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Colette Paris, apres La renovation

25 August 2008, 15.41 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

colette new renovated 2008 10 Colette Paris, apres La renovation

Colette is one of those boutiques that has achieved what they call cult status, the fact that they have been able to artfully mix streetwear,kicks,music and high end labels have made them a constant pioneer in the modern luxury market.The hip and the cool never rock all one look, mixing it has always been where the flava is..

The new store has been able to fully express that with each area clearly defined,while still keeping a sense of accessibility, for example on the "Couture" Floor(img.above) the mannequins are at eye level and spread throughout the floor giving look and styling ideas right away…my merchandising self  is doing backflips!

Check Big Bro HighSnob for more images
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Cheap Monday s/s 09 Sneak Peak

25 August 2008, 14.55 | Posted in Denim, Design, Fashion | No comments »

cheap monday 2 Cheap Monday s/s 09 Sneak Peakcheap monday Cheap Monday s/s 09 Sneak Peakcheap monday3 Cheap Monday s/s 09 Sneak Peak

The Swedes take their fashion seriously, I don’t know what ’s in the water but according to Sportswear Intl,   the new prototype for the direction of men’s fashion is the hip swedish guy,(hooray!) the ladies do not dissapoint either,but we have been on to their style for a while.

One of the coolest new swedish brands as been of Course Cheap Monday ,(recently bought by H&M)who has my denim  brand loyal self, add them to my roster, The denim is sturdy, well cut and friendly to a little more junk, the women there have curves ,check the next page for a look at what they cooked up for S/S 09.

Courtesty Of Stockholm Fashion Week
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Nars fall 2008 test run!

25 August 2008, 04.42 | Posted in Design, Make- up,Cosmetics | No comments »

nars Nars fall 2008 test run!

For as much as I love the Sun and the summer time, one thing that the change of season encourages is change, darker colors,hot boots, mose layerrs and, if you’re like me , a new set of make- up colors to match the grey days to come…

I had the pleasure of sampling a few of  the items from the Nars Fall 08 Collection just to  give you an idea of what to expect, as a note I have bought make up online, If you know what colors work for you it’s possible!

 Nars fall 2008 test run!

My favorite item was hands down the Bronzer and Blush duo,Sin/Casino we all know what wonders  a bronzer can do when you have not seen the sun in months or when you are in the sun and you just have that Glow…

The good people at Nars have made it easier to include the matching blush, less stuff to cram in that little cosmetics pouch.

The Star Lip Gloss pictured above, Female trouble , a glossy lilac looks great on pale complexions a la Nicole Kidman,or Ziyi Zhang(right), nonetheless ,medium to darker instyle dec2005 zhang ziyi 1 Nars fall 2008 test run!skin tone can pull it of with a subtle darker lipliner, and ccould be a really cool Mod look but…just try it out first …. the texture really is what makes it stand apart it’s light ,stays on ,and has a great shine..

One a side note ,Can we please have some Asian Divas like her on some Magazine Covers and not the same rotation of like 5 actresses!

And last but not least is the Eye Shadow duo Rebecca with a Kiwi and amber color  Nars fall 2008 test run!that really works on all skin tones in various degrees,if you’re lighter you can wear lots of it , if you’re darker I suggest a lighter hand.

Make-up  is really fun,all you have to do is take a risk,be  bold and just dare!

Happy Monday!

Thx Erika!!
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Adidas ZX 700 (o-Store)

24 August 2008, 15.00 | Posted in Sneakers | No comments »

O store Zx 700 1 Adidas ZX 700 (o Store)

I had a pair of Adidas ZX 700’s with bronze metallic accents with neon orange stripes, that I wore to the ground, I still think bout them…

The new installement of the style takes a step as an all around fashion sneaker with leather and perforated suede accents, and of course a pink lining…love it..

Courtesy of Sneaker Freaker
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Gap X Colette Comming soon!

24 August 2008, 14.07 | Posted in Art, Design, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

 Gap X Colette Comming soon!

The Colette X Gap pop up store is set to open on september 6,with a great assortment of product collaborations between french and Us artists as well as exclusive products specific to this location and the Colette re-opening in Paris                                                                                                             

 Gap X Colette Comming soon!The Alexis Mabille clutch is my favorie item so far(above)

I’m excited to see what the artist tees will look like,with Claw money as one  of the artists as well as Ruben Toledo,SO-Me and  Espo,

as well as the Le Labo  fragrance,their store in NYC rocks!

Comme des Garcons,


Uslu Airlines and


check after the jump to see what the cluth can look like when you carry it..
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Not So Flashback Friday Video: NeYo’s “Miss Independent”

22 August 2008, 21.43 | Posted in Music | No comments »

Since we’re kinda on a theme of loudly expressing our love for strong women this week, the timing seems perfect not for a throwback video like we normally do on Fridays, but the recently-premiered "Miss Independent" video by NeYo.  Samia and I have had a few debates about NeYo’s status but we both agree that he’s had a ridiculous roll of hot, pop hits.

He got me good with both his "Do You" duet with Mary J, and his "Hate How Much I Love You" hit with RihRih, but I think I like "Miss Independent" most of all. The theme is great and the back-up dancers are wearing suits a la Madonna in "Vogue," which hey, you don’t get much more boss than that. And the fedoras, gotta love the fedoras.
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RihRih: Wearing THE Gladiators!!

22 August 2008, 20.44 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion, Music, Shoes | No comments »

RihRih put in a little photo op time yesterday, flossing in the hottest/most controversial boots of Summer ‘08, the Balenciaga glads:

Balenciagarihanna22 RihRih: Wearing THE Gladiators!!

The practical in me loves Signerson Morrison’s version more, but there’s no denying that these brought the heat like no shoe has for quite some time.

Image: UltimateRihanna
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Argentina’s President …My 2cents

22 August 2008, 15.58 | Posted in Common Sense, Fashion | No comments »

Argentina President Argentinas  President ...My 2cents

Women are powerful.Most of us don’t know that and  it’s a shame…I won’t get in to the deep underlying issues.. but i’d like to bring your attention to  this fierce diva that is Cristina Fernandez De Kirchner,Argentina’s current president.She is rocking a thick belt,wedge sandals,a necklace other than pearls,she has accessories on! In some countries women can be women…power does not have to be masculine…argentina president2 Argentinas  President ...My 2centsIn the US ,we have issues..women in power if you take a closer look have to be almost masculine,granted taste and fashion are very individual , Nevertheless if you look at some of the most powerful women in corporations none of them usually have hair this long, or rock as much eyeliner…

To My corporate HighSnobette’s I just want to say it’s okay to be hot and have flava, sexy comes from the inside no need to cut your hair and wear turtlenecks to make "them" comfortable,cause you know that’s what  corporate dress codes are all about, hide as much of a woman as possible,she can’t express who she is…no bright colors,no bare legs…Seriously I wonder if Hillary would have gotten this far if she was "sexier" was there something really safe  and neutral about the bob and the pantsuits?
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Represent with Brooklyn Royalty!

22 August 2008, 15.26 | Posted in Denim, Design, Fashion | No comments »

 Represent with Brooklyn Royalty!

Designed by Bob Bland, Brooklyn Royalty reflects the fierce independent spirit associated with New York’s most flava-full  borough, Brooklyn! Yep I said it…

The star of her debut collection has to be the Metallic Jean (above)made in the US and perfectly washable,A great great standout from the traditional bright colored or dark denim

Full picture on the next page…

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Hammer Girl: The Newish Look

22 August 2008, 14.43 | Posted in Fashion | 1 comment »

Hugo Boss had an event the other night and one of the guests, VJ Romina Aranzola (no idea who she is), was wearing an outfit that I’ve noticed has emerged as a hot look for summer 2008. I like to call it the Hammer Girl . It’s the famous MC Hammer harem pants combined with the skimpiest of American Apparel wife-Bs and an often colorful or patterned bra.

HammerGirlVJRomina Aranzola Hammer Girl: The Newish Look

I’m not sure if it’s just a summer thing or something of a reaction to the extremely snug straight leg and hightops look that has been dominating the streetwear scene for a while now. Whatever it is, I always love a new look, however, this is one that I will probably only cheer from the sidelines. I personally cut my teeth on punker looks and as a result I feel weird wearing anything baggy. I’m not even crazy about those jersey dresses just ’cause they’re too soft and flowly. But do your thing, women, blaze your new fashion trails.

And people say there aren’t new trends anymore.
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