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Runway: Chanel Couture Takes Flight Spring 2012

24 January 2012, 14.36 | Posted in Runway Show | No comments »

ChanelSpring2012Grazia 540x405 Runway: Chanel Couture Takes Flight Spring 2012

Chanel’s runway show for its couture Spring 2012 show took place today in a simulated plane, complete with a serving cart with drinks, speaking to a theme of blue skies and flying high–hair that is. Clever that Karl! And hmm, who might THAT be sitting front and right, natch, in the major upgrade seat….If you’d like, watch the finale here replete with what sounds like circus music, courtesy of Grazia.

More images next page.

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Pregnant Beyonce Spotting

06 January 2012, 21.11 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 1 comment »

Beyonce (1)

In NYC over the past day or so with her Mom, Tina. As preggers women are wont to do, she looks biggish in some pics and not even pregnant in others. Outfit noteworthiness: Chanel bags, sensible heels (!) and a cowrie-shell-trimmed scarf.

Image with her Mom on next page.

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Double Cs: Vintage Chanel Jackets

05 January 2012, 14.56 | Posted in street style | 7 comments »

Electrostaticluv Double Cs: Vintage Chanel Jackets

So so fly.

Once again via Electrostaticluv, which clearly I’m gonna have to figure out a way to hold myself back from stealing everything he posts.

Chanel Inspired Nail Art by Kawaii Factory

27 December 2011, 18.02 | Posted in Fashion, nail art | 3 comments »

wendy kawaii 1

As nail art purists we  definitely endorse a  face to face manicure where you get to chat with the artist and see him/her create the magic. Nonetheless when time is an issue or a fierce nail artist on the other side of town , a press on nail is a great option. Recently discovered on Style Pantry, Wendy from Kawaii Factory makes some fun sets like the  Chanel-inspired art (above) with a more unique feel than the sets you can get at a drugstore. Take a closer look a what’s available here.

Youtube’s Most Popular Fashion Video 2011

22 December 2011, 01.24 | Posted in video | 1 comment »

Paper mag has hipped us up to a Youtube blog listing its most popular fashion videos in 2011. No. 1 is featured here, “25 Ways To Wear A Scarf  in 4.5 Minutes,” and it’s a good watch, but if you’re thinking all the world viewed Chanel’s amazing Spring 2012 runway show or at least one of many H&M x Versace collabo videos, think again because after the scarf expo it’s a quick downhill plunge with nary a brand, retailer or runway in sight.

On the next page, a collection of clips from Youtube’s most popular videos overall in 2011. It’s hosted by Rebecca Black, which yep, guess which video was No. 1?  To see more lists by category, click here.

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Q&A: Leah McSweeney Married To The MOB


We caught up with designer Leah McSweeney recently to find out the latest developments with her Married to the MOB label. A pioneer on the streetwear scene when she started up MOB seven years ago, the label has had it twists and turns, including the recent conclusion of a partnership with an investor and is getting back to its roots, albeit with a second-act heaping does of wisdom. McSweeney = MOB so it’s no surprise that many of the bumps, bruises and joys experienced by the brand over the past few years found a parallel in the young designer’s own life. Compelling, frank, more than slightly intense, not to mention a bit of a lightening rod, this is one female whose next moves we will always look out for and cheer.

HS: A lot has happened in the past year. Can you catch everyone up on Married to the Mob and what happened to your brand? You had investors and now you are no longer partnered with them.

Leah: Legally I can’t get into details. In the long run, the only thing that matters is I got my company back. I have nothing but gratitude toward my ex-partners, they believed in me but we’re two different animals. They’re amazing at what they do with men’s brands and I will say the three years I had funding, it was the best education on the business. I worked side by side with super smart, successful people, but more importantly I learned how to make a garment, and I learned about fabric, production and design. I started out making tee shirts and I didn’t have any experience. When I went into the partnership I was 25 and on top of the world, thinking, this is the easiest thing getting this brand to blow up. I thought it was the be all end all and it was just the beginning.

In the Q&A continued on the next page, find out aobut MOB’s second act, McSweeney’s road to sobriety, favorite collabos, what she has to say about streetwear, the future of “bitch” in MOB designs, and the start of a new label.

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First Look: Chanel Spring 2012 Sneakers

14 December 2011, 15.31 | Posted in Fashion, Sneakers | 8 comments »

Highsnobette-Chanel ss 2012 (2)

While it never left the wardrobe of style conscious female in the know, “le sneaker” is more than ever getting  attention. Neo2  gives us a look of what Chanel will have in store on the sportyside this upcoming Spring. Click for more.

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Maude & Tilda Eco-Friendly ‘Will Fuck For Chanel’ Tote Bags

09 December 2011, 14.30 | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 comments »


Paris-based Maude & Tilda offer a collection of clever slogan totes that come with the added benefit of being eco-friendly. On this page “Will Fuck For Chanel” (file under, yes, female economics still exist sad yet true), on the next, “This Bag Contains A Whip, Handcuffs And Little Black Lace Panties,” “I’m Still Saving For My Birken Bag,” “I Am The Shit,” and “Louis Vuitton Just Doesn’t Look Good On Me.” And yep, the company ships internationally.

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Preeti S. Kapoor Embroidered Drop Crotch Pants

09 December 2011, 09.46 | Posted in Fashion | 2 comments »

preeti s kapoor pants3

Re-inventing tradition with a modern twist, Preeti S. Kapoor’s designs feature rich colors, embroidery and beading that truly makes our hearts flutter. As a preview of her collection these Salwar-inspired pants available at our beloved Exclusively.in  are the hotness. As a side note, you don’t have to wait for Chanel’s “Paris/Bombay” collection to hit retail to channel your inner Mughal princess. India  and pretty much South Asia as a whole has been fashion fierce, like forever… See more angles on the flip and get the dreamy pants here.

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Chanel Pre-Autumn 2012 Accessories

09 December 2011, 00.00 | Posted in Accessories, Shoes, bags, boots, sandals | 1 comment »

ChanelFront 540x260 Chanel Pre Autumn 2012 Accessories

For all the pomp & circumstance, the fruit-filled bowls and candelabras, the Chanel-logo train, in the end it was the shoes, bags and jewellery that dazzled the most brightly.

See more on the next page. All via Style.

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