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Attendees For Christian Dior Runway Spring 2012

24 January 2012, 15.42 | Posted in Couture, Runway Show | No comments »

ChristianDiorGuestArrivals 359x540 Attendees For Christian Dior Runway Spring 2012

Tres chic, tres hip!

Video: ‘L.A.dy Dior’ With Marion Cotillard

26 December 2011, 16.29 | Posted in Film, advertisement, video | 1 comment »

Enjoy a look at Dior’s  ”Lady Dior The Film: L.A.dy Dior,”  featuring the stunning Marion Cotillard.

Atelier Ted Noten Weapon Of Beauty

08 June 2011, 14.34 | Posted in Art, Fashion | 2 comments »

dior 0018 540x359 Atelier Ted Noten Weapon Of Beauty

As statement illustrating items used by women to enhance their beauty, Amsterdam based Ted Noten created the above gun  titled ‘Dior 001′. Made of 3D printed  nylon the  gun  conceals a vintage hairpin, ( keeping the hair in place) Dior lip gloss( of course), pills ( maybe  vitamins and ‘the pill ?)  and a bar of silver which I had to look up the symbolism of:

Silver is a symbol for strength because this metal withstands abuse, weathering, and even heat.  Nevertheless, it can still be molded into desired forms.Via symbolic meanings.

One the next page more images courtesy of fubiz.

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Video: Playboy Bunnies Mars Blackmon Jordan Promo

19 May 2011, 14.17 | Posted in Sneakers | No comments »

Playboy has an upcoming magazine feature whose focus will be the greatest Jordan shoes of all time. The clever twist is that Playboy bunnies will be modeling the shoes. In this promo video, bunny Francesca Frigo plays the part of one of Spike Lee’s greatest creations, Mars Blackmon, who first appeared in his first big film She’s Gotta Have It, and then later as part of a series of Jordan commercials. It’s very cute visually, but oh boy, the acting is over-the-top awful. Via Hypebeast. Styled by our own  Radio Rose, who also styled  Amber Rose in King.

Galliano Booted From His Own Label

15 April 2011, 13.10 | Posted in Business, Designer news | 1 comment »

JohGallianoSpring2011 Galliano Booted From His Own Label

Despite having the empathy of most of his peers in the design community, things keep getting worse for disgraced designer John Galliano, who has been fired from his job as head of the John Galliano label, 91 percent of which is owned by Christain Dior.

According to a WWD article, there are some companies who have expressed interest in purchasing the label, including some of its licensing partners. However, it is looking like at the moment no effort has been made to put the John Galliano label on the block and supposedly the in-house design team continues to produce and a pre-Spring collection is in the works, which, how weird will that be sans Galliano? And given that he was fired basically for being the poster child for anti-Semitism is there any hope of rehabilitating a label named after him?

The image above was taken at the Spring 2011 runway show for John Galliano. By the time of his Autumn 2011 show in early March, the axe had fallen and Galliano was absent from a salon presentation of what would be his final collection for the label. Via Style.

Riccardo Tisci Supposedly Replacing Galliano At Dior

09 March 2011, 15.46 | Posted in Business, Couture | 1 comment »

GivenchyRiccardoTisci1 Riccardo Tisci Supposedly Replacing Galliano At Dior

All sorts of fashion sites have said it’s been “confirmed” that Riccardo Tisci, currently the head designer for Givenchy, will be replacing John Galliano at Christian Dior. At this point the confirmation seems to be a lot of people repeating the same rumor on Twitter, making it far from official news. If it is him, just to get up to speed, Tisci was born in Italy, is 35 and began designing for Givenchy in February 2005. Christian Dior is publically traded and thus very numbers minded so if it is indeed looking at Tisci, it’s in part because Givenchy has grown since Tisci landed there, with an added plus that over his past few collections he’s begun to really hit his stride creatively. Another plus is that Givenchy, like Christian Dior, is a couture label so there would be less of a adjustment period in that respect.

Still, while he may be a great candidate and the only one on Dior’s short list, given the intense level of scandal it just experienced, you’d have to guess that its doing a very, very thorough background check of Tisci so even if he’s the company’s No. 1 nominee, it could be a minute before the announcement is made official.

PFW: Christian Dior First Runway Images Autumn 2011 W Statement Update

04 March 2011, 15.30 | Posted in Couture, Runway Show | No comments »

ChristianDior PFW: Christian Dior First Runway Images Autumn 2011 W Statement Update

The first runway images from the Christian Dior runway show that will go down in infamous history as the last designed by John Galliano have begun to show up. Apparently a speech was made prior to the start byChristian Dior CEO Sidney Toledano, who spoke of the unusual events leading up to the show. Good luck to all the editors who have to write about it–combining a critique with an attempt to makes sense of the final tragic show of a great designer won’t be easy!

[UPDATE: The actual letter statement, written by Sidney Toledano, on the next page with a heavy emphasis on the brand's heritage.]

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Galliano Apologizes But Is Still Headed To Court

02 March 2011, 21.51 | Posted in Music, Runway Show, celebrity | No comments »

From WWD & WSJ:

Christian Dior’s dismissed designer John Galliano “unreservedly apologized” for his alleged anti-Semitic comments, an emotional mea culpa that marked the troubled designer’s first effort to salvage his reputation. Yet he also painted himself as a victim of discrimination and said he would fight back.

“Anti-Semitism and racism have no part in our society. I unreservedly apologize for my behavior in causing any offense,” the British designer said in a statement. He said he would immediately seek help for his “failures.” People close to Dior said the 50 year-old designer has been suffering from alcohol addiction and that it impacted his ability to work.

 Meanwhile, the Thierry Mugler show has begun to stream….right now we’re getting a backstage view (nope, it’s showtime!), with Lady Gaga showing up now and again in giant pigtails. And it is a sort of ironic/amusing twist that the Mugler show is anchored by the theme of a birth of a new race of prejudice-free people, an idea presented in Gaga’s recent single “Born This Way.” In many ways it’s like a staged playing out of the changing of the guards. Fascinating. P.S. Gaga knows how to work a runway!

Music Break: En Vogue ‘Free Your Mind’

01 March 2011, 16.36 | Posted in Common Sense, Fashion | No comments »

In light of the debacle of ugliness the John Galliano situation illustrates, enjoy En Vogue’s “Free Your Mind,” as our statement that racial and ethnic prejudice is flat out WRONG!

Galliano Let Go By Dior!

01 March 2011, 15.58 | Posted in Business, Couture | 1 comment »

According to WWD:

In the wake of mounting allegations that John Galliano made anti-Semitic and racial slurs on multiple occasions, Christian Dior has fired its star couturier with immediate effect. In a brief statement, Dior said because of the “odious behavior” of Galliano portrayed in a video circulated Monday, Dior has sidelined him and initiated proceedings to fire him. Sidney Toledano, Dior’s president and chief executive officer, said, “I condemn most firmly the statements made by John Galliano which are total contradiction with the essential values that have always been defended by the House of Christian Dior.”

According to the article, Christian Dior plans to go ahead with the runway show scheduled for this Friday. Galliano had been with the label since 1996.