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Vogue Spain Cover Of Hands, Rings And Fruit

19 May 2011, 00.49 | Posted in Accessories, Magazines | 1 comment »

VogueSpainJune 411x540 Vogue Spain Cover Of Hands, Rings And Fruit

Juicy! A nice change from the usual pretty faces. Via Fashioncopious.

Video: Anna Wintour ‘Bloomberg Game Changers’ Preview

31 March 2011, 21.58 | Posted in Business, celebrity | No comments »

Anna Wintour will be profiled on “Bloomberg Game Changers,” at 8pm est tonight. Interesting how Wintour has been spending a lot more energy raising her profile it seems ever since The Devil Wore Prada. Perhaps she looked around the landscape and concluded that being a celebrity is a part of doing business these days. If you want to watch, it’s being shown on Bloomberg Televsion, which, as much reality TV, basketball games and various and sundry other junk I watch, can’t say that channel rings any bell so good luck with that. To be honest, based on the preview it doesn’t look all that juicy, with canned comments like, “Anna is the single most influential person in the world of fashion, etc, blah blah.” A lot of people mindlessly repeat that line, but really? Is she? She’s the editor of one magazine that receives very mixed reviews in the fashion world so I’m not so sure that’s accurate. Via Racked.

Video: Scarlett Johansson for Moet & Chandon Champagne

23 February 2011, 20.40 | Posted in advertisement, celebrity | 2 comments »

Juicy like a ripe, red strawberry, Scarelett Johansson strikes some delicious poses in her latest spot for Moet & Chandon champagne. And the red lips….really, how many women can pull that color off as well as she does?

Video: Preview Of “Monster” Ft Kanye & Nicki Minaj

08 December 2010, 19.15 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 4 comments »

Oh yes, my luvs, this one’s gonna be juicy. Judging from the above preview of the finally-made video for “Monster,” it looks like ole Kanye applied some of the tricks he learned from “Runaway,” and upped the sickness ante about six notches. Check out Nicki Minaj as she crawls in horror on the floor–can’t wait to see it in full! Via Hiphopconnection.

Bird by Juicy Couture Cashmere Pants

25 October 2010, 13.26 | Posted in Fashion | 5 comments »

bird by juicy cashmere

A lux fashion upgrade to a casual pants silhouette , as we saw during fashion week in New York can be a really good look. Bird by Juicy cashmere pants are approved by the snobs. Available at Shopbop. View  in detail on the flip.

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Tim Gunn Locks And Unloads On Wintour & Mizrahi

02 September 2010, 14.56 | Posted in Books, celebrity | No comments »

TimGunn Tim Gunn Locks And Unloads On Wintour & Mizrahi

Tim Gunn’s book, “Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons For Making It Work,” is getting lots of attention for his call-outs on Anna Wintour and Isaac Mizrahi, among others. On La Diabla, Gunn says, “It’s insane that people don’t call her out on the things she does. Is it fear? I was certainly afraid of her. When her office called me, I thought I’d have to go into the witness protection program.” So not shocked by that, but the comments on Mizrahi– “Oh, please, I was so kind to him. I mean, I wouldn’t have the words to describe some of the more abhorrent behavior. He really is a terrible, terrible, terrible person”–were a surprise since a friend of mine dated Mizrahi for a minute and never mentioned any nightmarish behavior. He even goes in on his Mom and Dad! And he’s celibate and has been for a long time. Sounds like a super juicy read! Via Racked.

The Casual Jumpsuit: Marc by Marc vs. Juicy Couture

30 April 2010, 17.39 | Posted in Design, Fashion | 2 comments »

marc vs juicy

As the promise for better weather is upon us the thought  of one piece clothing comes to mind. As a snob Juicy has not always been on my radar but their latest jumpsuit is getting us to reconsider. Marc by Marc Dash Jumpsuit  vs. Juicy who wins? a closer look on the flip, both available at shopbop.

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Vans Showroom Visit

29 January 2010, 22.12 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Fashion, Skateboarding | 3 comments »

Vans2 Vans Showroom Visit

Vans was in New York last week and while I didn’t have it in me to battle the line for the party, I was able to stop by the showroom earlier that day. And let me tell you, Vans has a LOT planned for the ladies in 2010, all sorts of juicy collabos with some very high profile streetwear designers. I’m sure you can imagine. I wasn’t allowed to photograph or blog about any of it, but I did take a shot of category manager, Ashley Moltz, who was wearing the Hellz Bellz/Vans collabo kicks (they look even flyer on the foot) and some new Vans outerwear. (And you can catch a peek at some of the goodies, which are right behind her!)

M.O.B.’s In-Out, In-Out, In-Out List

28 January 2009, 21.57 | Posted in Other | No comments »

I’m catching up on stuff this week and just noticed that Tab of M.O.B. fame has her famous In-Out list up. It’s as juicy as ever. Here’s a sneak preview of one In-Out, but you gotta go over there to see who is in and who is out (entirely different from the in and out being acted out here by the adorable and hot Reg and Kim!)

I wanna see the Reggie Bush/Kim Kardashian sex tape, too!!!

I wanna see the Reggie Bush/Kim Kardashian sex tape, too!!!

Why Anna Wintour Sux by Cathy Horyn

07 January 2009, 20.58 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

New York Times’ Cathy Horyn’s bread and butter has always been her willingness to go there when it comes to critiquing the fashion industry. It wouldn’t be THAT big of a deal except of course that we’re talking about fashion, which is notoriously all kissy-kissy to your face, but the meanest industry in all the land the very second you turn your back. So I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that Cathy did (a long overdue) scathing attack of Vogue, except that it IS Vogue for crissakes and at one point she is gonna have to face La Diabla herself, Anna Wintour, who everyone knows still wears fur cuz it’s great for concealing various and sundry razor blades and extra long knives.

Here’s one juicy excerpt (from an article that ran on New Year’s Eve–way to bury the story, oh-great-ballsy editors of the Times!):

No one at Vogue, least of all its editor in chief, Anna Wintour, could have been seriously stung by a recent letter from a reader complaining that the magazine was in a rut. After all, Ms. Wintour chose to publish the letter, which chided the magazine for featuring the same women — “Gwyneth Paltrow, Caroline Trentini, Gisele Bündchen, Nicole Kidman, Sienna Miller, blah, blah, blah,” as the reader, Kathryn Williams of San Diego, said. “I could make a calendar of your cover girls, and it would probably repeat year after year.” She added: “Let’s face it: Vogue is getting a bit stale. It is a pity, too — because the magazine is still much better than the others."

Hat tip: NY Magazine, which, what the heck happened over there? Suddenly they’re posting more than twice a week and the tone is, ummm, I don’t a tad more fashion-industry-esque?
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