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Sonia Rykiel x H&M

29 September 2009, 20.26 | Posted in Design, Designer Collaboration, Fashion | 4 comments »

2 hm rykiel 650x864 1 Sonia Rykiel x H&M

As the news of the collaboration between Sonia Rykiel and H&M is making its way, here is a look at a few pieces courtesy of neo2 of some H&M Fall 2009 pieces, that we previously thought were a peek of the Rykiel collection.  As from their PR  that is not the case…

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Jimmy Choo x H&M Footwear Collection

17 June 2009, 11.26 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Designer Collaboration, Shoes | 4 comments »
jc5 highres Jimmy Choo x H&M Footwear Collection

Jimmy Choo for H&M shoes courtesy of H&M

Oy people… How do we feel about this one?  From a branding stand point I’m kind of speechless. Launching November 14, 2009 H&M announces a collection in collaboration with Tamara Mellon, founder of Jimmy Choo. The collection will include men’s styles as well as handbags and accessories available in 200 stores around the world.Wow!

Designers Against Aids x H&M

2 hm faa 650x650 540x540 Designers Against Aids x H&M

For their annual collection  of Fashion Against Aids tees, Designers Against Aids partners with H&M on a collection where 25% of the proceeds will be donated to  youth aids prevention programs. This years collaborators include:Yoko Ono, Yelle(above), Roisin Murphy, Cindy Lauper, N.E.R.D, Robyn, Tokio Hotel, Dangerous Muse, Katherine Hamnett, Dita Von Teese, Katy Perry. Available May 28, 2009 at H&M Divided departments. More images on the next page. via neo2

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H&M Celebrates Matthew Willamson: Style Shots

29 April 2009, 19.25 | Posted in Fashion, Out on the town, Stores | 1 comment »

ceceliadean and erin lucas H&M Celebrates Matthew Willamson: Style Shots

The consensus seems to be from what we’ve heard around town that the collaboration between H&M and Matthew Williamson , has been the best by far. Eclipsing Sir Karl, Stella , Madonna and even Comme Des Garcons ? .  The celebration of the launch took place this week in NY.On the Next page a few of  the coolest style: Visionaire editor Cecilia Dean, looking very ‘rock chic’ in a good way and Erin Lucas( from The city, that I have yet to watch) showing how a feather skirt can actually work. Lots more including Adrien Brody(!) , Chanel Iman,  MK Olsen and Patricia Field.via Wire.

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CDG x H&M my 2 cents

13 November 2008, 21.10 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

 CDG x H&M my 2 cents

I just got back from my midtown treck to H&M and I have to applaud the retail staff  for having fully recovered by lunch-time,you would have no idea it was a mob scene 3 hours ago.Aside from the launch the store on 51st was relatively quiet.

 CDG x H&M my 2 cents

The line had alot of what I would call  "fillers " like  button down shirts , trench coats and crew neck sweaters (there’s still a plethora available on 51street). That had no other detail than a CDG and H&M label.I really wanted to see some interesting stiching , lining or even an interesting choice of buttons .

 CDG x H&M my 2 cents

The good thing tough Is that most of the pieces usually get returned and end up on the sale rack like the Viktor and Rolf Tuxedo pants I scored for 20 bucks! So if you missed out fret not ,just give it a couple of days…

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CDG x H&M The launch

13 November 2008, 16.25 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

cdg CDG x H&M The launch

The Comme Des Garcons and H&M collabo launched a few hours ago and as predicted everyone went for the polkadots! Racked has a nice play by play of the scene.All the locations are uptown this year ,putting my midtown phobia to the test.You can see the full coverage here.

imgs Racked
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CDG x H&M Now Online,Hmm….

27 October 2008, 15.51 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

 CDG x H&M Now Online,Hmm....

The Comme des Garcons x H&M line was made available a couple of days ago and of course it leaves me wondering if I will be one of those on line that morning…The appeal of the pieces of course has to do more with the ingenuity of the very talented H&M stylists  in representing the Comme des Garcons aesthetic,than the pieces themselves.I really tought the polkadot ensemble above was more than a scarf and a cardigan (sad face..) Most of the pieces are fairly simple .The jackets and the bottoms are so far the most interesting pieces style-wise but I predict everyone will kill over the polka dot stuff and then I have to see what that  fabric feels like…
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Comme de H&M: Full Line Preview at TrashBag Aesthetics

01 October 2008, 22.07 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

Word was sent from the good women at TrashBagAesthetics that they possess and have posted a full line preview of the Comme de Garcons X H&M collabo set to launch at the big box in November.

CommeH M Comme de H&M: Full Line Preview at TrashBag Aesthetics

^^Here’s a taste and if you would like to see more, visit the very worthy TrashBag Aesthetics.
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Comme des Garcons X H&M

16 August 2008, 00.22 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

 Comme des Garcons X H&M

Here we have a peak at the images the comme des garcons for H&M,courtesy  Fashionista.

From what I see the line is true to The CDG aesthetic, still toned down  but definitely authentic ..I applaud the consistency…polka dots I might actually wear…although styling can kick things up a noctch..I’ll wait to actually see and feel the pieces…

more looks after the jump
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Michael Antonio @ WSA

26 February 2008, 18.30 | Posted in Shoes | No comments »

Erika, champion p.r. rep for Turner PR, usually reaches out to me before the WSA and invites me to see a brand she handles called Michael Antonio. And I’ll be honest, I always hesistate to accept ’cause HighSnobette’s focus is the fast and the edgey and when it comes to women’s shoes, the expensive. Yes, we are little snobs (and proud of it!)

But let’s face it, while I fantasize about myself flossing in a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti platforms, there’s that little thing called the reality of my bank account. And most women are like me, we appreciate and covet designer, but we’re not wearing it head-to-toe and we’re definitely not wearing it everyday. And when it comes to shoe trends that are clearly going to come and go quickly, it’s not just okay, but sensible to go with a brand, which, while not the real thing, comes close to approximating it. And Micahel Antonio, which Erika describes as “the H&M of footwear,” is that kind of brand.

Here are some of the up-and-coming spring shoes I liked the most:

RTEmagicC MichaelAntGlad.jpg Michael Antonio @ WSA

^^Gladiators in every glossy shade under the sun

RTEmagicC MichaelAntGladSnake.jpg Michael Antonio @ WSA

^^More glads featuring funky faux snakeskin (or maybe croc…)

RTEmagicC MichaelAnt3HighHeels.jpg Michael Antonio @ WSA

^^Strappy highhells with contrasting straps and gold buckles

RTEmagicC MichaelAntPink.jpg Michael Antonio @ WSA

^^Close-up on the pink ones; I’m gonna own a pair of sandals in this color this spring. I promise you that.

Click to the right if you want to see more Michael Antonio, which can be purchased on the brand’s web site and in lots of different stores.

With great affection from,

 Lois “Yes we CAN fit another pair of shoes in our closet” Sakany

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