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Burberry 3D presentation Around the World

04 March 2010, 22.40 | Posted in Fashion, Media, Runway Show | 5 comments »

Burberry in Dubai 3D-1

As a fashion observer  one my biggest peeves  is often the lack of globality in fashion. The fact that editors tend to only focus on what is immediately around them and that the public also seems to lack this curiousity. Thankfully the snobettes have an eye for the world at large. Check out the crowds who attended the Burberry3D viewing  in Paris, France, New York , Japan and the winners of fabulosity: Dubai.  They make everyone look  so  shabby! More images on the flip via confashions.

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Namrata Joshipura Spring/ Summer 2010

03 March 2010, 03.01 | Posted in Fashion, Runway Show | 1 comment »

NAmrata Joshipura couv

With a definite inclination for artisanal embellishment Namrata Joshipuara ’s spring/summer 2010 collection features a wide variety of silhouettes in clothing that  is fun  and  elegant . The jumpsuit in the center is just flawlesss.  On the next page a closer look at  more looks.

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Gloria Coelho Spring/Summer 2010

02 March 2010, 21.53 | Posted in Design, FASHION WITH A CONSCIENCE, Runway Show | No comments »


The show opens with these amazingly tailored little jackets and some shoes that had us pause in awe. Take a look at the very original Gloria Coelho Spring/Summer 2010. Enjoy!

Mary Katrantzou Autumn/Winter 2010

01 March 2010, 19.25 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Runway Show | No comments »

 Mary Katrantzou Autumn/Winter 2010

Mary Katrantzou created quite a stir with her perfume bottle collection last spring ‘09  however, as much as we like her novelty , we also know that highly graphic clothing runs the risk of looking repetitive and of course getting knocked off . Sara Mower said it best: ” Her problem, rightly anticipated, is that novelty quickly becomes cliché—and a cheap T-shirt dress on a market stall. To keep things interesting, Katrantzou knows she has to do something more sophisticated than a placement print on a shift dress.”  As much as we can see the  risk  she runs into with her collection, we hope this is will not be a precursor to its end…Imgs via vogue.es.

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Gucci Fall 2010

01 March 2010, 15.42 | Posted in Fashion, Runway Show, fur | No comments »

 Gucci Fall 2010

There are two faces to Gucci, the Northern-influenced side, which is classic and quietly rich, and the Southern side, which is flashier and more ostentatious. The fall 2010 collection, probably influenced by the shakey economy, is definitely leaning toward its Northern roots. That is a bummer for me because I like when my labels flaunt themselves with not an ounce of shame. Not that Gucci has completely vanquished its flashy looks to the storage bins. You can still buy the iconic red and green stripe and interlocking Gs in spades on the website (which probably outsells the logo-less items 100-1).

More images at Style.

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Rodarte X Nicholas Kirkwood Shoes Fall 2010

24 February 2010, 16.28 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, Runway Show, Shoes | 5 comments »

JakJillrodartekirkwood3 Rodarte X Nicholas Kirkwood Shoes Fall 2010

We posted up images of glowy shoes, featured in the Rodarte runway show. Today Tommy Ton posted these on his Jak & Jil blog. They’re not glowing in this image, but they are obviously the same shoes featured in the show. And now that I can see them shot in the light, they’re clearly not just glowy, but also melty!

One more in a lilac colorway after the flip.

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Burberry Prorsum Fall 2010: The Coats!!!!!!!!!!

24 February 2010, 15.26 | Posted in Runway Show | 4 comments »

BurCoatFront Burberry Prorsum Fall 2010: The Coats!!!!!!!!!!

Earlier this morning Samia posted up images from the 3-D New York presentation of Burberry’s Fall 2010 collection we attended, and between now and the end of the day, don’t mind me if every thing I post is Burberry-related. The collection was that good. Seriously. The outerwear was my favorte part of the show and the brand gets big props for capitalizing on the excitement shows generate by taking the innovative step of making the collection available for purchase on its site through February 26th. Look at that, the company itself benefiting by showing its goods six months in advance rather than the copiers–perhaps there’s hope for the fashion industry after all!

Many more images–all from Style–of the coats after the flip.

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Burberry Prorsum Woman A/ W 2010 3D Runway Show Presentation

24 February 2010, 05.28 | Posted in Fashion, Runway Show | No comments »

 Burberry  Prorsum Woman A/ W 2010 3D Runway Show Presentation

Greeted by   handsome Burberry Trench -clad  men holding branded umbrellas we were ushered into a dimly lit room where our 3-D shades were presented  to us on trays along with appetizers and mimosas. All the classiness and sleek presentation had us forget it was just 10:30 in the morning.

Some highlights of the pre- show for us were of course the intro by  designer Christopher Bailey,  pre- show interviews of Anna Wintour ,  Burberry CEO since 2006 , Angela Ahrendts ( yay a woman!)  and Kate Hudson who impressed us with her candid appreciation of trench coats  . The collection was one that truly had us weak in the knees as a seemless expression of  quality and style with just enough edge to make it  sexy, city appropriate and not boring at all. Needless to say we are totally smitten. On the next page a closer look at the ambiance and a few shots of the show via wire.

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Diesel Black Gold Autumn/Winter 2010

20 February 2010, 23.05 | Posted in Fashion, Runway Show | No comments »

 Diesel Black Gold Autumn/Winter 2010

Newly appointed  creative director Sofia Kokosalaki  presented her first  Diesel Black Gold collection on one of the slushiest fashion weeks I have seen so far. The mostly all black clad crowd was very silent probably frazzled by the slush they had to endure the whole day. However The show opened to a very good soundtrack that had us tapping our heads to the beat. Some highlights were a very sleek velour jumpsuit,  leather pants (hooray!) a cozy white sweater vest and a few very sexy dresses.

The direction of this line is of  more about fashion and individuality  which the styling showcased but in all honesty,  I  expected to be wowed by this brand who we all know has made a great reputation of making a strong  statement. Diesel black Gold I want more from you! A closer look on the next page at our fave looks including model Stacy Mckenzie  and Misses Jay’s Ring by Mia Fonssagrives who made our  evening more fun with her bubbly personality. Rockin’ Hellz Bellz and Yana. Runway images by style.


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Michael Kors A/W 2010 : Grown & Sexy

19 February 2010, 02.56 | Posted in Fashion, Runway Show | 1 comment »

 Michael Kors A/W  2010 : Grown & Sexy

Michael Kors ‘ Autumn/Winter 2010 collection cannot by any stretch of the imagination be defined as edgy or avant-garde. And that is perfectly okay.This collection illustrates  his ability to gather all the elements of that elegant ,  affluent,   sexy woman’s wardrobe. There is nothing junior about these looks: Suits, furs, deep v-necks, long and knee length hemlines and, to my joy lots of grey reminiscent of  that late nineties era or monochromatic dressing. On the next page a closer look at  my fave looks from Michel Kors Fall 2010.Via style.

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