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Oak Boutique: Hot Shoe Selection!

15 April 2008, 00.21 | Posted in Shoes, Stores | No comments »

Oak is this quiet, little boutique with one location in Manhattan and two in Brooklyn that just so happens to have a very hot selection of spring shoe offerings that you won’t find being offered by all the on-line, usual suspects.

Here’s a few that stood out to me:

RachelComey Oak Boutique: Hot Shoe Selection!

^^Rachel Comey wedges: How damn smooth are these? If Kanye were a woman, he’d probably wear these as his everyday shoes. Of course I just wish they were available in white.

OpeningGlad Oak Boutique: Hot Shoe Selection!

^^Opening Ceremony gladiators: Sure everyone will have a pair of glads this spring, but how many will own a pair that look like these??

Click to the right to see one more pair from Opening Ceremony and another from F-Troup
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Sick Givenchy Sandals

12 April 2008, 01.57 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

You guys don’t know this but I have such a thing for white shoes and own many pairs. I keep expecting to get over my obsession, but it’s been on going for at least a few years now.  I mean what’s not to like?? White matches with everything! And yeah, black does, too, but it just doesn’t set off a pair of dark jeans or a dress of any color like white does.

What I wouldn’t do for these babies by Givenchy:

GivenchySandal Sick Givenchy Sandals

I spotted these at PopGloss, which, if you haven’t ever visited there, you seriously need to do so now.

Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air? (Sorry but that song is SO stuck in my head!)

Lois: Highsnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Complex Shoes

12 April 2008, 00.00 | Posted in Books, Fashion, Shoes | 1 comment »

Speaking of Complex, Mila Kunis was on this month’s cover. She’s cute, but the Jimmy Choo shoes she wore on the cover were HOT!

ComplexShoes Complex Shoes

If you wanna see the rest of Mila’s bod, click here.


Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Vans Mini Wedges: Fall 2008

10 April 2008, 17.26 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes, Skateboarding | No comments »

For all you California-minded gulls…..

VansLesley.jpg Vans Mini Wedges: Fall 2008

^^Vans presents the Lesley for fall 2008

Checkeredly yours,

Lois: Highsnobette at Hotmail dot com

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Glamour Magazine: Bathing Suits Galore

09 April 2008, 16.45 | Posted in Books, Fashion, Shoes | 2 comments »

If you’re starting to obsess over bathing suits, take note that this month’s issue of Glamour is, too. They do that whole Glamour thing where they try and help you find the right suit for your size and that includes showing women before (in their chosen suits) and after (in Glamour’s suits). What Glamour fails to realize–or pretends to fail to realize–is that a lot of us CHOOSE to wear a bathing suit that our ass/boobs hang out of. We don’t want a suit that covers our curves and makes us look tasteful, i.e. stale and b-o-r-i-n-g. We are not striving to be classy, rather, on most days, just trying to let our inner sexy shine.

All that being said, the editorial shoot was pretty sharp. Here’s one of my faves:

GlamourBathingSuit Glamour Magazine: Bathing Suits Galore

 ^^I don’t know how great the suit is, but the photographer made it look good, plus she’s wearing some hot-hot-hot Sigerson Morrison sandals.

You all are gonna be sick of me by the end of this day,

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Celebs Still Love Loubie

03 April 2008, 18.40 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

Louboutin remains the designer brand of choice these days among starlettes, as exhibited at a recent award show for which both Cam and Ashlee wore the same pair of Loubies, albeit in different colors. Neiman’s is selling them in hot pink, which I’ve always been a total sucker for. Samia thinks it reflects my girly side, but I don’t think so. I kinda think flourescent shades in general are too powerful to be femmy. Hookerish maybe, but not girly.

LoubiesPink Celebs Still Love Loubie

^^At Neiman’s, these babies’ll set you back a mere $645. No doubt by end of summer, everyone will have knocked these off, but by then the look will have lost its luster.

LoubiesAshlee Celebs Still Love Loubie

^^Ashlee’s works an orange on orange carpet theme. (I don’t know why, but for some reason I like this chick. It makes no sense to me at all, but oh well, some things are best left a mystery.)

LoubiesCam Celebs Still Love Loubie

^^Cam chose white. I love this woman’s ability to pull an outfit together. This is a female who doesn’t need a stylist. But just like I don’t know why I like Ashlee, it also seems like a lot of guys DON’T like Cam.  Weird.

Images from Wire.


Lois: HighSnobette at Gmail dot com

p.s. You guys are hilarious. I mentioned a couple of days ago that I don’t know how to work our MySpace page, and natch, I open our email and there’s half a dozen people looking to be added as friends. To the moon with all of ya!
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I Hate These Shoes

01 April 2008, 15.53 | Posted in Shoes | No comments »

I’m considering just giving up and being in a foul mood today. Usually I fight surly feelings, but dammit, if you, like me, like in New York, you look outside your window it’s hard NOT to be annoyed. Yet another gloomy, sort of cold day, which would be okay, except that this is about the 180th day in a row that we’ve had this weather! C’mon Ma Nature, give us a break! Or at least a peak at the sun that lasts for more than two hours!

On that craptastic note, there are two designer shoe styles this “spring” that have been getting tons of editorial press. I’ve been hemming and hawing on my feelings for them, but recently I made a decision to just flat out hate them. It’s news to note ’cause normally I like both of these designers and also, I’m not quick to hate. There’s stuff I love and then there’s all the other shoes that I couldn’t care less about.

Here they are, as featured in the last issue of Elle magazine (which I still love):

ShoesIHate.jpg I Hate These Shoes

^^Ignore the green shoe. I don’t who it’s by and I don’t care. First up, the weirdo heel shoe, No. 3, by Marc Jacobs. It just looks dumb and it seems like it’s being different just to be different. Like there’s no substance or thought behind it. Part of it I guess is I’ve never been a fan of whimsy when it comes to fashion. Everything in its place and a place for everything and don’t try and put pom-poms on the hem of a dress and think it’s cute ’cause everyone knows the only place they look right is on a piece of furniture. Same with this heel–put it where it belongs! And then the Giuseppe Zanotti shoe in the back. At first I thought I liked it, but the more I looked at it the less I did. I’m sorry, but even with the cut out, it’s too clunky and difficult looking, and it keeps reminding me of a comedy I once saw, featuring a pimp whose platforms contained a mini-aquarium, complete with goldfish. Smack some plexi-glass on Guiseppe’s shoes, throw some fish in there and you’d have the same deal.

Bitterly yours,

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Rhi-Rhi’s Stylist Throws it Down Again!

31 March 2008, 05.56 | Posted in Denim, Fashion, Other, Shoes | No comments »

Rhi-Rhi showed up with both style guns blazing at the recent Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice awards this past weekend. Give her stylist props. She had the challenge of keeping Rhianna looking appropriately casual while at the same time not letting her fall back into a too-relaxed and teeny-bopper look. (Meahwhile, how bad did I feel for Rhianna’s man, Chris Brown, who somehow got roped into wearing a hideous, bright orange Nickelodeon hoodie and looked miserable doing so. By the end of the night Rhi-Rhi was probably so not feeling him. Like, ummm, I’m feeling sort of tired tonight, baby…do you mind if I just go home? By myself?)

 RTEmagicC RhiRhiBaggies.jpg Rhi Rhis Stylist Throws it Down Again!

^^These pants are gonna be controversial ’cause they’re highwaisted AND baggy, but that’s okay. Better she skate along the edge that wear the same old stupid straight legs. Those boring-ass style choices are best left to Auntie Beyonce.

RTEmagicC RhiRhiHeelsSide.jpg Rhi Rhis Stylist Throws it Down Again!

^^I have shoes that I describe as my “three-hour heels,” as in after wearing them for three hours, my feet are DONE. These I’d guess are more like 45-minute heels.

RhiRhiBangles Rhi Rhis Stylist Throws it Down Again!

^^A close up on the punk rock cuffs and a green mani, which, ehh, I don’t like. I feel like with all the cool-ass nail art options she could have done something a little more imaginative.

After the fold, there are a couple more images of Cameron Diaz’s clutch and Ashlee Simpson’s shoes, both of which have something in common.
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Scorah Pattullo X Mario Schwab

20 March 2008, 07.08 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

scora2002412867 prod zoom front Scorah Pattullo X Mario Schwab

This Collaboration Between Mario Schwab and Scorah Pattullo is another great example of pushing the envelope while  still remaining tasteful with a hint of sexy…We gotta keep our sexy..always…

available at ShopBop check out more pics after the jump…


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Mutya Buena Celebrates Patty’s Day in Belfast

18 March 2008, 12.51 | Posted in Other, Shoes | No comments »

Mutya Buena performed at a concert in Belfast yesterday. Whether you’re familiar with her music or not, you can see from these images that Mutya is the kind of woman who’d make the perfect house performer at the HighSnobette Martini Bar (which, admittedly, for now, exists only in our head).

MutyaBuena Mutya Buena Celebrates Pattys Day in Belfast

MutyaBuena1 Mutya Buena Celebrates Pattys Day in Belfast

Wanna see more than her beautiful face and mean mani? Here’s a recent video in which she pays homage to B-Boys–including worn-down Shelltoes and Clydes–old school-style! Keep an eye out for her jewel-encrusted pumps AND the the line where she brings the sexy and croons to her B-Boy: “…and keep your Nikes on, you know how we doooooooooo.”
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