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Natalie Portman Issues Statement On John Galliano

01 March 2011, 14.48 | Posted in Business, celebrity, perfume | No comments »

NataliePortmanMissDior Natalie Portman Issues Statement On John Galliano

Not the easiest story to be following, but since we’ve started down that path….Natalie Portman, who is the face of Christian Dior’s “Miss Dior Cherie” fragrance (print ad above), has issued a statement in response to the video of John Galliano, making anti-Semetic statements:  

“I am deeply shocked and disgusted by the video of John Galliano’s comments that surfaced today. In light of this video, and as an individual who is proud to be Jewish, I will not be associated with Mr. Galliano in any way. I hope at the very least, these terrible comments remind us to reflect and act upon combating these still-existing prejudices that are the opposite of all that is beautiful.”

As it turns out, the video was made in December, and was separate from the incident for which Galliano was arrested last week. Via Telegraph.

Galliano On Video Making Anti-Semetic Comments

28 February 2011, 15.00 | Posted in Business, Couture | 14 comments »

In the latest update on  designer John Galliano, who was suspended last week by Christian Dior because of accusations he made anti-Semetic comments, we just spotted the above video on Fashioncopious (more details there on the case), in which Galliano is filmed making venemous comments, including “I love Hitler,” at La Perle restaurant in Paris, where the incident between Galliano and some nearby diners was said to take place. [UPDATE: Apparently this video is a separate incident from the one that led to his suspension though they both took place at La Perle.]  It’s really quite sickening and sort of heartbreaking so be warned before you hit play.

We had commented on Friday that major corporations put people on the chopping block for often whimish reasons, but had they seen this video it was clear they had good reason to suspend Galliano.

John Galliano Fights Back

26 February 2011, 14.43 | Posted in Business, Couture | 2 comments »

BernardArnault John Galliano Fights Back

Since we posted the news of John Galliano being accused of hurling anti-Semitic remarks at a couple in Paris a couple days back, the rumors have been flying. And now we have some actual news from his lawyer from WWD:

His lawyer Stephane Zerbib told WWD the designer visited police in Paris’ third arrondissement at midnight on Friday to provide three witness statements that he never made any such comments. The designer has also filed a claim of defamation and injury against the couple – identified on Le Figaro’s Web site as Géraldine Bloch, 35, and Philippe Virgiti, 41 – and is now awaiting the decision of police, Zerbib said. Zerbib also said Galliano is “shocked” that Dior – citing a zero-tolerance policy on racism and anti-Semitism – suspended him from his job functions pending the outcome of the police investigation.

Christian Dior, while a storied fashion house, is also part of a publically traded, mega-corporation, Christian Dior S.A. to be exact, which has ties to LVMH Moet Hennessy Group, an even more massive public company (which has been in the news recently for irritating the heck out of Hermes). Above is an image of Bernard Arnault, the CEO and Chairman of both companies and the richest man in France. Some have implied that this happened because Christian Dior Couture has been struggling financially and leadership were looking for reasons to dump Galliano. And while its true it’s underperformed its luxury peers, it recently reported a positively-received earnings quarter. Still, given the strangeness of corporations, especially ones of this size, it’s shocking to read that Galliano is “shocked.” After all, however, legendary he may be to the fashion world, he’s still a weirdo outsider to corporate and as such, his head can be offed for the most whimish of reasons.


John Galliano Suspended By Christian Dior

25 February 2011, 16.47 | Posted in Couture | 1 comment »

The news is flying all over the fashion world at the speed of high drama that John Galliano has been suspended by Christian Dior just days before his runway show. Apparently he got wasted in Paris last night and popped off to some couple on the street and included among his triple snaps were some anti-Semetic statements. Good one, John, cheez.

The above video, by the way, is one of Galliano teaching a young Kate Moss how to walk his runway. It was posted by a site (which I would credit but now can’t find) referencing that Galliano would be designing the dress for Kate Moss’s upcoming wedding.

Natalie Portman For Christian Dior Directed By Sofia Coppola

22 February 2011, 13.59 | Posted in celebrity, perfume | No comments »

Natalie Portman whose celeb status keeps ratcheting up points appears in a video for “Miss Dior Cherry,” a Christian Dior perfume, and its directed by none other than Sofia Coppola, who works her ability to create a sweet yet sophisticated ambiance. Love the scene where he pulls her back in bed.

Grammy Awards Red Carpet & Performance

14 February 2011, 14.27 | Posted in Music, Red Carpet, celebrity | 1 comment »

GrammyRihanna2 380x540 Grammy Awards Red Carpet & Performance

Here’s a look at our faves from last night’s Grammy awards. Images include both red carpet–which was all about the gown with train, and performance looks. Featured celebs include Rihanna (above wearing Dior), Heidi Klum (Julien McDonald), Katy Perry (Giorgio Armani), Kim Kardashian (Kaufman Franco), Jennifer Lopez (Pucci), Nicki Minaj (Givenchy), Ciara (Pucci)….you know, all the usuals plus a few others.

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Christian Dior Beauté x Kate Moss ‘Be Iconic’ Spring 2011 Preview

04 February 2011, 15.07 | Posted in Fashion, movie | No comments »

YouTube Preview Image 
When it comes to fashion media, Kate Moss has been popping up pretty much everywhere lately and all we have to say is make that money girl! Here she stars in Dior Beauté’s latest campaign “Be Iconic.”

Christian Dior Spring 2011Couture Runway

28 January 2011, 14.10 | Posted in Couture, Design, Fashion | 2 comments »

Smitten by the over the top theatricals and the fact that Galliano’s  models do not walk like robots, (Sidebar: Who said that militant stomping was attractive?) enjoy the grandiose womanly delight that is the Christian Dior Spring  2011 couture runway. Part two on the next page.

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Lady Dior: Lady Grey London

10 December 2010, 16.42 | Posted in Fashion | 2 comments »

The final episode of Dior’s Lady Dior saga with Marion Cotillard takes place in London.Visually stunning these branded films definitely give a lot to think about  in the realm of what can be done to make a product appealing. Enjoy!

Lady Dior ‘Lady Grey London’ Preview

03 December 2010, 16.01 | Posted in Fashion | 1 comment »

For its fourth installement  Lady Dior, the character played by Marion Cotillard inthe film, steals the hearts of two men in this epic finale to her four city adventure.  Official release on December 8, 2010. In the meantime I need this sequin gown in my life!