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Happy B-Day Lil’ Kim!

06 August 2008, 15.13 | Posted in Music | No comments »

It’s your birthday, It’s your birthday!

Queen Bee celebrated her birthday this past weekend. Nice to see her relaxed and happy for a change.

LiLKim Happy B Day Lil Kim!

^^Ms. Kim comes correct! (You might be thinking that she would be a good candidate for HighSnobette’s "Guess the Celebrity Rack Feature," however, the plastic factor is pretty much an automatic disqualifier. We like ‘em natch!)

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His name is Elie Yaffa aka Booba

30 July 2008, 20.24 | Posted in Music | No comments »

booba His name is Elie Yaffa aka Booba

What I love more than anything about the dynamic duo of Lois and I, is that we probably contradict every single stereotype that  american society would label us with and it’s really Hilarious…Granted you would have to meet us to figure it out…and I really can’t get into it right now…Anyway so I  featured Elie Yaffa aka Booba a couple months back because supposedly he’s the french 50 cent….

To be perfectly honest I cannot claim by any stretch that I  can begin to talk about music and compare the two…. But ladies if you take a look on the next page you will have to agree that Booba is one to watch!


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M.I.A. Concert Photos

28 July 2008, 17.19 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Fashion, Music | No comments »

I’m in JFK, trying to catch a flight (I’m on standby) to Las Vegas and I have enough time to throw up these images of M.I.A. They’re from a Flickr account and they were taken in June, but that’s about all I can provide info-wise right now. 2697671456 6f2876fe7f M.I.A. Concert Photos

One more image backstage…

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Estelle Puts It On…..Finally!!

23 July 2008, 14.12 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Music | No comments »

When first I spied Estelle in Kanye’s "American Boy" video, I thought, excellent, here’s a personable, up-and-coming British pop star who’s gonna bring the fashion. But that just didn’t happen. I posted once about her tendency to dress for events like she’s attending church, but bagging on celebs nonstop really isn’t my thing so I just kept it moving when I saw images of her. On that note, I’m happy to report that Estelle actually looked great at a recent concert she did in Brooklyn.

EstelleClose2 Estelle Puts It On.....Finally!!

^^Skin is shining, dress is blazing, accessories correct, AND she finally realized the importance of a tight manicure!! Woohoo! Go Estelle! Maybe in Brooklyn she finally got to see what’s good!

Three more of Estelle after the flip…..

All images Wire.com

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com

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RihRih in a Yellow Dress (with lots of Accessories–Natch!)

17 July 2008, 17.44 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Music, Shoes, Stores | No comments »

Rihanna performed in Italy this past week and the photogs snapped some shots of her out and about, hitting the stores with her crew. This is no casual day out shopping. Yes, the dress is cute and summery, but check out her perfectly coiffed hair, the tons of accessories (LOVE the necklace), the bangin’ bag, but most of all the wicked shoes, which, okay, they look great, but are clearly designed for flossin’ as opposed to any serious fashion hunting and gathering mission.

RihRihMilan RihRih in a Yellow Dress (with lots of Accessories  Natch!)

^^Why is it that the regular folk who hang with celebs always look snarlier than the talent? Relax, hun, it aint YOU they’re trying to snap.

More images from the same photo op at UltimateRihanna

A couple of closer shots after the flip…
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Mashonda Looking Cute @ Kimora Event

16 July 2008, 17.02 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion, Music, Shoes | No comments »

As it often happens when high-profile couples like Mashonda and Swizz split up, at least one (and usually it’s the one who all along has been resenting his/her backseat role) starts showing up at LOTS of events. Is it an attempt to up the profile and get back in the game or a way to put it in the face of the ex that’s been left?? Who knows, but whichever it was, Shonda sure was looking cute at recent Kimora-host event she attended:

MashondaJumper Mashonda Looking Cute @ Kimora Event

^^Mashonda looks perfectly summery in an adorable, silk jumper, but it was her shoes, which you can see after the flip, that put the exclamation point on this outfit.

UPDATE: We’re told that Mashonda’s jumpsuit is DVF. No surprise there cuz we love Diane forever & ALWAYS.

All images Wire.com
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Bella Freud Talks to Beth Ditto @ Ponystep

16 July 2008, 13.48 | Posted in Fashion, Music | No comments »

bethdittobrits Bella Freud Talks to Beth Ditto @ Ponystep

Beth Ditto the lead singer of The Gossip has been on media radars for a while however, for as much as her "look" gets attention I have found very few instances where she’s interviewed on a personal level.Bella Freud and PonyStep did a great feature  her that you can read here

For the amount of starletts, who get to have their colthing lines ,I’d Like to see Ms.Ditto have have one I ‘m sure unlike many other cookie-cutter dresses and leggings ,she’s bound to come up with something as Fabulously Daring as she is …


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Seun Kuti @ Summerstage & Style

14 July 2008, 18.04 | Posted in Fashion, Music | No comments »

 Seun Kuti @ Summerstage  & Style

Last week I finally made it to Central Park Summerstage for one of my all time fave Music genres, an Afrobeat appearance by Seun Kuti of the famed Kuti Legacy..Get to know it it’s amazing music…

 Seun Kuti @ Summerstage  & Style

the people it draws are eclectic,fun and look really cool this is Hattie, a self published author …the funkiest shades!

 Seun Kuti @ Summerstage  & Style

And this young lady who took this striking picture with not a lick of make up in  the Burning Heat !

A fun time it was!

check out more pics after the jump
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Guess the Celebrity Rack (and Tummy)!!

09 July 2008, 02.09 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Fashion, Music, Sneakers | 1 comment »

I know I’m kind of doing a recent repeat (that’s a hint, people), but I couldn’t help it. This image was perfect for this feature. And I feel like we have such nice readers they deserve to start their mornings looking at something that’s nothing more or less than delicioso. ‘Sides, our girl’s sneaker game is tight so it’s a borderline mandatory situation.

GTCRJog3 Guess the Celebrity Rack (and Tummy)!!

^^Pink shorts and….

GTCRNKE Guess the Celebrity Rack (and Tummy)!!

^^….matching pink Nikes!

See who Ms. Bootilicious is on the flip…
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RihRih: Ready for her Close-up!

08 July 2008, 13.19 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Music, Other | No comments »

At a recent Essence magazine event, RihRih had a camera basically shoved up her nose while she performed. And maybe it’s an amazing makeup job, but I doubt it. The girl’s skin is pretty much flawless.

RhiRhiCloseUp3 RihRih: Ready for her Close up!

^^RihRih’s favorite look: Punk via 80s Madonna (Chris Brown also performed, but sorry folks, I didn’t see any matching accessories between the two of them.)

After the flip, there’s another close-up plus a new, Beyonce-inspired dance move.

All images Wire.com
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