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Video: Rihanna For Elle Magazine’s May 2012 Issue

09 April 2012, 00.12 | Posted in Film, Music, celebrity, video | 2 comments »

Enjoy a look at Rihanna in a short film for Elle magazine’s May 2012 issue. Well done!

Video: Drake Ft. Rihanna ‘Take Care’

07 April 2012, 12.11 | Posted in Music, celebrity, video | 1 comment »

The video for Drake’s song, “Take Care,” featuring Rihanna. It’s directed by French-born Yoann Lemoine, also responsible for Lana del Ray’s “Born To Die,” and Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.”

Video: Madonna ‘Girl Gone Wild’

21 March 2012, 15.31 | Posted in Music, celebrity, video | No comments »

Hopefully this doesn’t develop into a theme….we just posted Tom Ford’s “vintage” Autumn 2012 collection, and yep, the latest video by Madonna has vintage (prayers to god, homo archtypes, athletic writhing, bondage) stamped all over it as well. Small complaints aside, #longlivemadonna

Video: Santigold ‘Disparate Youth’

02 March 2012, 16.59 | Posted in Music, video | 1 comment »

Video: Jack White Ft. Ruby Amanfu “Love Interuption”

15 February 2012, 17.25 | Posted in Music, video | No comments »

In a stylistically arresting video, the now solo Jack White and singer Ruby Amanfu, accompanied by clarinet player Emily Bowland and keyboardist Brooke Waggoner, bitter sweetly croon the single “Love Interruption,” detailing all of White’s wishes for a passionate connection: ”I want love to walk right up and bite me grab a hold of me and fight me leave me dying on the ground.”

Video Ad: David Beckham For H&M

30 January 2012, 18.12 | Posted in Retail, advertisement, celebrity, video | No comments »

A lil’ candy to make your Monday a bit sweeter. This will also appear during the Super Bowl–during the 2nd quarter to be precise.

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Video: Santigold ‘Big Mouth’

18 January 2012, 19.45 | Posted in Music, video | 2 comments »

After a long hiatus, Santigold releases a new track and video, “Big Mouth,” produced by Switch & Buraka Som Sistema. Commenters at Youtube are providing feedback ranging from relief she’s returned to knocking the video for its resemblence to MIA’s with a couple wondering if some of the lyrics aren’t a knock on Lady Gaga, which if they are she’s certainly late to that party!

If you sign up for emails you can download the single for free at Santigold.

Video: Lara Stone For Mercedes Benz

16 January 2012, 19.53 | Posted in Models, advertisement, celebrity, video | No comments »

In a video promoting Mercedes Benz and its association with Berlin Fashion Week, director Alex Prager films beautifully captures Lara Stone in what may be her very first acting roll. Via Nowness.

Prabal Gurung Pre-Fall 2012 Video Presentation

09 January 2012, 22.26 | Posted in Fashion, video | No comments »

Enjoy an enchanting look at Prabal Gurung’s Pre-Autumn 2012  featuring stunning looks, silhouettes and lovely prints.Via Style.

Video: Brad Goresky On Wendy Williams

03 January 2012, 20.18 | Posted in celebrity, video | No comments »

Wendy Williams kicked off her first show of 2012 today with an interview with celebrity stylist Brad Goresky, who chats about his style icon, Madonna, and responds to Rachel Zoe’s accusation that he lied about why he stopped working with her.

“This is the thing. I love Rachel and I respect her deeply still. She’s deeply talented and I love my time working with her. The problem is when you assist somebody the intention is usually to assist them for a period of time and then to go off on your own and use those skills, which is what I did.  I was with her for three years and I loved her and it was a little disappointing to me how it was handled. I gave two-and-a-half month’s notice. I don’t know, it’s a sad state of affairs to me. I miss her.” 

Wendy goes on to ask if there has been any contact with Rachel and no, there hasn’t. She then asks if Brad has seen the baby:

“I have not seen the baby. I sent them an Hermes tower. It had three baby toys in it. It didn’t get returned, it also didn’t come back with a thank you note but….”

And why I am posting this I do not know. I love my reality tv, but I resent when it messes with realness and becomes overly contrived, which is what this “feud” between Rachel Zoe and Brad Goresky feels like. Then again, they’re both probably bat-shizz crazy so they probably would get in a dumb fight like this and hold onto the grudge and gossip about it forever. I blame it on Wendy. If it wasn’t her doing the interviewing I would have skipped this hot mess of a situation altogether.