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HBO Girl’s: ‘You’re So Fucking Gross….’

20 June 2012, 13.58 | Posted in Weddings, Women's Issues | No comments »

 tumblr m5vx6k0YxD1qf34gmo1 500 HBO Girls: Youre So Fucking Gross....

The gifs that come out of this show are so great because they bring forward the awesome writing that often gets lost in the mix (and the sometimes murky audio!). This one is from episode 10, the season finale, it’s yet another bathroom scene, shot just after Jessa marries. Via.

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M.I.A. In Burka For Red Carpet

18 October 2010, 14.17 | Posted in Music, Women's Issues, celebrity | 6 comments »

SpikeMIAFront2 M.I.A. In Burka For Red Carpet

M.I.A. walked the red carpet in a burka at the Spike TV Scream Awards in Los Angeles last night. The look has been deemed “controversial” by the press, but in reality it’s a cool shout out to the many Islamic women around the globe for whom this garment is an everyday part of life. Would love to hear what burka wearers have to say about her choice! Interestingly, M.I.A.’s sister, Kali, has featured burkas in her  Super Fertile accessory line lookbooks. M.I.A. later performed in a bright sparkle outfit. More looks on the next page. Via Dailymail.

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Late Last Night Link Ups

reebok terry richardson 0 Late Last Night Link Ups

Terry Richardson shoots a lookbook (image above) for Reebok. –More at HighSnobiety

Kanye claim the suits won’t let him use album art (click to next page to view) of choice because it features nudity (more specifically a black man having sex with a white woman with a polka dot tail!). The execs whisper otherwise behind his back. –Latimes

M.I.A. has purchased another URL, featuring her latest video song offering. Other sites are saying it features a live performance, but all that’s there now is some dude’s face. –Bedroomtothehallway

You like  a man with tats? Head to Mobliving, where the MTTM ladies get their male buddies to strip during the photo shoot for the holiday lookbook. Much laughter, blushing and picture taking ensues. –Mobliving

In the ongoing depate over whether the Asian-influenced Louis Vuitton runway collection would actually appeal to Asians (ignoring the fact that it will probably barely hit stores), one Hong Kong socialite gives the LV runway the thumbs up, while a consultant says it was too heavy-handed. Well that solves that! –WSJ

In more debate news, among black women, “going natural” gains steam but, naturally, not without some good ole “good hair” controversy. Cocoandcreme.

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Female Sneaker Fiends ‘Girls Got Kicks’

11 October 2010, 14.17 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Sneakers, Women's Issues | 3 comments »

TooflyAmanda LopezGirlsGotKicks Female Sneaker Fiends Girls Got Kicks

We found via graffiti artist TooFly that our pals at Femalesneakerfiend are working on publishing “Girls Got Kicks,” a book featuring female sneaker lovers from around the globe. The book will feature a combination of shots by Amanda Lopez (who shot TooFly above) plus images sent in from collectors.  Lopez and Lori Lobenstine, founder of FSF, were recently interviewed by Sneakerfreaker and Lobenstine had this to say about women who collect, “It’s pretty easy to like kicks if you’re a guy. But if you’re a girl with a sick collection you’re going to face-down some folks who really doubt you. So I love female sneaker fiends for that glint in their eye, that swagger in their step and the extra knowledge they have to have for when guys assume they don’t.” Yes, we agree! And on that note, were any of you remember our pre-HS days when we were known as Chickswithkicks??

Designer Melody Ehsani: ‘Chick of the Month’ at Karmaloop

02 March 2010, 22.35 | Posted in Accessories, Retail, Women's Issues | 3 comments »

KLoopFemaleMonth Designer Melody Ehsani: Chick of the Month at Karmaloop

Karmaloop honors a different woman each month on its blog and for March they chose accessory designer Melody Ehsani. Her line is very tough, but still fun and original. Kind of like she takes the piss out of the whole fashion-hard-edge theme by giving it a big tickle in the ribs. The interview she gives on the site is great. Of course you should check out her store on Karmaloop, too.

Golden Globes: The Tyranny of Meanness

21 January 2010, 17.44 | Posted in Couture, Design, Fashion, Women's Issues, celebrity | 1 comment »
 Golden Globes: The Tyranny of Meanness

Celebrities in attendance at the Golden Globes

For a while I’ve thought that celebrity fashion has been downgraded thanks to the red carpet fashion critics who are now a part of pre-award show programming. Joan Rivers led the charge and unfortunately set a tone that is equal parts cutting, conformist and mean-girl put down, which has every actress out there scared to wear anything more daring than a prom dress–circa 1950.  What’s always baffled me is what exactly qualified her to be a fashion critic? She’s an entertainer last I checked and one whose entire m.o. is celebrating hatefulness.  No doubt she possesses a beautiful art collection, but no one believes that makes her qualified to comment on Picasso. Why is fashion any different? Which is why I think it’s pretty cool that New York Time’s Cathryn Horyn and Vogue’s Andre Leon Tally both had their say on the topic this week. Said ALT, “When you start watching red-carpet shows at 6:00 p.m. and don’t see a stunning dress until 9:00 p.m.—Julianna Margulies’s ruby paillette crepe robe de style with cutouts, by Narciso Rodriguez—it’s sad what passes for style in Hollywood.” Amen, Andre.

People aren’t as stupid or as easily bored as Hollywood thinks. In other words, Cathryn and Andre, if you two had a show commenting on celebrity fashion, one that encouraged creativity and even (gasp) avante garde, me and a bunch of my friends would definitely tune in!

Source: New York magazine

Introducing : Akewelle Jewelry

(R)Akawelle pendant & Jewelry.(L)Photo by Carolyn Cole, in Liberia (2003)

(L)Akawelle pendant & Jewelry.(R)Photo by Carolyn Cole, in Liberia (2003)

This is an amazing story of transforming a negative into a positive:”Lovetta Conto, a 16-year-old  from war survivor  from Liberia who was one of two top finalists for the 2008 International Children’s Peace Prize, has set an ambitious new goal for herself: to raise enough money to help move a family of orphans from the refugee camp where she grew up to a new home .”

“Rather than simply ask for donations alone, this charismatic and resourceful young entrepreneur plans to reach her goal in a very unique and inspirational way – through profits from an exquisite line of jewelry called Akewelle : Aka=also known as ,Wel’le=Love.  Created by transforming hundreds of spent bullet casings found on the streets of Liberia following the devastating civil war that deeply affected her early life”.Via Girlygirlarmy.

For more info visit www.Akawelle.com


Oh Snap ! Dora The Explorer gets a Makeover

27 March 2009, 22.38 | Posted in Common Sense, Women's Issues | 9 comments »

doras makeover Oh Snap ! Dora The Explorer gets a Makeover

Is “girlyfying” Dora really necessary? Can a  little girl just be without frills and the social pressures of being what society sees a proper representation?  Will she stop exploring the world, ditch her compass, map and backpack ? We already have  Barbie and The Bratz as fashionistas. Some parents and associations are pissed at the deeper implications of the newly trendy Dora, and make some very interesting observations. Read the petition here.

via Msn.