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World Cup Nails At Minx

28 June 2010, 19.57 | Posted in Make- up,Cosmetics, nail art | 8 comments »

Minx WorldCup WEBsm World Cup Nails At Minx

Minx’s World Cup 2010 nails allow  you to show  your love for the game in style. Just spotted on Batfblog. Luv!

Love/Hate Wah Nails Manicure

22 June 2010, 14.36 | Posted in nail art | 5 comments »

WahLove Hate Love/Hate Wah Nails Manicure

We posted the other day about a Jefree Star manicure, which I thought was cool because of the calligraphy. I even mentioned that it reminded me of those love/hate tattoos criminals are fond of sporting. This morning I’m checking out the amazing WahNails as I often do, and lo and behold, I stumble upon the manicure featured on this page! It’s funny how human creativity works…..similar ideas are always bubbling below the surface waiting for the chance to arise and then some opening occurs and boom, the beginnings of a trend is born.

Calligraphy Nail Art: ‘Star’ By Jeffree

21 June 2010, 16.26 | Posted in nail art | 3 comments »

StarbyAlexKosztowny Calligraphy Nail Art: Star By Jeffree

While checking out nail stylist Naja Green’s Facebook page, the manicure featured here–which was posted by a fan named Alex–jumped right out. Using calligraphy in nail art is nothing new. I can remember long ago getting my first official Brooklyn manicure next to a mom and daugther, who was begging for the extra couple of dollars it would take to get the initial from her first name on her nail (a battle, which I’m sure she won). The design on this page is next level though because of the style of the letter, the placement, and the way the nails combine to spell a word, which very much reminds me of those love/hate-style knuckle tattoos. And by the way, this design is featured on the nails of a guy. After the flip, check out the his other hand, plus a close-up on the super neat designs on his thumbs.

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The Couture Manicure by Yves Saint Laurent

14 June 2010, 21.00 | Posted in Fashion, Make- up,Cosmetics, nail art | 7 comments »

yslrockandbaroque The Couture Manicure by Yves Saint Laurent

Launching this coming August is YSL Beauté ’s interpretation of what has become a true “nails-did” craze. Titled “Rock & Baroque,”  the autumn 2010 cosmetics collection includes a series  of  nail polishes that  will be sold  in duos. The idea is to create an edgy,  French manicure with  striking color combinations:  “Belle de Jour”( turquoise & purple), “Rive Gauche” (orange & fushia), “Belle de Nuit” (plum& gold) and “Y-Cone” (pink & white). Magnifique!  Via Vogue France.  More images on the next page.

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Sasha Pivovarova for Vogue Italy: Dazzling Hair and Makeup

31 May 2010, 15.13 | Posted in Magazines, Make- up,Cosmetics, Models, nail art | 2 comments »

SashaPivovarovaVogueItaly Sasha Pivovarova for Vogue Italy: Dazzling Hair and Makeup

Some  eye-popping images of Sasha Pivovarova for the May issue of Vogue Italy (via FashionGoneRogue) in an article entitled “Love is in the Hair.”  The hair is by stylist Sam McKnight and it’s shot by  Emma Summerton. It’s more evidence of one of our favorite new trends of hair and make-up that pops out of the page. And check out the manicure–a closer look on the next page.

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Red Ruffian Manicure from Dior

31 May 2010, 15.00 | Posted in nail art | 3 comments »

RuffianRed Red Ruffian Manicure from Dior

The manicure featured above is a red Ruffian, which was shown at the Dior spring 2010 runway show. It comes from a recent Vogue Italy article on nail trends, which declares, “The rule: less square and never too long.” I’m not big on dos and don’ts, but I have to say I’ve left behind square shapes…for now anyway.

How to Do a Ruffian Mani

28 May 2010, 16.08 | Posted in nail art | 1 comment »


One of our favorite nail artists, Lacquerized, slays us once again with her latest Ruffian mani, which features Man Glaze “Matt is Murder” overlayed with a top coat. The image of the mani also is accompanied by a tutorial on how to lay down a Ruffian manicure. Not for nothing, but Ms. Lacquerized is way too humble because even if I “practice, practice, practice” as she recommends, she clearly possesses a gift that doesn’t translate to us mere mortals so easily.

MiuMiu-Inspired Manicure: Sick!!!!

10 May 2010, 18.03 | Posted in nail art | 6 comments »

PradaNailArt MiuMiu Inspired  Manicure: Sick!!!!

Everytime I visit 2BD, there’s also something that stops me in my tracks, but this manicure [UPDATE: As a couple of our readers--thanks guys--have pointed out, this is Miu-Miu-inspired, not Prada] they featured was a jaw-dropper.  Watching the way nail art has evolved and grown over the past couple of years has been pretty amazing and definitely more dynamic/fun than other aspects of fashion.

Via 2BD via StopItRightNow

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Vampira Nail Polish by Lacquerized

27 April 2010, 18.00 | Posted in nail art | 6 comments »

Lacquerized Vampira Nail Polish by Lacquerized

You may not know this but when it comes to nail art, Holland is a bit of an epicenter for the current movment and there’s something of a mafia of blogs related to love of nail polish and manicures. One of the best of the bunch is Lacquerized, authored by a woman whose manicures and images are so perfect they are borderline unreal.  In this image, she tries out Eyeko’s newest shades and her fave is the one featured here, called Vampira. It is a beautiful shade, seasonally appropriate or not because sometimes even in the summer you need your nails to match your mood.

After the flip, a gorgeous black-on-black leopard matt mani and a matt black and silver Ruffian mani.

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Marble Effect Nail Tutorial

21 April 2010, 14.41 | Posted in nail art | 5 comments »

U.K.-based nail artist (and student) Flyndia has a YouTube channel featuring a series of absolutely charming and enchanting videos, which teach various nail art effects. The one featured here was recently uploaded and tutors on creating a marble look. Even if you wouldn’t attempt nail art on your own if your life depended on it, you can’t help but enjoy watching her do her thing. And I couldn’t agree more with her profile quote: “Life is way too short for boring nails so have fun and embrace nail art! ”

Via Tokokawaii

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