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Chanel Couture Wedding Dresses Spring 2013

22 January 2013, 16.13 | Posted in Couture, Runway Show, Weddings | No comments »

Chanel Couture weddingdress Chanel Couture Wedding Dresses Spring 2013

Chanel showed its Couture collection for Spring 2013, in Paris yesterday. What more can be said–it’s Chanel, seemingly never changing or timeless if you prefer. And up close no doubt the workmanship could cause one to become weak at the knees or even faint.

See more runway looks on the next page.

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Natalie Portman Wedding Dress First Blurry Shot

06 August 2012, 20.58 | Posted in Weddings, celebrity | 1 comment »

NataliePortmanWeddingDress 392x540 Natalie Portman Wedding Dress First Blurry Shot

A first shot of Natalie Portman’s wedding dress. (In case you’re way behind, she married dancer Benjamin Millepied this past weekend.) It’s blurry but you get the idea. And gosh she looks happy!

Some are speculating that it’s a Dior dress. [UPDATE: One of our dear commentors informs us that People is saying it's Rodarte.] I somehow doubt that given the statement Portman made about John Galliano pre-dismissal as head designer for Dior not so very long ago. For a refresh, she said:

“I am deeply shocked and disgusted by the video of John Galliano’s comments that surfaced today. In light of this video, and as an individual who is proud to be Jewish, I will not be associated with Mr. Galliano in any way. I hope at the very least, these terrible comments remind us to reflect and act upon combating these still-existing prejudices that are the opposite of all that is beautiful.”

And yes, Galliano is gone, but why would she want to risk in any way referencing that oh-so-very-ugly memory in the form of a gown that will be immortalized in images forever and is supposed to be part and parcel with the happiest day of one’s life. Then again, you never know with the cuckoo Hollywood people so I would only be a little shocked if it were Dior.

Man Repeller Weds: Her Wedding Dress

07 July 2012, 23.04 | Posted in Weddings | No comments »

ManRepellerWeddingDress Man Repeller Weds: Her Wedding Dress

The always entertaining Leandra Medine aka Man Repeller has married and looks divine in her Marchesa gown and custom motorcycle jacket by Rebecca Minkoff. Congrats to the bride and her not-at-all-repelled husband, whomever he may be. Hopefully they have a long and happy partnership together and make each others lives better.

HBO Girl’s: ‘You’re So Fucking Gross….’

20 June 2012, 13.58 | Posted in Weddings, Women's Issues | No comments »

 tumblr m5vx6k0YxD1qf34gmo1 500 HBO Girls: Youre So Fucking Gross....

The gifs that come out of this show are so great because they bring forward the awesome writing that often gets lost in the mix (and the sometimes murky audio!). This one is from episode 10, the season finale, it’s yet another bathroom scene, shot just after Jessa marries. Via.

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HBO Girls: Jessa’s Wedding

20 June 2012, 13.37 | Posted in Weddings | No comments »

GirlsJessa2 540x303 HBO Girls: Jessas Wedding

As promised, here is my follow-up post on HBO Girl’s, which pulls together some events from episode 9 and 10, the season finale. I guess we can start with the chronologically most recent event, which is Jessa’s surprise wedding in the final episode. Given her character, her dress and whole look is entirely predictable, from the vintage hippy dress to the flower headband, which fine, let’s just leave it at that.

What I’m mad at is the wedding itself. It was predicated in episode 9 with a lecturing talk by the character played by Kathryn Hahn, the jilted mom, who told Jessa she sought out dramatic affairs to “distract yourself from becoming the person you’re meant to be.” At the moment, I couldn’t decide if her talk was supposed to be funny because of how cliched and stupid it was or a realistic represenation of a passive-aggressive girl-on-girl hate crime speech, which one could at least argue was justifiable given the events that led up to it.

Whatever that scene was, I’m still aggravated that it motivated Jessa’s decision to marry, which strikes me also as a girl-on-girl crime, albeit one committed by the show’s star and writer Lena Dunham aka Hanna, to put the show’s free-spirited pretty girl in her place. Granted, while Jessa had to experience some character developing angst at some point, joining her in holy matrimony with the repulsive, boring, mixtape guy seems over-the-top mean girlish.

Though on that note, knowing the clever young woman that Dunham is showing us she is, she’ll probably take the Jessa story line in a direction next season that makes total sense and ultimately serves to makes me adore her character even more.

And just on a sort of endnote because I’ve written about this show’s wrestling with its connection to Sex & the City, take note in the scene in which Jessa is visited by her former employer she is in the midst of redecorating Shoshanna’s aprtment, an act that includes taking down the Sex & the City poster prominantly featured in the first episode.  So there goes that. An interesting symbolic act but probably by no means the last time Girls debates its HBO godmother.

Video: Leah McSweeney For Casio In Paris

15 May 2012, 17.55 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, Designer news, Weddings | No comments »

New York designer Leah McSweeney visits Paris as part of her collaboration with the watch company. According to press:

Watching her wander the rainy streets of Paris, from Montmartre to Pigalle, we see a glow-in-the-dark Baby GBGA131-7B lighting her path every now and then. She’s living her individual adventure, traveling to The City of Lights in search of what excitement life has to offer – and not apologizing for it. The outcome of her search is unknown, but then again nothing is exciting if you know what the outcome is going to be…

The video is directed by Shadi Perez and produced by Leah McSweeney, wearing a pink dress from her recently-launched collection.

BHLDN Party Shoes

21 October 2011, 19.26 | Posted in Retail, Shoes, Weddings, sandals | 1 comment »

BHLDNShoes (1)

Haven’t heard much about BHLDN since it launched a while back so I figured on this slow news day I’d go see what’s going on at the etail site.  Figuring all the shoes would be white, I was pleasantly surprised at the array of offerings, starting with the above blue sparkle tee-strap sandals, which are just plain slick for a very fairly-priced $120.

After the flip see more cool party shoes from BHLDN, including a fabulous white flower clip, which could be used to jazz up any pair of shoes or sandals but could also work on a lapel or as a hair accessory.

p.s. On another note, is it too late to change the name BHLDN? First off I can never remember it to save my life and probably will always have to type “Urban Outfitters, wedding” to find it, then also, all the caps and lack of vowels make it looks bulky and heavy and manly, which is weird considering it caters to women and what is supposed to be the ultimate romantic event.

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Mark Ronson’s Bride Josephine De La Baume Wears Zac Posen

05 September 2011, 19.00 | Posted in Music, Weddings, celebrity | 4 comments »

WeddingJosephinedelaBaumeZacPosen 540x443 Mark Ronsons Bride Josephine De La Baume Wears Zac Posen

Mark Ronson married model Josephine de la Baume this past weekend. She wore a Zac Posen designed dress, he a cheery, red seersucker suit. Love the decolletage on the dress–very apt given her role as the face of Agent Provocateur.

Must have been a day of mixed emotions for Ronson, who less than two months ago in response to Amy Winehouse’s death Tweeted, “She was my musical soulmate,” adding, “This is one of the saddest days of my life.” Hopefully the marriage provides him a bit of a turning point. As SGP has mentioned to me in times of strife…..time is a beautiful thing.

See Ronson’s suit on the next page.

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Video Of Kim Kardashians’s Wedding Dress

22 August 2011, 13.41 | Posted in Weddings, celebrity | 2 comments »

She looks great in her strapless Vera (note, the lack of full-length images…People mag has the exclusive for a September issue) but somehow I’m not getting these two as a couple. He just seems too young and Wonder Bread for her.

Kate’s Wedding Cake

12 August 2011, 21.04 | Posted in Weddings, celebrity | 1 comment »

0911 VO WELL94 01 16211439270 360x540 Kates Wedding Cake

Filled to the brim yet with coverage of Kate Moss’ wedding yet? How ’bout one more bite via her wedding cake–one that is simply beautiful and timeless…much like the newly-wedded bride herself.