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RihRih’s Ballsy Shoes

03 December 2008, 19.47 | Posted in Music | No comments »

She wore these babies at the American Music Awards last week. Did you see?

RihRihShoes RihRihs Ballsy Shoes

They’re super sexy, right? And kinky sex at that.

Full shot on el otro side. I put an image of the outfit she performed in over there as well. (All images: Wire.com)

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Flashback Friday Video: TLC “Red Light Special”

21 November 2008, 21.12 | Posted in Music | No comments »
YouTube Preview Image

An A-Z tuturial on living the life of a boss female.  Demands to "take the Southern route," a woman-run game of strip poker, toe licking, Boris Kodjoe in one of his first big acting gigs as resident jump-off, feather boas, Left Eye pimped out and overturning tables, "I’m a woman, I know just what I want, I know just who I aaaaam!" How much do we miss the hell out of THIS crew??

 Flashback Friday Video: TLC Red Light Special

Sorry, couldn’t embed, but you can click here to see the video.

Click to the other side if you want to see a video still of Chili undoing the drawstring of Boris’s silk pjs. You know you wanna!
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RihRih & Madonna: Sideway Glances!

20 November 2008, 21.28 | Posted in Music | No comments »

RihRih and Madonna were recently snapped together as part of some Gucci promotional blitz that they’re both participating in. Check out Mo’s sideway glance at RihRih and her gnarly hand gripped around her hip. Oh to be a fly on the brain of either one of them! On the one hand, you have Madonna whose diva status is set in stone but whose star is clearly fading, while on the other you have a young woman on the way up who has stated in interviews how much she admires and hopes to have a career similar to the Material Girl. An all around deelish moment captured in time!

RihRihDaisy RihRih & Madonna: Sideway Glances!

^^Who envies who for what?? (That’s the Gucci designer on the far left–sorry can’t remember her name.)

See a full shot on the other side. Both are wearing amazing dresses! Plus a close up of Rih’s new tattoo, which hopefully will be her last one!!
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RihRih’s Streetwear Style: Nobody Does it Better

20 November 2008, 17.28 | Posted in Accessories, Denim, Gadgets, Music | 1 comment »

RihRih always looks hot in her stage clothing, but I’m much more in awe of her streetwear sensibilities. No celebrity I know gets it better than her when it comes to the art of mixing high and low and just hitting all the right spots when it comes to what accessories to wear right now.

RihRih1 RihRihs Streetwear Style: Nobody Does it Better

^^Love the $5 tee with the rolled up sleeves against the super hawt LV neckerchief, which perfectly offsets her gold sunglasses.

More images on the other side, including a shot of RihRih’s new hand tat.

As always, maximum thanks to UltimageRihanna for the images
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Kanye West’s Love LockDown …

27 October 2008, 10.20 | Posted in Music | No comments »

I would not  say that I am a Kanye West fanatic ,but his new song" Love LockDown" really rocks,definitely Ipod & Dance floor worthy.The Video is also very different from alot of what we have seen at least from pop/hip-hop artists lately.For that he get a big high five from HighSnobette!.


See the Video Here
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“Corporate Cannibal” The New Grace Jones

24 October 2008, 23.10 | Posted in Design, Music | No comments »

I just found out a bout this Newish Video by none other than Grace Jones"Coporate Cannibal" -What do you think? Let us know HighSnobette@hotmail.com

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Bill Collector’s At My Door…Flashback Friday Video

17 October 2008, 16.49 | Posted in Music, Other | No comments »

The Flashback Friday Video is None other then Gwen Guthries " Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent"…

In these times I know you Hear it…
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Converse Chucks: Rock ‘n’ Roll Aint Dead

16 October 2008, 20.39 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Music, Sneakers | No comments »

This whole trend of icnoic rock bands as a hot fashion graphic flew right by me and I didn’t even realize its existence until my vist to Magic in August. It still has me confused to be honest, but okay. Are people that fed up with rap music or is it just the yearning for days of hedonism gone by? Looking back with longing at the years when people were getting laid on the reg and folks got sloppy in bars rather than wrapped further tight in Starbucks? No idea, but I do think these Chucks riffing on sexy motherfather Jim Morrison are cute:

ConverseDoorsHi Converse Chucks: Rock n Roll Aint Dead

There’s more rock bands in the collection, including Grateful Dead, Black Sabbath, The Who, Ozzy and Pink Floyd, which you can all buy at Journeys in November.

There’s a pair of lows from the same series on the other side that I like even more…
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Beyonce’s Latest: “If I Were a Boy”

16 October 2008, 20.13 | Posted in Music | No comments »

I like this new song by Bee and did the first time I heard it. The pacing and low notes suits her husky voice perfectly and the lyrics take center stage, which always works for me. And then, too, it has a twist. Nothing too complicated, but enough for me to chew on and enjoy. And watch for how much less attractive her man is when he makes his transformation at the end of the video.

"You know when you act like that, I don’t think you know how it makes me LOOK and feel."

Bee is so fly. You cannot deny her greatness.
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Common’s U M C

13 October 2008, 16.25 | Posted in Music | No comments »

Common’s latest Video "Universal Mind Control "video reminds me of a time when music videos focused on artistry and bold statements, I don’t claim to be a lyrical expert but I loved this new direction for a genre of music usually associated with booty gals ,expensive cars and booze…

kudos to Around The way Girls for keeping me current!


Happy Monday!!
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