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Reebok X Maeda Freestyle Hi Emoration

17 March 2008, 23.37 | Posted in Accessories, Art, Sneakers | No comments »

We featured this Collabo Between John Maeda and Reebok  earlier this Month check what Mr. Maeda had to say about his process…and even a little bit about women….


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Pastry Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary

17 March 2008, 13.20 | Posted in Sneakers | No comments »

Pastry celebrated its one-year anniversary on Saturday. Vanessa and Angie baby were there, along with Puffy Sean Diddy and Nelly, plus some other B-list types that always seem to show up to these events.

Give these young women their props. They did what every athletic shoe company has been dragging their feet on–creating a line of sneakers that very specifically and without shame speaks to females.

PastryAng Vanessa2 Pastry Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary

^^That’s Angie, who so has her Daddy’s personality, on the left, and Vanessa, showing off her new bob, on the right.

PastryBlack Pastry Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary

^^The profiles are looking better (albeit more Nike-esque) and the color combos with the “Glam” lace hardware are HOT!

Wanna see some more? Click to the right!

Happy Monday, all!

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Triple Five Soul: Expanded Shoe Selection for Ladies

14 March 2008, 19.04 | Posted in Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

You gotta be pretty o.g. to remember Triple Five Soul back in its Lower East Side days. Besides being a precursor to streetwear, the Triple Five boutique kind of laid the tracks for men’s retail with attitude. Like, it wouldn’t shock me to discover that prior to opening Supreme, some of its founders put in time in the early 90s selling tees at Triple Five.

Anyway, a LOT–as many of you know–has changed since then–some for the better, some for the worse, and the staff at Triple Five on Lafayette now are very sweet (their neighbors down the block, however, still pride themselves on being total a-holes). And they’re also offering a lot more footwear selections for women. Here’s a couple that we especially liked:

3 5Delancey Triple Five Soul: Expanded Shoe Selection for Ladies

^^Delancey: high-top, weird heel, mostly white, name references geographical roots of Triple Five, all of which adds up to….you know we like!

3 5Midwood Triple Five Soul: Expanded Shoe Selection for Ladies

^^Midwood: I don’t like this one as much, but not everyone is on the hightop bandwagon.

p.s. The shoes as of now are not on TripleFive’s site, but I’m guessing they will be soon.


Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com 
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K-Swiss & Anna K

14 March 2008, 17.12 | Posted in Sneakers | No comments »

In more jock-related news, smoking hot Anna K did an appearance for K-Swiss to hype her sponsorship by the brand.

 AnnK4 K Swiss & Anna K

^^LOVE the dress.

Poor K-Swiss, it has really been stumbling lately and has been ever since white court classics faded from favor, but I’ll give them credit for at least sponsoring a famous person that makes sense. ‘Cause ‘member how Reebok last year had Scarlett Johansson as the face of one of its Classic campaigns and people were like…huh? I mean she’s cute and all, but outside of the actual Reebok event, I defy you to find an image where she’s chillin’ in a pair of kicks.

More images of the prettiest jock on the block on the other side…


Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Adidas x Mama Clothing – ProMama

06 March 2008, 02.31 | Posted in Accessories, Caps & Hats, Fashion, Sneakers | No comments »

RTEmagicC adi mama 1.jpg Adidas x Mama Clothing   ProMama

The Adidas ProMama is feminine without being too girly, and hip enough to maintain your street cred.  At the end of the day, the Mama girl is always a lady! This sassy Pro Model is wrapped in a quilted heart pattern, but maintains the classic form of a performance basketball shoe.

It’s the frist ladies Adidas REMIX silhouette designed by Mama Clothing. It comes with a gold Mama lace jewel and will be released in an edition of 500 pairs in the US with only very few selected international doors. 

In addition to the ProMama, there is a collection of apparel and accessories which hook-up to the shoe. It includes New Era limited edition lace-print hat, Mama nameplate necklace (gold and silver), Heart-quilted hoodie and a Heart-quilted track suit. Via Highsnobiety.

The Adidas ProMama will be released this month, so keep your eyes open. Check out detailed pictures of the shoe, the cap and more after the jump.
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The Go! Team Perform in Leeds with their Laces Tied Tight!

06 March 2008, 02.11 | Posted in Sneakers | No comments »

As streamlined and slicked-up as sneakers have become these, it’s a relief to see some high profile types wearing their kicks down and dirty. Do you remember the days when you just WORE your sneakers? You had one, maybe two pairs and they just were what they were–shoes for when you neeeded to be quick on your toes.

The Go! Team doesn’t just remember, they’re still occupying that world:

RTEmagicC GoTeamNinja Kaori.jpg The Go! Team Perform in Leeds with their Laces Tied Tight!

^^The Go! Team’s Ninja favor’s Nike while Kaori favors Chuck

RTEmagicC GoTeamSamAdidas.jpg The Go! Team Perform in Leeds with their Laces Tied Tight!

^^Sam on the other hand stands by the power of Three Stripes

More shots click to the right.

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Nike Air Force One Low Purple

29 February 2008, 17.26 | Posted in Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

I swear, just when I think I’m out of my kicks obsession, someone makes something fly and they pull me back in!

For the ladies, the latest from Nike via Purchaze:

RTEmagicC AirForceLow1.jpg Nike Air Force One Low Purple

^^Aren’t they lovely? Aren’t they wuuun-der-ful?

Cheers! It’s Friday!!

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Vans: The Abby

27 February 2008, 19.39 | Posted in Shoes, Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

The Abby, Van’s colorful and girly take on boat shoes, one of spring’s must-have, casual shoe silhouettes, is now available on the site.

RTEmagicC VansA02 08.jpg Vans: The Abby

RTEmagicC VansB02 08.jpg Vans: The Abby

Happy Sails!

Lois: HighSnobette@Hotmail dot com

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Etsy We Love

27 February 2008, 17.03 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes, Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

Etsy has been highlighted here before. If you haven’t been, it’s a site where people can sell their stuff. It’s kind of like EBay except there’s no time limit or bidding. And I don’t know about all Etsy categories (like furniture and various sundry other crap), but the people who sell clothing there seem to be younger and a lot less cuckoo-cuckoo than the typcial Ebay sellers with their flashing, flower-filled wallpapers and 15 paragraphs on how you’re gonna burn in hell if you don’t send them their money immediately and don’t even THINK about trying to send anything back. Even if, like in my case, they send you dresses that end up being much bigger than you thought ’cause they were pinned back in the photos or shirts with runs they forgot to mention or size 11 shoes that were actually a MEN’s size 11 and so on down the line.

So basically even thought you have to sift through a bunch of gross hippie crap on Etsy–plus ever new damn Mom thinking she has to start a infant clothing line (Ugh!)–it’s still a LOT better than Ebay. Plus, besides vintage stuff, there are a lot of designers there who make there own stuff and some of it is pretty cute.

So, here are some things I came across this past week that I thought you guys would appreciate. I listed the seller’s name and linked to it under the image:

RTEmagicC NeNeee.jpg Etsy We Love

^^NeNee Mod Sequined Mini

RTEmagicC FutureVintage.jpg Etsy We Love

^^Future Vintage ’70s Disco Mesh Bag

RTEmagicC ShannahMMignini.jpg Etsy We Love

^^ShannahMMignini Mod Mod Sandals

Click to the right to see more images including some AMAZING retro Nikes. (But because the backend of HighSnobette can sometimes be a total pain in the ASS, I can’t link to the buyers on the other page. You’ll just have to go to the site and search for them. You’re a smart bunch, I’m sure you can manage.)

Much Love, Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com

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Lacoste @ WSA

26 February 2008, 20.05 | Posted in Shoes, Sneakers | No comments »

Lacoste is working on upping its design game when it comes to women’s offerings and the effort has clearly paid off with the fall 2008 collection:

RTEmagicC Lacoste3Shoes 01.jpg Lacoste @ WSA

^^Don’t quote me on this, but I think the rep told me that these shoes were designed by a guy who used to design for Vivienne Westwood. The rep was wearing these shoes and I gotta say, they looked HOT with her dark denim straight legs (albeit, she was really tall and skinny and pretty so that could have been a factor).

RTEmagicC Lacoste3HighsA.jpg Lacoste @ WSA

^^Elegant hightops featuring patent tips and wingtip details

RTEmagicC LacosteBlkClose 01.jpg Lacoste @ WSA

^^Close-up on the black ones.

Click to the right to see more, including the reps’ choice.

Forever yours,

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com

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