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Karl Lagerfeld in Vermont!

04 March 2009, 16.05 | Posted in Fashion, Media, celebrity | 1 comment »

highsnobette-karl lagerfeld

Some of you may have heard that Chanel’s King Karl has snapped himself up a yummy little brick colonial in a sleepy town in Vermont.  He has been a busy little bee both redecorating and shooting Chanel’s latest ad campaign (shown above) in his country hideout and while the entire town is a buzz, Karl had this to say; “I love this house, it is so Emily Dickinson.” Both were courageous, intelligent, loud mouthed chicks but do Coco and Emily have anything fashion wise in common? I guess we’ll find out.

The Chanel Segway

26 February 2009, 18.00 | Posted in Accessories, Designer Collaboration, Fashion, Gadgets | 5 comments »

Highsnobette- chanel segway

A Chanel Segway?? I’m on the fence as to weather this is really hot or just kinda dorky. Let me know what you all think. The personal transporter comes with quilted hand grips, black leather mudflaps, and it is absolutely dripping in the Chanel logo. Perhaps the most intriguing amenity is the Chanel 2.55 handbag that hangs from the handlebars, so you can look fly while speeding along at a whopping 12 miles an hour. Karl darling, you never cease to amaze me.

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The Chanel canvas sneaker

25 February 2009, 20.56 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Sneakers | 3 comments »

chanel cover The Chanel canvas sneaker

A perfect example of what a high-end sneaker should look like. The Chanel canvas sneaker. Sleek and subtle. via Chanel

Closer look on the next page.

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KimK & Reg: No Makeup Still Amazing!

25 February 2009, 18.54 | Posted in celebrity | No comments »

kimkboobies KimK & Reg: No Makeup Still Amazing!

Yes, people, this is a gratuitous shot of KimK for no other reason than we’re fond of her around these parts. Well, wait. Given that we like her in general, the thing that’s kind of cool about this shot is that she’s wearing little-to-no-makeup, which is rare for her. Either way as you can see she’s still smoking hot. And can you imagine being a guy in a gym trying to workout next to her with that top she’s wearing?? Reggie better have kept his game face on the whole time he was in that gym, otherwise Mami be creating all sorts of havoc!

Images from Celebutopia.

After the flip, more images of K & R, including one in which Kim flaunts her Chanel bag and her very junk-filled trunk.

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Oliver Peoples x Zooey Deschanel

12 February 2009, 15.04 | Posted in Accessories, Design, celebrity | No comments »

lo zooey bk g 600 pix 540x209 Oliver Peoples x Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel, featured in the OliverPeoples 2009 campaign, has partnered with the  eyewear label  on a limited edition style the Zooey (above) available  on pre-sale at OliverPeoplesfrom February 15  to March 15. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Jennesse Center for Domestic Violence Intervention Program.

Christian Lacroix Spring 2009 Insane Earrings

28 January 2009, 20.48 | Posted in Accessories, Couture, Design, Fashion | 1 comment »
Judging from Chris’s Spring 2009 collection, the dude not only has hope (see lack of said hope in previous post on Chanel), but balls the size of Jupiter. If the ship goes down, he’s gonna be the last one standing on the very tippy top of the mast singing his lungs out in something bright and sparkly.
Beyonce saw these and was like, "Daddy, I need to have those--immediatamente!"
Beyonce saw these and was like, “Daddy, I need to have those–imediatamente!”

All images from Style.com

Two amazing dresses and necklaces after the jump….

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Chanel Spring 2009: Cheez Karl!

28 January 2009, 18.56 | Posted in Couture, Fashion | No comments »

Chanel gave a funeral for its Spring 2009 collection and every one wore white. Karl must have been in a matchy matchy mood ’cause the models were all white, too. Well, a few wore black or black and white, but you get the picture.

Beautifully executed of course, but we expect more from you, Karl.

Beautifully executed of course, but we expect more from you, Karl.

When Karl designed this collection no doubt news of massive layoffs at the company were swirling all around him so I can understand the lack of  life, but damn this is supposed to be a year of hope! Like Harvey Milk in the movie says, “Without hope, life is not worth living. You gotta give ‘em hope. You gotta give ‘em hope.”

Images from Style

Full-length shot of above after jump…

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Et Tu Chanel?: Big Layoffs Coming!!

06 January 2009, 15.42 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

I know we’re in a worldwide recession, but I was still sort of stunned to read yesterday (Hahaha–how mad is WWD that it got scooped by the NY Times on this story??) that Chanel has plans to layoff 200 workers. There’s so much fantasy and aura that surrounds Coco & Co. that in my mind it’s akin to the North Pole and Santa’s Workshop. I mean cheez, is Old Saint Nich gonna announce elf layoffs next???

chanel bags2web 0 Et Tu Chanel?: Big Layoffs Coming!!

The articles money quote (which was pulled from a WWD article)? When Karl denies reality by stating: “Today, everyone can say that something is for financial reasons when they want. For me, artistic reasons are more important.” Okaaaaay, hun, keep living in that dream world (and I mean that sincerely!)

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Chanel With Guns !

28 November 2008, 17.03 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion | No comments »

 Chanel With Guns !

In Honor of my fellow writer Lois ,who has alot of love for chanel and whose Birthday is today .I give you a close up shot of the Chanel sandal with a 90mm gun heel.Simply Fierce and Fabulous I think Coco would approve…

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Zaha Hadid On Design Boom

25 November 2008, 17.52 | Posted in Art, Design, Fashion | No comments »

 Zaha Hadid On Design Boom

If you were one of the lucky folks to make it Chanel’s mobile art exhibit or to have purchased the Hadid for Melissa footwear,you have been exposed to the design mastery of dame Zaha Hadid.I don’t know about you but I am always fascinated by the great women of design in fields where men usually dominate like architecture .She was interviewed by designboom last year,you get a glimpse into who this design power house is,her like dislikes ect..

Read the Interview here

via DesignBoom

Image courtesy of Dazed
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