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Force of Nature: I’m every Woman….

31 July 2008, 15.39 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Stores | No comments »

SNOBETTE BAG Force of Nature: Im every Woman....

Force of nature is a boutique that you will hear alot more about in the future.Not only does the store have a sharp aesthetic,  but the people behind it have a good idea of what small scale "good taste" branding and advertising is all about.Their Newest product a tote bag giving a shout out to the Ladies"I’m every woman It’s all in me"…  because we are truly Forces of Nature..


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There are watches and WATCHES

31 July 2008, 14.08 | Posted in Design, Watches | No comments »

svt cs79 cs350312 hero LR 1  There are watches and WATCHES

*model SVT-CV74

As much as I can be a Snob about watches with hundreds of years of history,there is a crop of high end "boutique" watches, that are  making their mark as luxury Timepieces. One of them is Tsovet, whose quality ,craftamanship and design ,intergrates the "styling of engineered industrial tools,motor gauges and avionic instruments" while  remaining  sleek and sexy…that’s vital in my book…

TSOVET Exclusively Available at Premium Retailers:

Fred Segal Man


Black Bird


Len Druskin




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New BK Circus Women’s

31 July 2008, 13.20 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

staff new 1 New BK Circus Womens

The Brooklyn Circus have just  introduced new styles for women!…Ouigi and his team consistently  expand their branding and  provide strong graphics to support it, This one is my fave…more images after the jump…


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His name is Elie Yaffa aka Booba

30 July 2008, 20.24 | Posted in Music | No comments »

booba His name is Elie Yaffa aka Booba

What I love more than anything about the dynamic duo of Lois and I, is that we probably contradict every single stereotype that  american society would label us with and it’s really Hilarious…Granted you would have to meet us to figure it out…and I really can’t get into it right now…Anyway so I  featured Elie Yaffa aka Booba a couple months back because supposedly he’s the french 50 cent….

To be perfectly honest I cannot claim by any stretch that I  can begin to talk about music and compare the two…. But ladies if you take a look on the next page you will have to agree that Booba is one to watch!


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Tokidoki & Hello Kitty Chooka Rainboots @ WSA

30 July 2008, 17.26 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes, Stores | No comments »

There’s a bunch more images to come from Compass, but I wanted to jump over to the WSA ’cause I know there are some Tokidoki fanatics out there and I wanted them to get an asap look at some Chooka/Tokidoki rainboots that are about to hit the market.

TokidokiRainboot Tokidoki & Hello Kitty Chooka Rainboots @ WSA

^^These launch 10/1 at Nordstrom

After the jump are some Chooka/Hello Kitty rainboots, and some news about an upcoming Tokidoki collabo….
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Media Watch : Model Lakshmi Menon from Bangalore!

30 July 2008, 17.11 | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 comments »

 Media Watch : Model Lakshmi Menon from Bangalore!

I have always been heavily into fashion Magazines…any careful observation one can see that when it comes to fashion everything has to do with trends even when it comes to models, at one time it was the mega uber females like the Evangelistas,Campbells, Turlingtons,ect…then the androgynous nymph-like waifs,to the brazilian explosion,to the fair scandics and eastern europeans ,as if all women cannot get equal representation…

                                                              The riselaksmi menon Media Watch : Model Lakshmi Menon from Bangalore! to mainstream of Laskshmi Menon , pictured above in the Givenchy ad,from Bangalore India really makes me happy!

 For years I have wanted to see indian women in the mainstream media, (granted Givenchy and Hermes are european comanies)not that it’s necessary,I do not believe that a woman should have to see herself represented in the media to feel beautiful, but if we pride ourselves on being a country where equality is the norm than the recognition of beauty coming from different ethnicites or shades should also not  be an event…

It should be a common everyday thing…

don’t you think? 


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Butter by Nadia f/w 08

30 July 2008, 14.35 | Posted in Common Sense, Design, Fashion | No comments »

 Butter by Nadia f/w 08 Butter by Nadia f/w 08

Butter by Nadia is one of those labels that never dissapoints expanding on the concept of "convertible apparel" a very "green" way to dress  at least when it comes to consuming and discarding.  If you thing about it..One piece that can be worn several ways can translate to having less apparel and discarding less…makes sense right..?


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Keep @ Compass

30 July 2008, 06.55 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Shoes, Sneakers | No comments »

Keep I believe was the only all-female brand at Compass, and it repped with its usual adorable/smart array of shoes. My faves were the gingham wedges. There’s something cute and funny about them; a dressed-up pair of chanqletas for days when you want to impress the nighborhood.

KeepChanqs2.jpg Keep @ Compass

^^Gingham Chanqs

Next up are The Foundation brand rep Cassandra Madsen’s faves:

KeepSneaks.jpg Keep @ Compass

^^A classic and innocent profile with a heart of darkness. Love the dichotomy.

More Keep on the other side (including the cutest pair of kid’s hightops you have ever seen!)

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Kiran Uttam Ghosh f/w 08

29 July 2008, 19.33 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

 Kiran Uttam Ghosh f/w 08I’ve always had a love for India ..growing up in montreal I remember putting a red lipstick dot on my forehead and having a Big crush on a boy named Samir,it diddn’t work out..(boo hoo..) but I still have love for the peeps..over the years I have discovered the accessories! seriously if you live in a place where there is a little India neighborhood,you will come out with some of the most beautiful jewels ever…

 Kiran Uttam Ghosh a designer based in Kolkata , has been able to come up with a line for fall 08  that is colorful in a subtle palette and very versatile..I love the layers… the intricate details..simply fab!


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J.T. we like you but…..

29 July 2008, 17.54 | Posted in Common Sense, Fashion | No comments »

justin timberlake givenchy ads03 J.T. we like you but.....justin timberlake givenchy ads03 J.T. we like you but.....

When I heard the news of Justin Timberlake being the new face of Givenchy’s new fragrance"Play" I was curious to see how they would  feature him..I was expecting something alot sexier…To shed the boy band look you have to push the envelope just a tad….granted even if the scent had to do with music I can think of someone who is making a killing when it come to crooner-style  R&B and whose a little more grown… and a former model who can do no wrong in my book…their  pictures after the jump…

let me know what you think?

Pic from JustJared

HighSnobette at hotmail.com


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