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Kanye Dw Collection Brings Out The High School In Fashion Community

06 October 2011, 18.45 | Posted in Music, New Designer, Runway Show, celebrity | 2 comments »

AnnaDelloRussoAlexanderMcQueen 540x412 Kanye Dw Collection Brings Out The High School In Fashion Community

It’s been quite the popcorn-muncher post Kanye West’s Dw runway show, held during Paris Fashion Week over this past weekend. Besides mixed reviews, which seemed to be most focused on ill-fitting clothes (which, btw, happens all the time on runways–even with designers with years of experience but is rarely pointed out in reviews) and him cursing during the toast at his own (private) party, the ripples kept coming from his debut show four days later.

First there was Anna Dello Russo (above) wearing head-to-toe Dw to the Alexander McQueen show, then Susie Bubble weighing in and relating back to her own experiences as an outsider (”Walking into a show and having eyes stare at you wondering why you’re even there is something that I’m well used to and on a universally larger scale, before even having put a stitch out, the jury was already out on West’s collection judging by the numerous malicious comments.”), followed by Anna Wintour saying “Ask someone else,” when interviewed about the show and our most favorite yet in terms of high school levels of entertainment value, a NY Times columnist dressing down West for sitting one of the Olsen sisters too near to Lindsay Lohan ’cause the Olsens have somehow paid their dues in fashion while Lindsay almost caused the collapse of Ungaro. Too funny or rather, #seriously?

Our opinion remains the same–some of it was good and let’s wait and see what happens and if he has it in him to go long haul. That being said–goodness this man has the power to make people chatter! He’s known for it in the music world and he’s carried that quality over to fashion and at the very least we’re all certainly more entertained for it.

Sally LaPointe Autumn/Winter 2011 Runway Show

05 October 2011, 21.38 | Posted in Fashion, Runway Show | 1 comment »

While we featured the looks from this Sally LaPointe  collection months before it was in season, feel free to enjoy the actual runway presentation which are always beautiully staged.Kudos to the production peeps!

Jacobs & Moss Backstage After Louis Vuitton Show

05 October 2011, 16.40 | Posted in Models, Runway Show, celebrity | 1 comment »


A lovely backstage photo just after the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 show of two old mates–Marc Jacobs & Kate Moss. According to press, Moss asked Jacobs if she couldn’t walk in the show. Via.

Ruffian Nail Art: Spring 2012

04 October 2011, 14.40 | Posted in Runway Show, nail art | 3 comments »

Ruffian 540x403 Ruffian Nail Art: Spring 2012

Went and got a new set of nails by my girl Maki the other day and it turns out she was on the nail art team–as led by nail artist Yuna Park–for the Ruffian Spring 2012 show and had pics from the show. Ruffian was one of the first runway designers to embrace nail art in a big way and the half moon shown here has become something of a trademark for the designer, with some even referring to the design as the Ruffian. Each season the designis updated and this year it featured bright colors and stripes, reflecting the sporty themes for the label’s Spring 2012 presentation.

Hanne Odiele Backstage At Alexander Wang Spring 2012

04 October 2011, 14.22 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Models, Runway Show, photography | 2 comments »

AlexanderWangHanneModelizing 360x540 Hanne Odiele Backstage At Alexander Wang Spring 2012

Photographer Julia Chesky was a fan of the all-white outfit model Hanne Gaby Odiele wore to the Alexander Wang spring 2012 show and so are we.  Do tell us, sneakerheads….what are the kicks she’s wearing?

And pssssssst, Chesky just posted up her runway images from the Wang show, which, still our favorite thus far for the season.

Alexander Wang’s Adorable Niece In High-Heel Kicks

03 October 2011, 22.27 | Posted in Runway Show, photography | 4 comments »

AlexanderWangNieceModelizing 360x540 Alexander Wangs Adorable Niece In High Heel Kicks

Photographer Julia Chesky once again had backstage access for the Alexander Wang Spring 2012 runway show and snapped images of Wang’s niece, who’s gotta be one of the cutest kids on the planet. A true Downtownista in the making!

Video: Kanye West Dw Spring 2012

03 October 2011, 02.37 | Posted in Music, Runway Show, celebrity | 1 comment »

Now a video look at the Dw runway…..sounds like ’90s hiphop was part of the music played during the show. The other thing that stands out (besides all the celebs) is how hot the room must have been. Check how everyone is fanning themselves! Via Fashionbombdaily.

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Kanye West Dw Complete Collection Spring 2012

03 October 2011, 02.06 | Posted in Music, Runway Show, Shoes, celebrity, sandals | 3 comments »

DWKanyeWest (45)

We already posted the first looks, now the complete Dw collection, shown during Paris Fashion Week over the weekend. The white shoes by Guissepe Zanotti were fierce and maybe the best we’ve seen on all the collective runways thus far. For Dw, there were items that were compelling and we love that he didn’t blow off his street roots but rather gave discrete nods with the “Yeezy” necklaces and giant, fur backpacks.

But as for any sort of real review, don’t think it matters. Kanye is a cultural force far huger than the world that constitutes fashion critics, and really it’s on him as to whether Dw is ever taken seriously. Changing lanes and having crossover success is very challenging and let’s see if he even has the attention span or time to do something that has him go down in the fashion world as a great with the monster status that comes with longevity (if that’s what he’s even shooting for) versus a one-hit wonder.

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Kanye West Dw Paris Fashion Week Show Invite

30 September 2011, 16.38 | Posted in Runway Show, celebrity | 3 comments »

KanyeWestDWInvite Kanye West Dw Paris Fashion Week Show Invite

The Kanye West invites to his very first runway show have gone public. October 1st is date of the big event. Folks are guessing that the collection, called Dw,  is named for his dear momma, Donda West. Can’t help but wonder why he chose Paris Fashion Week to debut his line. Months ago I would have guessed London would be the spot, as he has expressed an affinity for that city in his music.

Was it convenience, timing? Then again, Paris has an established history of providing a place of refuge to black American artists. Perhaps because of this West concluded it would be less of an inferno from a press-hype perspective.  Whatever the reason, I’m excited and I will not lie–I’m rooting for a show that’s as controversial, amazing and awesome as West is. Can’t wait!

Lady Gaga X Mugler Runway Video

30 September 2011, 15.03 | Posted in Music, Runway Show, celebrity | No comments »


Here is the official video from the Mugler runway show, held during Paris Fashion Week a couple days back. It includes the Lady Gaga video that kicked off the show, plus some runway looks.  According to press:

“The collection is about emotion and memory and something forming and abstract rather than complete…We concentrated on the idea of the silhouettes.” said Formichetti of the pieces. Seen in the garments were classic tailoring techniques spliced together or cut-away giving the garments a more abstract quality. The pieces looked like “second skin” some pieces were accented by Swarovski crystals.

The fashion itself showed really great progression from Nicola Formichetti’s first collection for the label, which I would never have thought based on the smattering of dismissive reviews I read after the show. It’s becoming clear that the fashion world for the moment is done with Lady Gaga (and we can’t exclude ourselves from that list of folks feeling fatigued by the constant exposure) and is reacting in borderline hostile ways to her mere presence at any event fashion related so one cannot help but wonder if at this point Mugler isn’t walking a fine line between alienating the fashion press versus gaining “Monster” amounts of publicity because of her large and dedicated fan base (though some of them are worn out by her, too!).

The question is who really is responsible for creating the conventional wisdom when it comes to a label’s collection? Are Prada or say Tory Burch seeing fantastic demand because editors have lately oohed and ahhed over their runway presentations? Perhaps that was the case in the past but it seems nowadays they’re an increasingly smaller and less relevant part of the puzzle and the days of dictation from one small, powerful group are fading quickly behind us. The truth is labels are now going direct to their consumers and what becomes of fashion critics and the good and bad of that formula will be is yet to be known.