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Katy Perry Kids’ Choice Manicure Details

30 March 2010, 23.58 | Posted in nail art | No comments »

KatPerryNails 540x405 Katy Perry Kids Choice Manicure Details

From manicure expert AllLaqueredUp, we discovered that Katy Perry tweeted pictures of the manicure we wrote about a few days ago. Manicurist to the stars, Kimmie Kyes, is the one responsible for the design, which featured customized tips using Milani Hi-Res polish.

Kelis Video Stills from ‘Acapella’

30 March 2010, 23.19 | Posted in Accessories, Art, Music, nail art | 1 comment »

KelisFace Kelis Video Stills from Acapella

Even though Kelis says “Acapella” is the opposite of fashion-oriented, we very much liked what we saw and thought it was styled beautifully.  Above is one of about five looks featured in the video.

After the flip are as many as we could capture, plus a close-up her manicure.

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New Kelis Video: ‘Acapella’

30 March 2010, 21.37 | Posted in Music, celebrity, nail art | 2 comments »

Here is Kelis’s newest video called “Acapella,” currently No. 1 on Billboard dance charts.  The styling is super-tribal and some elements harken back to the recent appearance she made, which caused much of the internet to lose its marbles. Seeing this video, that outfit all makes a lot more sense, doesn’t it? When you’re watching, check out her super-tight mani, bigger-looking boobs, and is that her lil’ baby boy we get a peak of at the end?? [Yes, in answer to my question, it is. His name is Knight Jones and apparently the song is inspired by him.]

I’m going to see if I can’t dig up some of the fashion featured in the video. Be back soon. UPDATE: Not any info out there yet, however, Ms. Jones had this to say about the fashion featured in the video:

“It’s not fashion-oriented at all. Actually, it’s the complete opposite. I think everything is over-fashioned up that it just becomes uninteresting, and when every artist has access to every designer and vice versa, it’s no longer exciting or fun.”

I get what she’s saying. There was a time when you had to actually work to put your look together and it took creativity, too. Nowadays if you’re hooked up with the right stylist and you have a big enough budget, you snap your fingers and you’re a style icon. That being said, gotta wonder if there wasn’t a little bit of shade being thrown there at a certain singer who Kelis has (wrongly) been accused of biting style ideas from.

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Valley Spa: Interview with Owner Julia Werman

29 March 2010, 00.27 | Posted in interviews, nail art | 4 comments »

ValleyJulia Valley Spa: Interview with Owner Julia Werman

Forever and a day I’ve wanted to visit Valley Spa, located in SoHo. Manicures and well done nail art are a very big deal to me and I had a feeling stepping into Valley compared to all the Brooklyn salons I normally visit would feel like a homecoming. And it did.  For downtownistas who have gone form salon to salon like a nomad in search of nail technicians whose aesthetic and product sensibilities are in line with theirs, Valley will hit the spot. Not only are their colors and processes in step with fashion, they hold the same oath as doctors, ”do no harm.” So no acrylic nails or any other product that damages the nails or the nail bed. I tried out a glitter gold, gradiated Cal-Gel process and nine days later I swear to you it is still as perfect as the day I got it. Can you imagine, a manicure lasting so long that you actually grow tired of it?? I can’t (and btw, I’m still not tired of it).

Before, during and after getting my nails done, co-owner Julia Werman (her sister, Nina, is her partner) and I chatted about how business is going, plus hot nails trends and whether or not matte nails are on they’re way in or at. Flip to the next page to read more and see more images, too.

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Matte Nails with Glitter Detail

16 March 2010, 02.44 | Posted in nail art | 6 comments »

 Matte Nails with Glitter Detail

There’s an official obsession with matte nail beginning to brew here. It’s to the point that looking at super glossy nails is a little bit of a turn off, which is crazy because there was nothing that I used to love more than a the shine of a fresh mani. And even still, I think a straight matte nail is a bit much. And that’s why I love this design. You get the mystery of the matte with a little added pop from the sparkle to bring it out. This image and the mani were created by MarianNaoust.  Follow the link and you can find details on the polish she used.

Valley Nails: New Matte Looks for Spring

10 March 2010, 16.14 | Posted in nail art | 1 comment »

ValleyMattBlack Valley Nails: New Matte Looks for Spring

One of these days very soon I am going to get my first manicure at New York salon Valley (because I’ve only been dying to for at least two years!) but in the meantime, I’m enjoying the crop of new nail art images they recently put up on the site, especially the super hot matte black ones featured on this page.

On the next page, four additional images, including a set of nails modeled by none other than MOB designer Leah McSweeney.

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Chain Nails at Gareth Pugh Fall 2010!!!

05 March 2010, 20.11 | Posted in Accessories, Runway Show, nail art | 3 comments »

 Chain Nails at Gareth Pugh Fall 2010!!! 

At British designer Gareth Pugh’s fall 2010 ready-to-wear collection, models’ nails were done up by Manicurist Marian Newman, who used CND polish to create a chevron design, which was supplemented for a handful of the girls with hanging chains! We are speechless and overcome with love!!! Can you imagine? On the inspiration for her other-worldly manicures, Newman said, “I have long been fascinated with metal chains imitating the movement and feel of fabric. To compliment the draped chains of some of the pieces in the collection, miniature versions of the chains were applied to the chevron nails as an accessory. Long, swaying, swirling chains were used on some nails, and others had a shorter ‘day version.’”

The day versions after the flip, plus nails with just the chevron and more looks from the show.

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Moon Mani at Ruffian

14 February 2010, 02.00 | Posted in Accessories, nail art | 2 comments »

MoonMani Moon Mani at Ruffian

At Ruffian’s Fall 2010 runway show, models wore an eclipsed moon manicure, which, according to Style, has its style roots in the ’40s. Ruffian is by no means the first to reignite the look, but they are quickly setting the bar for hot-as-toast color combos and design twists. In this image, you can see the moon has been flipped, which CND nail stylist Roxanne Valinoti describes as an “eclipse.” In this image, the bottom layer is gold, layered on top with an opaque blue. So. Two things: it’s so perfect it makes me want to cry. And this will be my next manicure.