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Frances Bean Cobain Photographed By Hedi Slimane

05 August 2011, 02.31 | Posted in celebrity, photography | 5 comments »

FrancesBean 540x404 Frances Bean Cobain Photographed By Hedi Slimane

Designer and photographer Hedi Slimane has posted up a recent photo shoot of Francis Bean Cobain on his site. They’re compelling because of who her parents are so you will find yourself searching for Kurt and Courtney in her eyes, nose, etc, but also because she’s a neat-looking person on her own. Though I have to say, she definitely brings out the Mom in me…..like I want to give her a hug or give her some helpful advice or something, which, how annoying for her if that’s a common response! (P.S. There are also some great photos of Amy Winehouse immediately following Cobain’s.) Via Elle.

Playboy Archive Launch Party

18 July 2011, 15.33 | Posted in photography | 1 comment »

PlayboyArchiveEvent (6)

Playboy recently made all of its archives available electronically and in celebration it invited a bunch of folks to a party at Partners & Spades, a studio in lower Manhattan. The walls were covered with framed posters of centerfolds from days gone by and there were also cases filled with vintage memorabilia, like bunny tails and playing cards. The ladies back then were of course gorgeous and their racks amazing, but clearly beauty standards have evolved, from the bushy, heavily airbrushed (though not photoshopped), and softer looks of yore to current Playmates, who tend to be more toned and waxed (though I do believe we’re post-peak on that trend) and whose breasts are generally bubblier and seem to perch a lot higher on their frames.  Alas, from then ’til now, Playboy shows very little love for ladies of color….though of course there is good and bad to that equation.

See more images on the next page, including Madonna’s cover and Naomi Campbell’s centerfold.

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Carine Roitfeld At Paris Shows By Tommy Ton

08 July 2011, 22.17 | Posted in celebrity, photography | 1 comment »

CarineRoitfeldTommyTon 540x421 Carine Roitfeld At Paris Shows By Tommy Ton

Always with the slickness that one. Via.

Gucci Earthy Espadrille Sandals

23 June 2011, 16.18 | Posted in photography, sandals | No comments »

JulieCheskyGucci 540x360 Gucci Earthy Espadrille Sandals

New York fashion photographer Julia Chesky snapped the Gucci window recently and got up close and personal with this pair of earthy espadrilles.  It’s a look that doesn’t exactly spring to mind when one things of the slickness that is Gucci, but no matter, somehow they totally work.

Bushwick Brooklyn Style Summer 2011 By Chris Arnade

14 June 2011, 15.21 | Posted in photography | No comments »

ChrisArnadeBushwick 462x540 Bushwick Brooklyn Style Summer 2011 By Chris Arnade

A lot about this photo by city life photographer Chris Arnade, shot on on a Bushwick (neighborhood in Brooklyn) Street this past weekend, epitomizes Summer 2011 in Brooklyn. For, one, the model’s au naturale curly locks–as a fan of fresh new style it’s been so amazing and fun to see the many fly black chicks around this borough letting their hair do its own thing.

And then, too, her sandals. We’ve been talking up the flats trend but its the t-strap she’s sporting in this image that has it all over ever other silhouette. It may just be a Brooklyn thing, but hey, that’s where we live! Spotted at Animalny.

Women In Heels In A Swimming Pool By Jill Greenberg

10 June 2011, 21.09 | Posted in Art, photography | 3 comments »

JillGreenbergGlassCeiling Women In Heels In A Swimming Pool By Jill Greenberg

Photographer Jill Greenberg is currently showing an exhibit of high-heel-themed photographs at Clamp Art in New York. The twist as you can see in the image above is that the women are wearing the shoes while in a swimming pool. The press describing the show explains:

In 2008, Greenberg was commissioned to shoot a commercial fashion shoot with the US Olympic Synchronized Swim Team, which included two setups calling for high heels. The artist was struck by the absurdity of the styling. The swimmers wear stilettos, which are meant to heighten sexuality, but in reality, restrict movement and impose a lack of controL. Greenberg depicts the tension of her models coming to the surface gasping for air while wrestling with the weight of the water as a metaphor for the role women must play in the outside world.

It’s an interesting take on women’s fashion with a lot of merit, though I find in general the feminist view on fashion tends to be overly focused on the negative and ignores the satisfaction and joy that can come from it, not to mention the freedom women enjoy versus men when it comes to choosing how to present themselves to the world.

See a couple more images on the next page and more at the link above.

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Dolce & Gabbana Puts Out Book Full Of Studly Soccer Players

24 May 2011, 14.34 | Posted in boots, photography | No comments »


Dolce & Gabbana has always been the label that puts the beast in sexy so a book full of portraits featuring smoking hot soccer players is right in sync with its image. Titled “Milan Fashion Soccer Player Portraits,” it’s packed with black and white images of soccer studs from the world championship Milan team, dressed in looks ranging from formal to casual, often with chests and legs on display. The label held a party in its Milan store recently celebrating the book and the Milan team’s victory, according to Wwd, and just about the entire team showed up wearing grey pinstrips. Can you imagine?? More delicious than a hot-fudge Sundae!

That’s midfielder Rodney Strasser above. See more sexy beasts on the next page and even more here.

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Fierce Hair & Makeup

17 May 2011, 19.03 | Posted in Make- up,Cosmetics, photography | 1 comment »

LauaraSofiaKoski 540x395 Fierce Hair & Makeup

I assume the model is the beautiful and fierce Laura Sofia Koski, who writes a blog from her home in Helsinki, Finland, called Learningtodanceintherain. She credits her friend, Alexandra Prieto, for hair, makeup and photography so….kudos, Alexandra.

Schweppes Ad Photographed By LaChapelle With Uma Thurman

10 May 2011, 16.12 | Posted in advertisement, celebrity, photography | No comments »

Schweppes1 540x363 Schweppes Ad Photographed By LaChapelle With Uma Thurman

Beverage company Schweppes called on fashion photographer Dave LaChapelle to photograph Uma Thurman for a series of print ads. Lachapelle’s color-rich signature style matches up well with the campagin, which features fruit-flavored drinks. More LaChapelle stills on the next page, plus a video ad of a vampy Thurman being interviewed by a young reporter. Cute idea, but it falls quite flat. Via Viewonfashion.

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Africa Photo Exhibit In Beijing

27 April 2011, 14.36 | Posted in Art, photography | No comments »

 Africa Photo Exhibit In Beijing

In what seems like a forever battle against the naked native and barefoot poverty stereotypes, Awam Amkpa, the curator of Li-Space, an art gallery in Beijing, is hosting an exhibit titled “Africa: See You, See Me!” with the hopes of opening the eyes of visitors to “the diversity and the robustness of African culture.” China perception matters because the country has a fast-growing business presence in Africa. According to the WSJ article:

The exhibition is arranged with images from contemporary Africa that lead back in time to works done by early African photographers in the middle of the 20th century. Mr. Amkpa, who is based in New York, said this flow is intended to provide audiences with a glimpse of how far African photography has come since it emerged in the 1950s.

The image above is called “LV Posse.” One more image on the next page, more at WSJ.

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