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Drive me crazy..

22 August 2008, 14.16 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Stores | No comments »

driving gloves Drive me crazy..

On one of the many road trips we took in College I remember a particular one, where Twah,  our resident fashionista took the wheel ,and  rocked a sleek pair of driving gloves,I remember thinking how cool! There is something very chic and glamourous  about it…

Driving Gloves can really add a kick to a bland outfit..Pat Field’s just received a whole bunch!


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Covet this!

22 August 2008, 13.24 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

 Covet this!

Inspired by Japanese culture The Covet line translates  the duality found in nature of  strenght  and fragility.Entirely made of natural fibers,(hooray!!) Covet dresses men and women in sharp, modern pieces that convey great style and creativity.

see the rest of the line here

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Strike a Pose:Made Me +Worship Worthy+ATWG @ Socialista

21 August 2008, 18.10 | Posted in Fashion, Out on the town | No comments »

 Strike a Pose:Made Me +Worship Worthy+ATWG  @ Socialista

Last Night yours truly was out on the town at the  Made Me Fall 08 Launch party Hosted By Worship Worthy and Around the Way Girls  at Hawt venue Socialista

 Strike a Pose:Made Me +Worship Worthy+ATWG  @ Socialista Strike a Pose:Made Me +Worship Worthy+ATWG  @ Socialista

As you can see from the bare shoulders and backless combos most of the ladies got decked out,The guys tough…All I have to say is dress like you mean it…serously…Men’s fashion has come a looooong way,with so many cools tuff out there…

Anyway,I just had to let that out.. check after the jump for  some of the peeps..
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Mulholland makes Travelling in Style easy…

21 August 2008, 16.08 | Posted in Accessories, Common Sense, Design | No comments »

Labrynth Satchel 1  Mulholland makes Travelling in Style easy...

 Spulrging on the latest ,hottest x y or z can lead to reflection,and careful consideration if passion does not just get the best of you every time..Nonetheless one thing I believe every woman should have and prolly splurge on  is good luggage…

 The airlines try to charge you for every thing,food , choosing your seat, ,checking in a bag…So, until you have your own jet,you might as well keep your belongings with you and do so with a well designed,stylish bag.

Seriously forget vanity… when it comes to travelling you  want  your luggage to last.Especially if you travel alot,check  the new Mulholland Collections ,a 20 year old  label based in the US for some ideas:

*The M Labyrynth(satchel above)  ,employs geometric patterns derived from Classic Roman style, giving each piece a slick, modern and edgy vibe. Made of Latigo leather and designed with a proprietary debossing technique. The Labyrinth motif was derived from a 4th century design very modern and geometric, my favorite!

waxed weekender Mulholland makes Travelling in Style easy...

*The Waxed Canvas,a 100 year-old performance textile, once developed for Aussie cowboys, making for an ideal vintage-look. Vintage Waxed Canvas’ safari, outback aesthetic is water-repellent and breathable and the hardware is a gunmetal finish .

mulhollang hippo Mulholland makes Travelling in Style easy...

The Boardroom incorporates suiting fabrics with leather accents to create a sleek,intello -chic look."Made of 100% polyester, for strength and durability."

worth weekender Mulholland makes Travelling in Style easy...

The Worth collection"combines the sheen of Italian patent leather with matte pebble grain hides. High-end Italian hardware, contrast top stitching, silver linings and antique silver finish zippers"   channels in you inner country club chic…
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Camilla Ehlke’s Breathe Inn: The Creativity Continues

21 August 2008, 15.23 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

When Samia posted about the Ladies Lotto event, she mentioned that Camilla Ehlke was the speaker. Those of you who know this biz well, know that Camilla as founder of Triple5 Soul was one of the pioneers of the modern day streetwear movement. She no longer owns the company (and pointed out during the talk that the company web site has been stripped of any reference to her!), but her penchent for creating and blazing trails didn’t end with Triple5.

Samia also linked to her latest venture, Breathe Inn, a bread and breakfast located in the the Catskill Mountains of New York, and I just wanted to focus in on it a little more in this post because it truely is a neat-o place and is one of those ventures that makes so much sense that you look at it and think, duh, why didn’t I think of that??

Breathe Inn Camilla Ehlkes Breathe Inn: The Creativity Continues

^^One of the rooms at Breathe-Inn. This is the Sunny Corner Room. While there, you can hike, do yoga, eat organic food cooked up by Ehlke’s partner and husband, Chef Marlon Aitchenson, and think, dammit, I wish MY room looked liked this!

And Ehlke and Aitchenson aren’t stopping there. There are plans in the works–after a certain baby is born–to open other locations internationally. Amazing, right?
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LaidBackHome: Streetwear-Inspired Pillows

21 August 2008, 13.45 | Posted in Furniture, Stores | No comments »

I know you mainly come here for the fashion and the RihRih images, but I have a feeling that the pillows by LaidBackHome featured in this post will be of interest to all you who haven’t yet been made homeless by your shoe collection.

LaidBackHome LaidBackHome: Streetwear Inspired Pillows

^^Those are breakdancers in the pillow of the left. Both are made of a heavyweight denim cotton and you can’t see this cute detail in the image, but the zipper toggle is the same kind used on jeans.
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Something Else Modern Floral Dress @ Pixie Market

21 August 2008, 13.23 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

When I read of florals being a hot fall trend, I get all half sick to my stomach as visions of Laura Ashley dance through my head. But I’m better than okay with this Something Else floral dress at Pixie Market (it’s actually not for sale there yet but will be soon) ’cause the cut is simple and the flowers aren’t about power as much as cleverness and irony.

PixieFloralDress1 Something Else Modern Floral Dress @ Pixie Market

If you wanna see a close up on the fabric, click to the right….
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Giles deacon for Lee cooper

20 August 2008, 18.05 | Posted in Denim, Design, Fashion | No comments »

lee cooper Giles deacon for Lee cooper

A few weeks ago we featured a collection created to celebrate Lee Cooper’s 100 year anniversary,one of the pieces is  the Giles Deacon dress whose picture we finally have..

 check after the jump to see the finished product

* Jane Birkin lee cooper ad 1978-
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Miss jackson Launches Pleasure Principle

20 August 2008, 15.27 | Posted in Design | 1 comment »

janetlingerie Miss jackson Launches Pleasure Principle

When I think of Iconic Female Icons Janet Jackson is  definitely one of them, as a   kid I hoplessly tried to replicate the Rhythm Nation outfit,black cap ,keys in the earrings  ect..

Ms.Jackson  partners with Bruno Shiavo,an australian designer  to create a Lingerie Line ,Pleasure Principle due to hit stores this november…all I have to say is Janet What took sooo Long!

I would have loved to own  some accessories …Check after the jump for an idea of the "look" back in the day…

via wwd
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Ladies Lotto Changing the world one fearless female at a time…

20 August 2008, 14.36 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Common Sense, Stores | No comments »

 Ladies Lotto Changing the world one fearless female at a time...

Last Night Lois and I were invited to take part of an event by Ladies Lotto @ I heart Boutique, a real life cashmere mafia or lipstick jungle that reunites a  diverse roster of movin’ and shakin’ women in various fields of fashion,media and entertainment…

 Ladies Lotto Changing the world one fearless female at a time...

The chosen speaker was Camilla Ehlke one of the original founders of  Triple 5 Soul and the co-owner of Breathe-inn,who spoke honestly of  her journey from downtown fashion mogul to bed and breakfast owner… It was deep! Ladies Lotto Changing the world one fearless female at a time...

Ladies Lotto challenges the concept that women in fashion and media can be catty  and cold and creates a safe place where women can be women make business deals and collabos.. .while having fun and chatting…whether you rock kicks or stilettoes…You gotta Love  that!

More pics after the jump..


Thx Natalie!
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