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Carlos Diez Diez S/S 09 Me Gusta Mucho!!!

16 October 2008, 16.12 | Posted in Accessories, Chicks with Kicks, Design, Fashion | No comments »

carlos diezcover Carlos Diez Diez S/S 09 Me Gusta Mucho!!!

Carlos Diez Diez, is known to many fashion insiders as the "Bad Boy" of spanish fashion. He crosses lines that very few dare to.

CARLOS DIEZ 18 Carlos Diez Diez S/S 09 Me Gusta Mucho!!!

For Spring 09 his line did not dissapoint with  easy pices accessorized with big earrings , tigh-high lace-ups and Converse kicks( awesome!)Mr. Diez Diez made me one happy camper!

More on the next page!

imgs courtesy of El Mundo
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Converse All Star -Hi Snakeskin!

08 October 2008, 15.38 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Sneakers | No comments »

converse all star hi fashion materials snakeskin 1 Converse All Star  Hi Snakeskin!

everytime I say all I need is my staple black Converse hi tops , they come up with another option that just works !you can never go wrong with snakeskin kicks!

more info @ sneakernews
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Leather Chuck Taylor All-Stars Hi’s !

29 September 2008, 17.36 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Sneakers | No comments »

LEATHER CHUCKS Leather Chuck Taylor All Stars His !

I’m not sure how long ago they were launched, but the leather Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi’s are such a classic that the leather version is a must have .Especially when it rains line it  did in NYC this week-end and I had to help a friend move.Wet kicks…  are soo not cute : (

Available at Karmaloop
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Converse Artist Series#58

17 September 2008, 14.57 | Posted in Accessories, Sneakers | No comments »

 Converse Artist Series#58

Part of the Converse 1 hund(Red)series  is the #58 by Steve Monti.Illustrating the idea of strenght being found in numbers. The hand in hand figures have skirts and pants on!Love it!
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Gap X Colette Comming soon!

24 August 2008, 14.07 | Posted in Art, Design, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

 Gap X Colette Comming soon!

The Colette X Gap pop up store is set to open on september 6,with a great assortment of product collaborations between french and Us artists as well as exclusive products specific to this location and the Colette re-opening in Paris                                                                                                             

 Gap X Colette Comming soon!The Alexis Mabille clutch is my favorie item so far(above)

I’m excited to see what the artist tees will look like,with Claw money as one  of the artists as well as Ruben Toledo,SO-Me and  Espo,

as well as the Le Labo  fragrance,their store in NYC rocks!

Comme des Garcons,


Uslu Airlines and


check after the jump to see what the cluth can look like when you carry it..
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80%20 CeCe Playing Hooky @ Compass

01 August 2008, 19.44 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Fashion, Shoes, Sneakers | No comments »

Now that this new show, Compass, is in the mix, there’s gonna be a lot of brands that are going to have to decide where it’s best to show. The big dudes can afford to show in both if they please (though note that Converse chose to bypass WSA altogether), but smaller, budget-constrained designers often don’t have that kind of money ’cause trade shows aren’t cheap!. 

CeCe 80%20 CeCe Playing Hooky @ Compass

^^The lovely, talented, smart and funny Ce Ce Chin, designer/owner for 80%20, showed at the WSA, but not one to missed out on the action, we caught her playing hooky and visiting her pals at Compass.

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Reebok @ Compass

31 July 2008, 20.42 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Sneakers | No comments »

A lot of the big dogs were at Compass, including Converse, New Balance, and Reebok. Converse (natch) wouldn’t let me photograph, NB didn’t appear to have anything for the ladies, but Reebok had plenty and mostly it was high and colorful. Here’s a sampling:

RBKCandyStripe Reebok @ Compass

^^ Reebok Freestyle candy stripes in four delicioso flavours!

A hightop flip-down after the jump…..
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Converse by Varvatos Black Crochet Dress

17 July 2008, 14.00 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

Lately the fashion world has not been feeling the color black. At all. But here in New York anyway, the darkest color of them all will return with the chilly, autumn breezes just as sure as the leaves will fall from the trees.

VarvatosCrochetDress Converse by Varvatos Black Crochet Dress

^^And when that happens, this Varvatos for Converse black, crocheted dress will be waiting.
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Converse Barneys Exclusive!!

14 July 2008, 17.28 | Posted in Fashion, Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

converse1 Converse Barneys Exclusive!!

Barneys just received a special edition Converse High Top! Very sleek…Definitely a classic…Love the patent leather detail..


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On a recent Visit to Journeys…

11 July 2008, 20.47 | Posted in Common Sense, Design, Fashion | No comments »

cobain On a recent Visit to Journeys...

On a recent trip to Journeys I came across the Cobain edition Converse line,I loved the idea and wish it happened when Kurt was alive …However this particular style, made to look worn…kind of puzzled me..

 I love everything grunge, but Is not the idea to actually wear your kicks so they  Get Beat Up?  Aside from Kurt’s Signature… there could have been so many other design options to Commemorate the Cutie Of Grunge…The low top with doodles is cool  (on the next page)..But the artificial Worn Look I can’t…

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