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10 October 2008, 16.56 | Posted in Fashion, Music | No comments »

Where on earth have you been, Ma??? ‘Cause we have MISSED your funky self. Damn. It better not be about that man of yours not treating your right ’cause if that’s the case then we have some instant ish with him. We don’t care HOW cute he is–ladies first!

 Kelis  Kelis!!!

^^Appearing at some vodka event with a bunch of other rappers. Pharrell was there. You can see his new look after the flip. That’s where you’ll also find out whether or not Kelis’ hubby was there with her.

All images Wire.com
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TI: The Pretty Face Men Claiming that they Did a Bid Men

02 October 2008, 17.07 | Posted in Music, Other | No comments »

Samia has her idea of what handsome is, and I have mine.

TIAlbumReleasePartay TI: The Pretty Face Men Claiming that they Did a Bid Men

^^At his recent record release party. And yes he’s short (why do you think he’s dating a woman named Tiny–she makes him look tall!), but seeing as I will never be meeting him face to face and thus won’t have to experience the joy suck of being six inches taller than him, I can just pretend in my mind that his actually a cool six foot.

p.s. I decided after looking through all the images from this party that the reason he doesn’t smile much is cuz he doesn’t have that great of a smile! He looks better serious.
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M.I.A. Finally Started Selling Her Clothes On-Line

12 September 2008, 18.20 | Posted in Fashion, Music, Stores | No comments »

She’d been talking about it for a while, but M.I.A. has finally launched the store on her website (total hat tip to BubblegumPonys for finding this news first). So far there are tees, tanks, a bodysuit and leggings. But hun, you’d better like M.I.A. a lot ’cause putting her face on your chest isn’t gonna come cheap.

clip image002 01 M.I.A. Finally Started Selling Her Clothes On Line

^^Here’s a screen shot of the order page. Yes, the tees are $75. Not crazy I know for a designer tee, but still somehow more than I would have guessed.  
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Chris & Rihanna: Sharing a Moment Backstage

08 September 2008, 19.27 | Posted in Music | No comments »

Everyone’s favorite lovebirds, catch a second backstage at the VMAs:

RTEmagicC Chris Rih.jpg Chris & Rihanna: Sharing a Moment Backstage

Lots of images out there of Rihanna right now, but none so far where I’m struck by what she’s wearing. Though you know I’ll keep looking.

Image: Wire.com 
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RihRih: Always Been a Chicks w/ Kicks Kinda Gal

01 September 2008, 17.05 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Fashion, Music | No comments »

It’s adorable how Chris seems to have brought out a more kiddish side of Rihanna and in these images she looks relaxed and cute in her Nike sweats and sneakers, but  RihRih is no newbie to the world of sneakers (which is part of why we lover her style, natch!). Long before she hooked up with Chris (publically anyway) we had images of her sporting a pair of dark denim straight legs with a pair of Nike Vandals.

RihRih Chris RihRih: Always Been a Chicks w/ Kicks Kinda Gal

^^That gold chain she’s wearing is probably solid 14K, but it looks a lot like one American Apparel is selling on its site. (You’ll have to click to the right to see the kicks she’s wearing.)

All images UltimateRihanna
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Frolicious Songstress Esperanza Spalding

29 August 2008, 21.07 | Posted in Art, Music | No comments »

 Frolicious Songstress Esperanza Spalding

* Photo Marc Baptiste

I recently found out about Esperanza Spalding ,a musical prodigee,and a Berklee College faculty  at  the age of  20!! She is  featured in latest issue of Trace Magazine, and I thought I had a huge fro’…

bg welcome Frolicious Songstress Esperanza Spalding

She plays the Bass while singing..amazing!!!
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“Hit Me on my Beeper”

29 August 2008, 01.10 | Posted in Fashion, Music | No comments »

I’ll admit it, people, I’m not keeping up music-wise. My upness on the scene these days pretty much begins and ends with M.I.A. Slack. I know. So thank god for the ones who keep up. Here’s a video I found on OrangiePorangie featuring The Count & Sinden featuring Kid Sister (I do know her!) and Flosstradamus. The music is almost as fun as the fashion as the dance moves. Or vice versa.
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Not So Flashback Friday Video: NeYo’s “Miss Independent”

22 August 2008, 21.43 | Posted in Music | No comments »

Since we’re kinda on a theme of loudly expressing our love for strong women this week, the timing seems perfect not for a throwback video like we normally do on Fridays, but the recently-premiered "Miss Independent" video by NeYo.  Samia and I have had a few debates about NeYo’s status but we both agree that he’s had a ridiculous roll of hot, pop hits.

He got me good with both his "Do You" duet with Mary J, and his "Hate How Much I Love You" hit with RihRih, but I think I like "Miss Independent" most of all. The theme is great and the back-up dancers are wearing suits a la Madonna in "Vogue," which hey, you don’t get much more boss than that. And the fedoras, gotta love the fedoras.
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RihRih: Wearing THE Gladiators!!

22 August 2008, 20.44 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion, Music, Shoes | No comments »

RihRih put in a little photo op time yesterday, flossing in the hottest/most controversial boots of Summer ‘08, the Balenciaga glads:

Balenciagarihanna22 RihRih: Wearing THE Gladiators!!

The practical in me loves Signerson Morrison’s version more, but there’s no denying that these brought the heat like no shoe has for quite some time.

Image: UltimateRihanna
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Rihanna & Chris: Beefcake Alert!

19 August 2008, 20.20 | Posted in Fashion, Music | No comments »

Everyone was all a twitter last week over RihRih’s bikini shots, but Chris’s bod is just as hot!

Rihanna Chris Rihanna & Chris: Beefcake Alert!

This shot and others at UltimateRihanna of the two of them on vacation were added after the initial set.

Stop staring!

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