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Fendi Platforms with Braided Straps

25 February 2010, 16.37 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes | 4 comments »

014A52490002 2 Fendi Platforms with Braided Straps

Spring ‘10 seems to mark the departure from edgy rock hardware on shoes, to something  more simple and sexy. Gold chains and braided leather on these Fendi sandals, Pure Fire! A closer look on the next page . Available at browns.

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Fendi Baguette Mezzo Punto at Art Basel Miami

02 December 2009, 15.11 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion | 2 comments »

fendi1 540x392 Fendi Baguette Mezzo Punto at Art Basel Miami

The concept of the pop up store is alive and well , and   big brands have been able to capitalize on non fashion events like Art Basel to entice shoppers. Fendi’s customizable embroidered bag  the Baguette Mezzo Punto is a perfect example of the ability  an established brand has to do something new . As much as the  marker edition was a let down , this version of customization actually works.Launching this spring the bag will be available this week  at limited edition experiences during Art Basel…Image via wwd & luxuo. Detailed images on the flip.

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Fendi Spring/Summer 2010 Accessories!!!

28 September 2009, 16.15 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion, Shoes | 2 comments »

fendi 1 1 Fendi Spring/Summer 2010 Accessories!!!

This monday, our features are really  footwear focused  somehow? Take a look at the shoes and handbags Fendi sent down the runway for Milan Fashion week. I was trying to figure out what  the common thread has been in footwear  and so far , futuristic Lucite seems to be popping up here  there, while the Fendi  handbags are very retro/antique looking. All I have to say , is that if you must go the lucite route, that is a beautiful way to go about it. More beauties on the next page , via coutorture.

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Delfina Delettrez Skeleton Hand Bracelet

21 April 2009, 15.23 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion | 19 comments »

delfina couv Delfina Delettrez Skeleton Hand Bracelet

As an heir to the Fendi empire Delfina Delettrez is making a name of her own with her signature collection of jewellery that artfully blends her love of anatomy and nature. The Skeleton Bracelet available at Luisaviaroma, had me pause in admiration of something  that is fabulously cool and different. Detailed view on the next page.

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Fendi Bags Autumn 2009

03 March 2009, 19.26 | Posted in Accessories, Couture, Design, Fashion | No comments »

fendifront Fendi Bags Autumn 2009

While looking at images of Fendi’s Autumn 2009 Milan show, I couldn’t help but feel like a douchebag idiot. A while back I had thrown up a backstage shot of a model holding a Fendi bad, which was clearly going to be directional. I was right about that, but complained that the model messed the shot up by allowing the bag to be photographed with the clasp undone. Well duh, as you can see from the bag featured on the left above, the open look was intentional! Personally, this bugs me. Function matters to me and I don’t like anything too askew. Avant garde I am really not. I mean can you imagine trying to walk down the streets of BK with this shite? Half the people you’d pass would be tapping you on the shoulder pointing out your open bag and the other half would be thinking what a dumb broad that chick is and serves her right if she gets all her shit jacked!

All images from Style.

One more Fendi bag after the flip.

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Fendi High Heel Lace Effect Sandal

02 February 2009, 21.10 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Shoes, Stores | No comments »

fendi Fendi High Heel Lace Effect Sandal

As my obsession with electric blue continues,  had to share these Fendi beauties: Lace Effect high heel sandals.

Available at Browns

Fendi Sankeskin Bag S/S09

02 October 2008, 17.26 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion | No comments »

Fendi’s recent runway show was totally blah, but in looking over the images at Style, I was 100 percent smitten by one of the featured bags. There weren’t any great shots of it there, but I checked over at photographer Sonny’s site and natch, he had some great ones of this very it bag.

FendiBagbySonny Fendi Sankeskin Bag S/S09

 ^^Modeled backstage by Angela Lindvall, who, come on, Ma, you’re a model, you should know better. Close the damn bag so it doesn’t look like half a hot mess!
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Snobettiest Item of the Day!

29 April 2008, 20.25 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

David, our ever-thinking overlord, suggested that we highlight one item per day. Which I think is a good idea. At the very least it’ll keep me from wandering too far off our focus on product onto the dusty road of celebrity scandal and gossip, i.e. what RihRih and Kim Kardashian are wearing today, that attracts me like sugar to an ant.  

My first Snobettiest Item of the Day? I’m gonna start with these Fendi earrings.

 FendiGold Snobettiest Item of the Day!

^^They’d be available at Eluxury, except, natch, they’re sold out.

The quality of the image isn’t the best, but you get the idea. Imagine. While your friends are sporting their “Michelle” or “Destiny” or whoever big-hoop, personalized earrings, you enter the scene with these. Conversation over. And that’s what’s cool about Fendi. Of all the high-end labels, it’s the one with the most don’t-give-a-shit-attitude. It never had to try and be bad-ass, it was just born that way.
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Fendi 10th Anniversary Baguette Bearbricks

11 January 2008, 13.03 | Posted in Designer Toys | No comments »

Fendi 10th Anniversary Baguette Bearbricks

Fendi is celebrating the 10th anniversary of their famous Baguette bag. Just recently they released a blank Baguette with options of coloring it yourself as you wish. There is a limited-edition of 10 miniature Bearbricks, each personalized with the fashion house’s logo in the same bright, cheery hues as the 10 anniversary-edition Baguettes. The Fendi Bearbricks comes in three different sizes, including a giant 1000% edition.

Unfortunately, just like with the Chanel Bearbrick, these will not go for sale, and will server as shop window decoration only! Via The Clones.
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Fendi DIY Baguette Bag

05 January 2008, 19.29 | Posted in Accessories | 1 comment »

Fendi DIY Baguette 10th AnniversaryTo celebrate the 10th anniversary of this classic bag by Fendi, the Italian brand had a special idea. Instead of crazy materials, applications they went simple. In February they will be releasing a canvas baguette complete with its own set of Pantone markers. Then you can go crazy and design your very own personalized baguette.

The standard version will be approximately $1,008; a made-to-order one, complete with a Fendi logo-embossed collector’s wooden case, will run about $4,527.
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