raf Simons sold at oki-ni  continues to convey this sleek,high quality,high design look that has made his success…

Detailed images on the next page


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Rogues Gallery for Women ..Finally!

29 July 2008, 14.17 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

 Rogues Gallery for Women ..Finally! Rogues Gallery for Women ..Finally!

I have a Rogues Gallery men’s  Thermal That is one of my favorite things ever..it’s incredibly soft ,has an ink image of what looks like an old pirates hip, it can be stylish and dressy of just bumming around casual..it’s that item of clothing that I end up wearing all the time..Finally there is a Rogues Gallery line for women in the works! the preview is sold  online here

Via wwd


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Elizabeth & James… Props to the twins!!!

28 July 2008, 20.16 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

 Elizabeth & James... Props to the twins!!!

For as much as the media seems to be consumed with who they are dating,the Olsen’s, Elizabeth & James really deserves much more attention, this jacket above, available at  Intermix is a true testament that these women are serious about fashion.It’s not about a look but really about great pieces that add a chic/edgy  factor to any outfit…



Highsnobette at hotmail.com
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M.I.A. Concert Photos

28 July 2008, 17.19 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Fashion, Music | No comments »

I’m in JFK, trying to catch a flight (I’m on standby) to Las Vegas and I have enough time to throw up these images of M.I.A. They’re from a Flickr account and they were taken in June, but that’s about all I can provide info-wise right now. 2697671456 6f2876fe7f M.I.A. Concert Photos

One more image backstage…

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Miguel Androver is Baaaaack Hooray!!!!

28 July 2008, 17.09 | Posted in Art, Common Sense, Design, Fashion | No comments »

miguel Miguel Androver is Baaaaack Hooray!!!!

Fashion like Art, is a platform of expression seldomley exploited by designers, very rarely do they use their creative platforms to not just please buyers  and  say something about Social Issues ,present their line on average non-model folk or just have a wide spectrum of ethnicities on the runway..

Miguel Androver is one of those who won my appreciation when I attended his show in 2004 ,if my memory is the correct even the program was designed as a Travel boarding pass..the show (snapshot above)was a visual treat with poignant social undertones….According to WWD he’s back !

and that makes me one happy camper!

see the Show here


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Sneaker and Style etiquette: Hogan is here!!!

28 July 2008, 15.34 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Common Sense, Fashion | No comments »

 Sneaker and Style etiquette: Hogan is here!!!  

When it  comes to sneakers I understand that given your occupation or lifestyle you might not be able to leave the house rocking a pair Bright hi tops,There are alot of major corporations with very tight dresscodes….  Sneaker and Style etiquette: Hogan is here!!!

Nevertheless when companies like Hogan exist there is nor reason why you should be wearing your Donna Karan Suit with your running sneakers!You just end up looking very random…or   that you should run out the house with a fur coat and a pair of kicks on that are so old the brand is not visible..no excuses…get it together..if you’re upscale enough to rock fur in this day and age then I’m sure you can gather the "moula" for decent kick around footwear….right?

Happy Monday!
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HighSnobette’s Kustom Spotlight: Slipoffs by Shauna

28 July 2008, 14.27 | Posted in Accessories, Art, Design | No comments »

turntable HighSnobettes Kustom Spotlight: Slipoffs by Shauna

I’m a firm believer that the essence of exclusive sneakers and apprel is to have them customised..In that spirit every week we will present you with a  customiser whose work we think is off the Chain!

this week Slipoffs by Shauna who specialises in canvas footwear.Her style is simple with no overkill of design which make her designs  very personal and sure to turn a couple heads..

More beauties after the jump


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