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Video: PFW Louis Vuitton Runway Autumn Winter 2012

08 March 2012, 16.16 | Posted in Fashion Week, Runway Show, bags | No comments »

A brilliant move to include porters, who kill at least two birds with one stone by associating the brand with the very wealthy while also shining on a light on the bags as noteworthy in and of themselves. It’s an interesting move because it seemed with the Spring 2012 collection, LV fianally was making some headway with its fashion, gaining magazine editorial and yet it’s possible that shift created its own set of problems. Attention, after all, must be paid to the bread and butter.

PFW: Kanye West Autumn Winter 2012

06 March 2012, 23.16 | Posted in Runway Show, celebrity | 2 comments »

KanyeWest 2 540x538 PFW: Kanye West Autumn Winter 2012

One more set of Kanye images. Lots of black, leather, boots are bananas–tho yes, heels look intense, no retreat up on the fur backbacks….enjoy!

As for reviews (not that it matters because who really makes any decisions by them anymore anyway), but we predict they will be better if only because fashionistas are at heart fickle plus don’t want to seem close minded and mean. And the truth is Kanye is a force to be reckoned with. These pics come via RCollete’s Twitter.

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PFW: Kanye West Invite + Kim K In GZ Shoes

06 March 2012, 22.19 | Posted in FASHION WITH A CONSCIENCE, Runway Show, celebrity | No comments »

KanyeWestInvite 405x540 PFW: Kanye West Invite + Kim K In GZ Shoes

Kanye West’s invite for Paris Fashion Week, similar to last season’s, minus the “dw”….show starts soon!

See Kim Kardashian who’s in attendance at the show wearing Kanye’s Giuseppe Zanotti shoes from his innagural  Spring 2012 collection.

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PFW: Chanel Bags Autumn Winter 2012

06 March 2012, 19.23 | Posted in Runway Show, bags | No comments »

ChanelBagsAW12 (8)

One of the reasons ladies love Chanel bags is because they are the ultimate classy fixture. Whatever the fashion of the moment may be, the silhouettes stay simple, enabling the double C logo to make its quiet but powerful statement. This season the bags seemingly are even more low key and smaller than ever, with a tweed mini-backpack bag the one nod to a more youthful customer.

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PFW: Chanel Eyebrows Autumn Winter 2012

06 March 2012, 18.54 | Posted in Fashion Week, Make- up,Cosmetics, Runway Show | 3 comments »

ChanelEyebrowsAW12 (2)

Thick sparkle eyebrows were a big feature on Chanel’s Autumn 2012 runway, presented today in Paris. Via Paris Vogue.

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Marc Jacobs: Let Them Eat Cake!

06 March 2012, 13.47 | Posted in Models, Runway Show | 2 comments »

 Marc Jacobs: Let Them Eat Cake!

It was revealed yesterday on Jezebel that 17-year old model Haisley Hasbrook worked as a fit and runway model for Marc Jacob’s show for “trade,” in other words she received clothes not dollars for her time. (Jezebel picked up the story from Hasbrook’s Tumblr, where it looks like her original diary on Fashion Week has been removed, replaced by an entry in which she expresses horror over the coverage.) The story was picked on on multiple blogs and Marc Jacobs responded on Twitter (see above) in a way that came across as tone deaf to the extreme given his known wealth:

“Models are paid in trade. If they don’t want to work w us they don’t have to.”

As we speak, the industry–in particular modeling–is once again being slammed for its evil ways. And of course the story is much more complex than young girls being exploited (not that that doesn’t happen!). In the case of Marc Jacobs, trade might actually be a better deal than the minimum wage the girls would be paid. Still, you can’t build a budget on designer bags and dresses and landlords usually don’t accept clothing for payment.

In general, however, there is more intense focus on fashion precisely because it involves young, pretty girls–the ultimate hot button, traffic driver. The truth is, fashion isn’t the only business that swindles its young. Interning, aka working for free, is commonplace in many industries. Even if you accept the conceit of interning, in truth it’s a practice that works just fine for those who have a financial support system but does a great job of keeping the job door shut for young people who come from poor or working class families and can’t work for free.

But as exploitation relates to this particular story, it would be great to see the CFDA which has issued model guidelines do more to protect all its workers.  And given his unwillingness to even pretend to play along, perhaps CFDA board membership isn’t the best fit for Marc Jacobs at this point in time.

PFW: Shoes Already Causing Drama For Kanye Show Tomorrow

05 March 2012, 22.01 | Posted in Models, Runway Show, celebrity | 3 comments »

 PFW: Shoes Already Causing Drama For Kanye Show Tomorrow

Sounds like Kanye West is attempting to outdo himself shoes-wise for his Autumn 2012 runway show tomorrow. According to a series of Tweets from model Jourdan Dunn, who wore the shoes in a fitting a couple days ago:

The shoes are sexy as fuck but you can’t walk in them!”

Model Leomi Anderson chimed in and claimed Kanye barked at a unnamed model during the fitting because of her inability to navigate in the shoes. Anderson literally walked her comment back not too long after, agreeing said mystery model’s skills were limited:

“But true say her walk isnt top notch in kitten heels.”

As always Kanye brings the show!

Isabel Marant Shoes Autumn 2012

05 March 2012, 18.59 | Posted in Runway Show, Shoes, boots | 1 comment »

IsabelMarantBootsAW12 b 378x540 Isabel Marant Shoes Autumn 2012

We don’t entirely understand the fascination with Isabel Marant’s designs taken as a whole, but part of  it may be that in each collection there are one or two perfect-for-now items, which lately are her boots.

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PFW: Celine Autumn 2012

05 March 2012, 18.37 | Posted in Fashion Week, Runway Show | No comments »

CelineAutumn2012 360x540 PFW: Celine Autumn 2012

Celine Autumn 2012–hits all the trends: color blocking, active-inspired, oversized and takes them a leading step forward.

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Proenza Schouler Deerskin Bags Autumn 2012

27 February 2012, 16.56 | Posted in Runway Show, bags | 1 comment »

ProenzaSchoulerAutumn2012 (3)

Proenza once again offers for immediate purchase following its runway presentation, a couple of the items included in its collection for Autumn 2012. This times it’s bags, including the “Akira” bag shown above. Composed of deerskin, nylon and leather, it’s described as a gym bag and includes a removeable shoulder strap.

See the above bag from an alternate angle, plus a large clutch using the same deerskin material on the next page.

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