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Karmaloop: Best-Selling Shoes!

10 June 2008, 17.52 | Posted in Shoes, Stores | No comments »

We’ve done best-selling tops and dresses at Karmaloop, how could we not do shoes?? Besides, I see that Samia’s already started a Karmaloop trend with her previous post, and I’m all tapped out on rebelling against the latest and greatest.

AllBlackMoc Karmaloop: Best Selling Shoes!

All Black: Mocassin sandal

SameEdel Karmaloop: Best Selling Shoes!

^^Sam Edelman: The hot-as-twin-babies gladiator

Check the flip for four more best sellers!

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Club Monaco….A classic /Modern/sexy Label

10 June 2008, 06.11 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

 Club Monaco....A classic /Modern/sexy Label Club Monaco....A classic /Modern/sexy Label

One of the things I learned early on in fashion  was that with basics you can never go wrong..One of the Labels that provide great ones and that might not always be in the forefront of the Trendy world is Club Monaco,Originally from Canada(hooray!) they never gave into the idea of making super trendy apparel. But always stayed current..for example if you are seaching for the perfect wide leg  most likely they made it…If you look closely you’ll realise that their aesthetic is current, modern,sexy and  sleek.Again it’s sexy without screaming it..

The quality is amazing..lined pants,covered seams…Yep I get into all that! They never do print overkill so really you never know who is wearing it,they just do great Apparel and Handbags

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ShoeBiz X Goorin X Onitsuka tiger collabo

09 June 2008, 17.49 | Posted in Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

gorinmex66front 1  ShoeBiz X Goorin X Onitsuka tiger collabo 

"San Francisco-based Shoebiz and Goorin Hats collaborated with Onitsuka Tiger to launch a limited-edition shoe and coordinating hat. Utilizing the heritage Mexico 66 style, which was the first Onitsuka Tiger style to rock the famed ASICS stripes, the new “1333 Minna Collection” was produced exclusively for Shoebiz, 1553 Haight Street, San Francisco. Less than 150 pairs were produced and nearly a third have already sold after a successful launch party at the store recently"

For as much as I’m getting tired of the fitted with matching kiks combo( Lois dissagrees) I have to say that the embroidery adds a certain chic to the whole thing…And the fact that the colors are kinda subtle…

Check out More detailed pics after the jump!

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St Pauli FC Nike Dunk Pack Launch Partay@Sneakology

09 June 2008, 16.14 | Posted in Fashion, Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

 Nike party 00050 1 st pauli dunk on foot St Pauli FC Nike Dunk Pack Launch Partay@Sneakology

The talked about Dunk pack for the St Pauli FC was being Launched  @ Sneakology in Hamburg. And Yes, we have  pics of the party!!!The St. Pauli FC is the first Minor German FC to have collaborated with Nike!

Nike party 00472 1 WHITE Dunk low St Pauli FC Nike Dunk Pack Launch Partay@SneakologyNike party 00472 1 WHITE Dunk low St Pauli FC Nike Dunk Pack Launch Partay@Sneakology

The hi dunk has to be must be my  fave although the detailling on the white  low dunk are also pretty sweet..

Check out after the jump for more PARTY PICS!!!



HighSnobette at Hotmail.com

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Glory Chen @ FFANY

05 June 2008, 16.08 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes, Stores | No comments »

It’s been a busy week for me. Yesterday I put in some time at FFANY, a New York shoe show. Not much stood out, but there were a few things. First up, Glory Chen, a brand that on Sunday up a store in SoHo at 121 Greene Street. These shoes are perfect for that mature, designed-minded female who is over being trendy, but still wants to stand out, albeit in a more subtle/clever manner:

GloryChen Glory Chen @ FFANY

^^Note the sly cut out near the toe.

GloryChen2 Glory Chen @ FFANY

^^There are the same graphics on the other side of the shoe, but they’re not a mirror image.

Call me!

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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New Arrivals Fo tha Ladies @ Burton NYC

04 June 2008, 20.24 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

Burtoncrossed back jacket 1 CROPPED New Arrivals  Fo tha Ladies @ Burton NYC

One of these day I really will go Skiing, altough I know I’ll skydive first but My gear of choice would be Burton, there’s just something about their line that resonates well with me…Prolly The bohemian/surferchic/Xtreme sports /Kicks &StilletoObsessed Fashionista lurking inside..

Check out the pieces after the jump….
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New Arrivals @Krudmart

04 June 2008, 15.00 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

krud1 New Arrivals @Krudmartkrud2 New Arrivals @Krudmart

This is just my pic of the assortment available at Krudmart which for some reason i thought wa a Euro boutique turns they’re in NY


thx for the tip ERIN!!!

happy shopping


HighSnobette at Hotmail.com
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The perfect Everyday bag!!!

02 June 2008, 21.34 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

tried true satchel cloe up The perfect Everyday bag!!!

A woman and her handbag is the stuff that books can be written about.. you know your day can sometimes fall apart if you  happen to take the wrong bag..you search..you fiddle…,You dig   and you empty the darn thing and you wish you had more space or more pockets..

The ladies at Sweet Tater tought about the fact that sometimes you just need a good sturdy bag and with what you put the thing through you might niot want put a couple of grands on it..

The Tried and true satchel looks like a the everyday bag we all dream of…


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Snobettiest Item of the Day: Nylon Ice Cream Bar!!!

30 May 2008, 14.00 | Posted in Accessories, Gadgets, Stores | No comments »

While I have had it up to here with silhouettes of woodland creatures and birds used as a design feature, I fell in immediate love with this ice cream bar necklace, made for Nylon magazine by Lucas Design. There’s a lot of factors tugging at my heartstrings, starting with my longterm love affair with ice cream (and it helps that it’s finally starting to feel like ice cream season in New York), add in the purple sparkle and I’m reeled in hook, line and sinker!

NYN18CloseUp Snobettiest Item of the Day: Nylon Ice Cream Bar!!!

^^For days when you wish someone would eat you up!

This necklace and some others will be available for $50 a pop on 06/01 at Fred Segal, Karmaloop, and UrbanOutfitters, but there’s not gonna be endless quantities so get ‘em before they melt!

Mucho amor, Lois
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New Arrivals at OAK

30 May 2008, 04.23 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

cludress New Arrivals at OAK

Available at Oak,This dress by Clu is the perfect example of a throw on dress,it’s light silky and has a belt so you won’t look like you left the house in your nightie…

Love the fact that the model has tattoos too…

check more of my faves after the jump



HighSnobette at Hotmail.com
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