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Category ‚Runway Show‘

Carlos Tufvesson Spring/Summer 2011

06 May 2011, 21.56 | Posted in Fashion, Runway Show | 1 comment »

A succession of sexy little numbers, Carlos Tufvesson’s Spring/Summer 2011 line is one of those collection we can say pays homage to the heat of his native Brazil. Enjoy!

Alessa Autumn/Winter 2011 Runway

05 May 2011, 21.00 | Posted in Fashion, Runway Show, Uncategorized | No comments »

Hailing from Brazil, Alessa ’s Autumn 2011 runway collection opens with sequins to take us into a colorful world of covetable clothes. Enjoy the show!

Maria Bonita Autumn/Winter 2011 Runway

22 April 2011, 20.55 | Posted in Fashion, Runway Show | No comments »

To the soothing sound of a Brazilian ballad, enjoy a look at Maria Bonita’s sleek and fluid collection of women’s apparel.Leaving behind the nervous almost robotic stomping we’ve seen on a lot of stateside runways, Maria Bonita’s slower runway pace is somewhat refreshing.

Sally Lapointe Spring/Summer 2011 Runway

05 April 2011, 22.22 | Posted in Fashion, Fashion Week, Runway Show | No comments »

One of our favorite runway shows from Spring 2011 was of course Sally Lapointe’s mise en scene of  out of this world fashion. Enjoy a look at the complete collection runway.

Lako Bukia Spring/Summer 2011 Runway

22 March 2011, 12.54 | Posted in Fashion, Runway Show | No comments »

Titled “Surati,” Lako Burkia opens her Spring 2011 runway in vibrant red and takes us on a journey where fluid fabrics are contrasted with tailored silhouettes anchored on statement making pointy shoulders. Enjoy!

Video: Stolen Girlfriends Club Holds Runway In Supermarket

18 March 2011, 19.54 | Posted in Fashion, Fashion Week, Runway Show | 2 comments »

All the world is a stage, especially the supermarket, whose aisles struck Marc Moore, design director for New-Zealand-based Stolen Girlfriends Club, as the perfect showcase for the label’s latest collection. The show, called “Untitled,” took place yesterday in a store called New World Victoria Park, located in Aukland, New Zealand. The clothes are cute, but the best part of the video is watching the reactions of the shoppers and workers.

Manish Arora Autumn/Winter 2011 Runway

15 March 2011, 14.40 | Posted in Fashion, Fashion Week, Runway Show | 1 comment »

Because images of a runway never fully capture the mood and the ambiance of a runway show, enjoy a look at Manish Arora’s Autumn/Winter 2011 runway during Paris Fashion Week.

Louis Vuitton Handbags Autumn 2011

11 March 2011, 19.12 | Posted in Fashion Week, Runway Show, bags | 4 comments »

 Louis Vuitton Handbags Autumn 2011

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, when it comes to Louis Vuitton runway shows, keep an eye on the bags for they are  the label’s money maker. The Autumn 2011 collection shown during Paris Fashion Week was overall a strong one, with what looks like four or five different themes, starting with the logo collection, which was highlighted by bags with frame silhouettes (which Miu Miu also showed). Generally frame bags have an automatic vintage feel and LV’s are no exception, though the glossy logo leather somehow gives them a gangster moll edge, which adds to their appeal. There was also a satin logo group, and a tote handbag  collection, featuring rich colors like burgundy and green. Finally a fleece fur group, the kind of bag you buy when you are a very rich girl blessed with multiple LVs and are looking for something novel and different. A very solid, back-to-basics collection that should do great at retail. Many more images on the next page.

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Alexander Wang Autumn 2011 Runway By Julia Chesky

10 March 2011, 15.31 | Posted in Fashion Week, Runway Show, photography | 1 comment »

AlexanderWangJuliaChesky Alexander Wang Autumn 2011 Runway By Julia Chesky

Here’s just one image from Alexander Wang’s Autumn 2011 runway presentation, as shot by NY photographer Julia Chesky. She calls the angle “nosebleed,” but actually it gives  you a wideview look at the collection that brings out its theme of cozy chic. So perfect for the New York City girl who, sans car, spends more time than most braving the elements. See more at Chesky’s site.

PFW Video: Kate Moss Smoking For Louis Vuitton

10 March 2011, 15.07 | Posted in Fashion Week, Models, Runway Show, celebrity | No comments »


No idea Kate Moss had been retired from the runway for seven years prior to her appearance yesterday on Marc Jacob’s Paris Fashion Week runway for Louis Vuitton Autumn 2011. Or that the day she appeared was some sort of anti-smoking day. In any case, her puffing and half-exposed bum are garnering lots of mainsream news presentation, though we’re still not certain if this is a plus for LV or not. In a way, it’s already overexposed, then again, having Kate sprinkle her magic fairy dust on brands has proven more or less to be money in the bank.