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Exclusive: A-Morir by Kerin Rose D’Arcy Eyewear

20 September 2010, 14.23 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, street style, sunglasses | 2 comments »

IMG 3856 540x405 Exclusive: A Morir by Kerin Rose  DArcy Eyewear

Caught a glimpse of one of Kerin Rose’s latest fashion eyewear for A- morir , the D’Arcy, at the G-Star show. View them modeled by Kerin herself on the flip striking a pose with  Tanaya Henry of Lace. Read more

Shanell For Married To The M.O.B. Autumn II

17 September 2010, 12.51 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, lookbook | 1 comment »

MOB51 Shanell For Married To The M.O.B. Autumn II

For its second set of Autumn deliveries, M.O.B. called on singer Shanell to rep its line. She’s one of a long line of unapologetic females who define what this label stands for. Refreshing to see after a week of watching runways featuring models, who seemed more monochromatic than ever. Standout items continue to be the cardigans, and for newness, a grey satin jumpsuit. The shoot also features accessories by another HS fave, accessory designer Tanaya Henry, whose Lace presentation we checked out last night and will be featuring shortly. See the rest of the MTTM shoot on the next page.

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HighSnobette Exclusive: Tanaya Henry Interview!

03 August 2010, 16.02 | Posted in Accessories, Chicks with Kicks, Jewellery, Music, celebrity | 3 comments »

TanayaAsics3 HighSnobette Exclusive: Tanaya Henry Interview!

High Snobette first featured Tanaya as the designer behind Lace earrings, and then she popped up more recently as the featured model for Married to the M.O.B.’s fall lookbook. Outside of our world, she’s appeared in a couple of very heavy hitting music videos–not so much as the double-D, jingling vixen but as that sexy vibe chick, who guys want to bed, yes, but also imagine being their forever Bonnie to their Clyde. Tanaya also did a hot-as-toast shoot modeling Asics (featured on this page), which her good friend Ronnie Fieg helped design. When we wrote about her here, definitely our readers were intrigued by her look—equal parts mysterious, street smart and sweet, she caused enough of a buzz for us to seek her out for an interview. She’s juggling a lot these days—accessory design, acting, modeling, but front and center at the moment is Lace, which recently landed in Nicki Minaj’s “Your Love” video.

HS: So what’s current in your life now? I know you have a lot going on.

Tenaya: Five minutes ago I just dropped off some Lace earrings for Nicki Minaj. Two friends of mine are styling her. She wore one of my pieces a few weeks ago in her “Your Love” video. I haven’t seen it yet, but I saw an interview with her on MTV and she was wearing it! That was so exciting.

More images after the flip, plus the rest of the interview, where we find out which of the industries Tanaya works in–fashion, music or modeling–is the most treacherous!

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Labels Featured in Nicki Minaj ‘Your Love’ Video

23 July 2010, 20.58 | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 comments »

NickiKendoWarriorOutfit Labels Featured in Nicki Minaj Your Love Video

We already did a post highlighting the appearance of Lace by Tanaya earrings in the Nicki Minaj “Your Love,” video, and after some lengthy searching I found a site that details the stylists and labels. Nicki’s style team is lead by Nicki Schwan and in this video her hair is done by Terrance Davidson. In the above image, Minaj is wearing a custom Kendo warrior outfit designed by Marco Marco. On Minaj’s personal style, her stylist says:

“Nicki has a great sense of personal style. She’s developing her platform. To be part of her team to help mold her and her image has been great. Now we’ve gotten to a point where she can push the envelope a lot more. And we’re going through a beautiful transition where she wants to keep unique edge and she wants to step it up. She wants to be sexier and more classic.”

Click to the next page to see more looks from the video.
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Nicki Minaj ‘Your Love’ Video Featuring Lace Earrings!

22 July 2010, 22.15 | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 comments »

Nicki Minaj’s “Your Love” music video has been shut down in most places, but MTV has one featuring a behind-the-scenes look, which shows Minaj wearing none other than Tanaya Henry’s Lace earrings!! We have a feature coming up on Tanaya so we’re pretty excited for her–couldn’t happen to a nicer woman.

UPDATE: This is the actual video. After the flip I added the behind-the-scenes look, in which Nick is interviewed in the outfit featuring Lace.

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MTTM Fall 1 Featuring Tanaya Henry

13 July 2010, 19.06 | Posted in Fashion | 2 comments »

mob14 360x540 MTTM Fall 1 Featuring Tanaya Henry

It’s finally Married To The Mob’s Fall 2010 ’s first deliver featuring  model/designer Tanaya Henry. The dress above in my mind is definitely the label’s signature as it marks growth in sexy, includes the famed lips logo and still has  a hint of the irreverence that made MOB the pioneer it has become. Lots more on the flip!

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Model Tanaya Henry ‘Smoking’ Video

25 June 2010, 16.25 | Posted in Models | 2 comments »

Since posting up an image of model and accessory designer Tanaya Henry, as featured in M.O.B.’s fall lookbook, we’re getting the feeling you all wouldn’t mind another taste. We’re working on a full feature, but in the mean times here’s a video, which provide a brief but very sensual look at her beautiful face.

Married to the M.O.B. Fall 2010 Sneak Peek: UPDATE

24 June 2010, 17.45 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, lookbook | 8 comments »

MobFallSneakPeek Married to the M.O.B. Fall 2010 Sneak Peek: UPDATE

Speaking of all things Married to the M.O.B., over at headquarters we get a sneak peek of a top, which is soon-to-be-featured in the brand’s fall lookbook. So far super cute! If you recognize the model, tell!

UPDATE: The model is the multi-talented and sexy Tanaya Henry, whose Lace by Tanaya accessories line we featured not that long ago. Once again, McSweeney comes through with the intriguing model choice. Never predictable that one.

UPDATE No. 2: Our friends over at FashionCopious (a highly recommended read!) posted this image and wondered if anyone knew what the tat says and if it goes all the way around her waist. We contacted Tanaya and this is what she had to say:

“‘Sweet is the sound of a sister’s laughter,” in Russian (I’m part Russian) & have two little sisters. It is only on my back; doesn’t go all the way around. xx, Tanaya

Ask and ye shall receive!

Rosa Acosta in Lace Earlace

14 January 2010, 17.02 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 comment »

RosaAcosta2 Rosa Acosta in Lace Earlace

We posted yesterday about the recently launched Lace accessories line, which features the Earlace. The press release mentioned that video vixenette Rosa Acosta is a fan, and lo’ and behold, guess who we spotted wearing the Earlace at a recent Omarion record release party? Yes, it was Senorita Acosta. Not familiar with her yet? A former ballet dancer, she rose to fame partially on the strength of her stretching videos featured on YouTube. Once you see them, you probably won’t forget her name. Ever.

Lace by Tanaya Earlace

13 January 2010, 19.12 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion | 2 comments »

LaceByTanaya2 Lace by Tanaya Earlace

She’s out of high school a mere four years and in that time Tanaya Henry (Miss Henry if you’re a hater) has pulled off enough hijinks to make someone double her age envy. Her right-now latest endeavor is the launch of the Lace by Tanaya jewelry line, which is all about the Earlace. For all you women who are super active or who reserve the right to brawl, you might be scared by what could happen if the chain part of the Earlace gets tugged on. Tanaya has you covered. Each piece contains a magnet attaching the earring to the chain. If the chain is pulled, the chain detaches from the post, leaving the post in your ear and the earlobe safe. Alicia Keys is already a fan, as is super stunner Rosa Acosta.

Three more after the flip.

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